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17 Plants and Herbs that Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

They buzz and they bite. They love your blood, and they love to come out in the cool summer night. Yes, I’m talking about mosquitoes.

Most of us are resigned to spraying chemicals around the yard, lighting candles, and wearing bug spray to keep these blood suckers at bay. But what if you could repel mosquitoes with the natural plants in your yard?

We’re going to tell you which plants that keep these insects away. The better news? Most of these plants will keep other pests away, too.

17 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Your Garden

A mosquito on human skin at sunset.

Just like any other living creature, mosquitoes have a natural aversion to certain plants. Some may be obvious to you, but others may take you by surprise.

1. Citronella PlantCitronella on the ground.

When it comes to natural mosquito repellent, it doesn’t get much better than citronella. Citronella essential oil is a common ingredient in mosquito repellents, like sprays and candles.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden recommends planting this lemon-scented grass to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, and its low-maintenance care makes it a great plant for gardeners of all skill levels.

Opt for the Citronella winterianus or Cybopogon nardus varieties.

Citronella grass thrives in warmer climates when planted in sunny areas. If you live in a cooler climate, consider growing this grass in large planters because it cannot withstand frost.  

Citronella emits a strong, pleasant citrus scent, which masks other scents. Mosquitoes won’t hang around your yard if they can’t smell you.

2. LemongrassLemongrass in the nature or yard.

Lemongrass contains citronella oil, which is what repels mosquitoes. This clumping grass also makes for an excellent herb, so you can keep mosquitoes away while adding wonderful flavor to your food.

Lemongrass can grow to be four feet tall and three feet wide, so it can take up quite a bit of space in your garden.

Unfortunately, this plant is only hardy in South Florida, which means most people will need to grow this grass as an annual. With that said, the grass is really only needed for the summer months when mosquitoes are out in full force.

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3. LavenderLavender in sunshine.

Known for its calming, soothing scent, lavender will do more than keep mosquitoes away – it will keep other pests away, too.

The lavender plant’s strong perfume smell comes from the essential oils in its leaves. Experts say the potent scent masks the mosquito’s sense of smell, so they can’t sniff out your CO2.

Lavender is a:

  • Plant that repels mosquitoes
  • Plant that repels flies
  • Plant that keeps rabbits away

And it can repel other pests and animals, too. Bugs and animals are turned off by the scent, so plant plenty of this pleasant-scented plant around your yard.

Lavender is drought-tolerant and tough once it’s established, but it needs well-draining soil and full sun. This bug-repelling plant can thrive in many climates, but it prefers warmer regions.

4. MintMint leaves background. Mint leaf green plants with aromatic properties of

Bugs and rodents hate mint, peppermint especially. In concentrated form, peppermint is an excellent insect repellent. Its essential oil has also been shown to kill larvae of many bug species and repel adults.

Mint repels more than just mosquitoes and mice – this is a plant that repels spiders, too.

Many people plant mint around the perimeter of their homes to keep pests away. And while you can do the same, be forewarned that mint spreads very aggressively. Once it’s established in your garden, it can quickly take over and be very difficult to remove.

If you don’t want mint to take over your backyard, consider growing this plant in containers and placing them around your patio or yard. Place mint near other plants to keep them insect-free as well.

Mint’s aromatic properties are found in the leaves, flowers, and stems, so all parts of the plant can repel mosquitoes.

5. Catnip
Catnip in sunshine.

Catnip, also known as catmint, is an incredibly effective mosquito repellent. In fact, a study from Iowa State University found that compared to DEET, catmint was ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes.

A cousin to the mint plant, catnip is fragrant and contains nepetalactone, a chemical that repels insects. But this same chemical attracts potentially unwanted guests: felines. If you want a plant that keeps cats away, catmint is the not a good choice.

6. Basil

Potted basil plant.

This fragrant plant repels bugs and makes your meals taste delightful. Basil works best as a mosquito repellent when planted in containers. Place the containers near doors and outdoor areas where you relax or entertain to keep these annoying bloodsuckers away.

Basil’s pungent smell is what keeps mosquitoes, house flies and other pests away.

There are several varieties of basil you can plant, and any one of them will work
as insect repellents. This thirsty herb thrives in damp, well-draining soil and full sun.

Fresh basil leaves from your plant can also be used to create a natural bug spray. Here’s how:

  • Drop 4-6 ounces of fresh basil leaves into 4 ounces of boiling water (remove from heat).
  • Let the leaves steep in the water for several hours.
  • Remove the leaves and stems, and squeeze out any excess moisture.
  • Mix 4 ounces of vodka into the mixture.
  • Store in the refrigerator, and spray just before going outdoors.

