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Rabbit Repellents: 5 Natural Options & Homemade Remedies

By Lavenda / May 23, 2018

For small garden owners, rabbit menace can be quite a thing to weigh in while planning for their garden harvest. These pests can gorge on and destroy smaller and tender shrubs and bushes that are easy to chew. They can be a reason for the maximum heartache to any grower. Although rabbits are not as […]


3+5 Methods to Get Rid of Rabbits Quickly (and Effectively)

By Irina / October 28, 2016

Rabbits are furry, cute and lovable, but when they invade your garden or yard, it’s all-out war. The worst is when you’ve spent an entire season tending the garden, and suddenly, rabbit holes start popping up everywhere. Then in the summer, right when you’re ready to pick your harvest, you wake up to half eaten […]


18 Fascinating Rabbits Facts that Surprise You

By Irina / October 27, 2016

With their big floppy ears and furry tails, characters like Thumper and the iconic Easter bunny have turned rabbits into a beloved animal and pet. But there’s more to these creatures then meets the eyes. Learn more about these furry animals in our wiki’s fun facts about rabbits. 1. Are Rabbits Rodents? Contrary to popular […]