Crow: 17 Amazing Crow Facts and Damages that Help You Know Them Well

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Crows come in different sizes. The American crow is said to measure about 18 inches in length. The most common raven is measured about 20 inches in length. A common crow weighs 12 to 50 ounces. Most crows have a distinct long tail with multi-colored bills. The crows also differ from one another regarding voices and sizes. They mostly prefer living in open areas. Some people enjoy crow meat as well.

1. Crows Have the Largest Brain-to-body Ratio of All the Bird Species

Largest brain to body ratio means the weight of brain and body. This roughly estimates the intelligence level of an animal. However, it can turn out to be accurate sometimes. This relationship between brain and body is very linear and interrelated. The brain to the body weight of crow is almost equal to that of great apes. The jet black plumage has the largest brain among all other birds. To your surprise, it is only slightly lower than humans. They are very intelligent and can count up to five numbers. These black birds easily recognize human faces and basic human language. They are also very famous for tool making and innovation.

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How to Get Rid of Crows(in Attic, Yard ,and Balcony)

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Crows are the black, jet birds everyone is familiar with. The most common bird is found in all sorts of habitat. These birds are present worldwide in all the continents except Antarctica and some areas of South America. They are the most stubborn and clever birds to deal with. They produce loud and hoarse voices. Their nesting period lasts for up to 35-40 days. Young crows help the mating pairs in protecting the nest and feeding their little crows (new ones). Crow roosts in high numbers are increasing from hundreds to thousands when they are in their nonbreeding phase especially in winters. They usually gather around places with huge food sources and dumped garbage. They are omnivorous by nature and feed on almost everything like nuts, leftover food stuff, small insects and other birds. They live in open places where they can settle on trees and have an ample supply of food.

Issue with CrowsBlack crow with big opened mouth

  • Crows are highly damaging to your crops especially seedlings of corns.
  • They can grab the chicks from the bird’s nest and feed on them.
  • These creatures damage your household stuff and your cars in open space parking lots.
  • They can cause severe diseases like encephalitis (an inflammation of the nervous system), causing drowsiness, headache, and fever which ultimately leads to coma and further death or other respiratory diseases through their feces.
  • Their droppings can encourage the growth of histoplasmosis fungus in the soil which leads to the diseases in people working in places which have an accumulation of these droppings.
  • West Nile virus was also found to be associated with crows when such a crow was infected very few of them survived, and most of them were found dead. People thought that it could spread to humans through a crow but studies were carried out and it was concluded that this virus spreads through mosquito bites which have previously bitten an infected bird.

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