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Black Squirrels Facts & Ways to Get Rid of Them

By Lavenda / May 23, 2018

Squirrels belong to the rodent family and have their close relatives of prairie dogs, marmots, and chipmunks. They are omnivorous and can eat all sorts of nuts, berries, and whatever they find in their way. They can also eat bird eggs and small insects as well. The squirrels cannot fly but can jump and hop […]


Squirrel Hunting: 4 Myth and Facts & 14 Practical Steps

By Irina / April 13, 2017

Squirrels are a pest and that’s a fact. All of the suburban squirrel haters have something right in between them – these little rodents are capable of causing quite a lot of menace. While wild wood squirrels are considered to be cute and awesome, they are capable of doing some serious damage and that’s the […]


Squirrel: Diet, Habits Plus 20 Fun Facts You Never Know

By Irina / April 1, 2017

Swinging from branch to branch, squirrels are one of the most commonly found animals on the planet earth. These innocent faced tiny creatures are abundantly found in all parts of the world. Basic information about squirrels Squirrels belong to the family of rodents who is characterized by their bushy tails and the nimbleness. Their biological […]


Flying Squirrel: 11 Interesting Facts, Control & Removal

By Irina / March 31, 2017

There are 44 species of the squirrels exist in this world. Flying squirrel are one of the astounding types of squirrels, also recognized as Petauristini or Pteromyini. These squirrels are capable of flying. However, they do not fly like other birds or as bats do. Nevertheless, they have an ability of gliding on trees. 【Read […]


Common Squirrels Species Living in the US

By Irina / March 29, 2017

Basic information about squirrels Almost all of us have seen squirrels many times in our life. They are cute, tiny and naughty creatures. They can be found easily running or jumping quickly from one tree to another within a blink of a human eye.  These adorable tiny creatures are rodents and belong to the Sciuridae […]


How To Get Rid Of Squirrels From Walls And Attics

By Irina / March 27, 2017

Squirrels are small and may seem harmless to you; however, they can be fairly ferocious. They are always ready to fight for their young ones as well as their homes. They make nests in your house and refuse to let go of them until they die. They also let go of their young ones at […]


How to Trap a Squirrel: 4 Trapping Tips & 5 Trapping Techniques

By Irina / March 20, 2017

Squirrels are apparently cute little creatures that occupy the high trees. They seem harmless creatures, but once the population increases in any vicinity they become a real problem for the residents. Their large populations can have negative implications for the natural fields and the human constructions. Their presence is associated with many serious damages both […]

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