7. RosemaryBlossoming rosemary plants in the garden, selected focus, narrow depth of field.

A woody-scented herb that adds flavor to dishes and repels bugs. Rosemary’s strong smell is what keeps mosquitoes away, but this herb can also keep away carrot flies and cabbage moths.

Rosemary grows well in containers, and prefers hot, dry climates. Any variety will repel mosquitoes. Some varieties can grow to be quite large, and are better suited for planting in landscaped beds.

Rosemary can also be used to make a bug-repellent spray.

  • Boil one quart of water.
  • Add one quart of dried rosemary.
  • Boil for 20-30 minutes.
  • Add a quart of cool water to a half-gallon or larger container.
  • Strain the mixture into the container.
  • Put a cap on the container, and store in the refrigerator.

Just add some of the mixture into a spray bottle, and spray as needed when going outdoors.

8. Scented GeraniumsFlower head of sweet-scented geranium.

Recommended by BBG, PlantShed and the New York Botanical Garden, scented geraniums are excellent plants for repelling mosquitoes and other bugs.

Like most of the other plants on this list, geraniums have a pungent lemon scent that’s very similar to citronella.

These plants have big, beautiful blooms with a strong fragrance, and its aroma keeps other pests away, too.

Fast-growing, these plants prefer sunny, warm, and dry climates. If you live in a cold region, geraniums can be grown in containers with frequent pruning.

9. WormwoodWormwood (Artemisia absinthium) - perennial herb of silvery color, with a

Wormwood is another excellent plant that keeps mosquitoes away. This perennial plant has beautiful silvery foliage, and it can be grown in most zones in full sun.

Many homeowners grow wormwood as a border plant because of its unique look.

Wormwood’s strong scent is what repels mosquitoes, but you must be careful not to rub the plant on your skin.

Aside from mosquitoes and other insects, wormwood is also a plant that repels wasps and fleas.

10. Lemon ThymeLemon thyme's little leaves.

Notice a trend here? Mosquitoes and other pests hate lemon-scented plants – or citrusy smells in general. The great thing about this herb is that it also has numerous culinary uses.

This variety of thyme pairs well with just about anything, from soups to meats and vegetables.

Native to the Mediterranean, this plant is a member of the mint family. It looks just like regular thyme, but has thin, small, and spear-shaped leaves. Its aroma is quite different from the thyme you use for cooking. When you crush the leaves between your fingers, you’ll immediately notice its bright and pungent lemon scent.

For this plant to truly repel mosquitoes, you’ll need to do this finger-rubbing trick often to release its strong scent.

11. AlliumsA pair of giant allium on green background.

Herbs are wonderful plants to keep mosquitoes away and add flavor to your meals, but what if you want something pretty to look at in your garden? For flower-loving gardeners, plants in the Allium family are a great choice for keeping pests away.

The Allium giganteum is a favorite because of its beautiful flower heads. The stalks can grow as tall as six feet.

Alliums naturally repel insects that plague your garden, including aphids, cabbage worms, slugs, mosquitoes, and carrot flies. Many of your vegetable plants can also benefit from growing near alliums, including broccoli peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and kohlrabi.

Members of the allium family also include smaller herbs, like leeks, garlic chives, chives, and shallots.

12. Lemon BalmMelissa officinalis lemon balm plant leaves closeup.

A member of the mint family, lemon balm has a mellow lemon scent and white flowers. Known for its healing properties, this citrus-scented plant also repels mosquitoes and other insects.

Like other members of the mint family, lemon balm can be invasive, so do be careful where you plant this variety.

With that said, this herb is particularly effective at keeping most biting insects at bay. It may be worth giving up some space in your garden for this bright, lemon-scented herb.

Plants are a great way to repel insects, and they keep mosquitoes away in the most natural way possible. Try growing a variety of these herbs and plants to keep your yard mosquito-free this summer.

13. Marigolds

Marigolds are a beautiful plant, and they come out annually. Orange in color, these plants contain one main ingredient that is found in many insect repellents: pyrethrum. The unique smell of the plant make them pleasant for humans and unpleasant for insects.

As one of the best plants that repel mosquitoes, Marigolds are often planted near corps to keep bugs away.

One tip is to plant Marigolds near your tomato plants. When planted near tomatoes, the plant will keep mosquitoes and other insects far from your vegetables and fruits. If you plant the right crops near the plant, they will come back in season right when the Marigolds do every year.

A lot of people recommend planting Marigolds around the perimeter of the home.

If you plant this plant around the home’s border, you’ll be able to keep mosquitoes and other insects from entering the home. 

When planting Marigolds, it’s important that they are planted in areas where they can receive as much sunshine as possible. Full sunshine allows the plant to thrive. If planted in the share or cooler areas, it’s unlikely that the plant will bloom.

Resilient, these plants will grow in any type of soil, although they do best in well-drained soil that is moderately fertile.

14.Floss Flower

Floss Flower are purple in color, and they’re a great flower to plant if you want to add a splash of color to a yard. The flower contains coumarin, and it’s a chemical that has been proven to repel mosquitoes and a variety of other insects.

The bulbs of these flowers are “fuzzy,” and they can be added to your flower bed without looking out of place.

And if you don’t like the purple color, you’ll also find this flower in the following colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink

Keep in mind that this flower is not safe for the skin, so you’ll want to keep it out of reach of children. The plant can also be toxic to grazing animals. If you want to attract hummingbirds or butterflies, the Floss flower is a good option.

The flower will need full sun or partial shade.

The flower grows 0.5 to 2 feet in height, and well-drained soil is the best option for this flower. If you don’t want rabbit, deer or flies in your yard, Floss flower has been very effective at repelling these animals, too.

15. Garlic

Garlic Mosquito Repellent

Garlic can be eaten and added to a lot of dishes, but garlic is also great for repelling mosquitoes and other insects. The garlic’s smell is pungent, and it works as a mild mosquito repellent as a result.

You also have the option of squeezing or rubbing the garlic on to your skin.

When put on your skin, the garlic will work as a natural mosquito killer. The garlic will be safe for your skin, and it also works very well when trying to repel ants or aphids. The garlic is safe on the skin, and plants will grow 1 to 2 feet in height.

You need to plant garlic in well-drained soil, and the plant does best when it is planted in full sun.

When planting garlic, you’ll want to make sure that the plants are planted 1.5 to 2 feet apart. There are ways to protect the garlic in the winter, too. One method is to put mulch down during the winter, often six inches of mulch is recommended.

The mulch will keep the garlic plant safe so that it returns the next year.

Keeping an abundance of garlic in your garden will work well at keeping pests from eating your harvest.

16. Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal is another natural mosquito deterrent, and it’s a good idea to plant these flowers around your flowerbed. The flower attracts butterflies, and this is a plant that is classified as a mint. 

Mint, as you know from this article, is one plant that mosquitoes dislike.

The oil of the plant and leaves have been used to make medicine, so it’s a plant that serves many purposes. The flower can be toxic to animals, so you’ll need to keep the plant out of your dog’s reach. Dogs can be poisoned by the oil that this plant produces.

A low-growing plant, you’ll want to plant pennyroyal close to the ground. The plant will be around 6 inches in width and one-foot in height. The leaves are tiny, and while the plant is not exceptional when it hasn’t bloomed, when in bloom the plant will be a blue flower that adds a splash of color to your yard.

Blooming occurs in July and will stay in bloom until September.

Seeds grow quickly and the plant will need sun to germinate. Once sprouted, the Pennyroyal will grow easily. You’ll want to keep the soil moist and allow two weeks for the seeds to germinate. 

17. Sage


Sage is a great option to plant, and aside from repelling mosquitoes, the plant also has several medicinal properties. A lot of cultures will burn sage as a way to ward off evil, and some will throw it into a bonfire as a way to keep mosquitoes away during a friendly gathering.

Sage will grow to be 1 to 3.5 feet in height, so it’s not uncommon to plant these plants in the corners of a property.

Ticks and other pests are deterred by sage. If you want to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, sage is your go-to option. The plant needs full sun and well-drained soil to grow adequately. Keep in mind that sage will repel mosquitoes best when it is burned.

If you notice a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, simply place the sage into a fire and the smoke will work to repel the mosquitoes.

Drying sage is also recommended. When dried, the sage can be wrapped and burned as needed. This is a good option if you like the scent of sage and want to fill the home with the scent.

Sage is safe on the skin, and sage has not been shown to be toxic to dogs. Cats on the other hand are not allowed to eat sage as the plant, including numerous varieties of the plant, are known to cause toxicity in cats.

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