7 Best Mosquito Nets for Travel (6 Different Type of Mosquito Nets)

Mosquito nets are essential equipment for use during travel. Backpackers, campers and other travelers alike ensure they carry a mosquito net for their tours. For an enjoyable adventure in tropical or sub-tropical regions — areas that are mosquito-laden –mosquito nets are a must-have. Mosquitoes have a substantial threat to a person’s health as they can spread Malaria or the deadly Zika virus as well as other diseases.

Besides the threat of mosquito bites, there may be bugs that might turn your trip into a nightmare. Mosquito nets are an excellent shield for keeping the bugs and mosquitoes at bay. Therefore, a memorable travel adventure begins with protection.

Features to look for in a mosquito net

These are the fundamental factors you should not overlook if you want a mosquito net that gets the job done while meeting your requirements.

Design of the net

Today, mosquito nets for travel come in different makes. Aside from the traditional hanging nets, other nets have different hanging positions such as the wedge style, ridge, and box. For the wedge style, you can either hang it from a single point or from two points for a spacious sleeping area.

The ridge style can be suspended between two trees with its highest point at the place where you lay your head. The box style has four hanging points to form a box-shaped net.

Depending on your sleeping style, you can opt for the dome-shaped net that provides enough room to prop yourself up. Moreover, the dome-shaped net is favorable as a pop-up net which does not need a hanging frame.

A pop-up nets has a low ceiling making it a perfect travel net for camping. You will also find pop up nets designed for kids. If you still prefer the traditional nets, don’t worry they still make these types of nets with an advanced design that resembles a bell ring.


It is preferable to buy a white mosquito net with 285 holes per square inch, to keep off even the tiniest mosquito. The finer the net’s mesh fabric, the higher the protection. Meanwhile, it still allows you to see a mosquito that has landed on it and it keeps air flowing freely.

It is recommended that you consider a pre-treated mosquito net for better results. These nets come treated with Permethrin, a synthetic chemical that acts as an insect repellant. Therefore, you will have doubled your protection as you now have an impregnable physical barrier.

Pop up nets tend to provide less internal space which can limit the airflow thus generating warmth that might be uncomfortable. Make sure you remember this.


You should also examine the material quality of the net because of its mesh-like fabric which makes it vulnerable to tear. The best material is stiff and taut.

For the self-supporting mosquito nets such as the pop-up nets, they require gentler handling as they have poles that support the net frame. Most times, it can be quite a task to pack this kind of net as the poles hardly bend; therefore, the poles can be easily damaged.

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So factor in the durability when you go to purchase a self-supporting mosquito net for travel because they are expensive and it is crucial to receive value for your money.

Ease of use

Other than durability, it is critical that you only choose a mosquito net that takes a few minutes to set up. It is quick to set up hanging nets though you will need a robust hanging frame to suspend them which might not be available.

However, pop-up nets take a few minutes to pop open, they are flexible, and they do not need extra support making them the easiest to use.


For light backpacking trips or ease of packing, it is better to consider the conventional hanging nets that are compact and lightweight. Hanging nets are perfect if you will have a place to suspend it.

For the pop-up tents, packing them can be hard, and they use up a lot of space.

Coghlan’s Travelers Mosquito Net
  • FEATURESPolyester
    Circular mosquito net for travelers and campers
Even Naturals Premium Mosquito Net
Lifesystems Boxnet Single Mosquito Net
  • FEATURESWhite mesh
    196 holes per sq. Inch
    EX8 AntiMosquito treated

7 Best Mosquito Nets for Travel

1. Coghlan’s Travelers Mosquito Net

Coghlan’s Travelers Mosquito Net


  • Polyester fabric: For lightweight use making it easily portable
  • 180 hole per square inch: It creates an excellent barrier against mosquitoes and bugs, and it ensures aeration.
  • Single-point hanging design: For easy set-up that only takes a few minutes
  • 8 feet 2 inches: It provides more room for propping yourself
  • 41foot circumference: It can fit in a king-sized bed or two baby cots as space is more than enough for a single bed.

Coghlan’s mosquito net is a circular mosquito net that provides ample space making it perfect for trips and camping. Its roominess allows you to customize the inner sleeping area as you can even fit up to two chairs.

Coghlans is the best net for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a flowing canopy with extra material that you can easily tuck under the bed to ensure that the bugs do not crawl in from underneath.

It offers an overlapping slit opening for a hassle-free entry and exit. Moreover, the circular ring that supports the net can be easily twisted for compact storage, and it springs back when in use.

  • Keeps mosquitoes at bay for a restful night’s sleep
  • Easy to install for use
  • It does not come with a suspension hook which you may have to improvise
  • It is made out of smooth material making it easy to tear


2. Even Naturals Premium Mosquito Net

Even Naturals Premium Mosquito Net


  • Tough handcrafted polyester: This net is made of sturdy polyester for a more extended lifespan
  • 300 holes per square inch: It has finer holes for breathability and efficient protection
  • 100% eco-friendly: The nets are not treated with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the users and the environment.
  • Two designs: Cone-shaped nets with one suspension point and Rectangular nets with 4-8 points of suspension

Nothing beats handmade mosquito nets. Even Naturals delivers mosquito nets with attention to detail. They have reinforced the nets in areas where it is more likely to experience wear and tear.

This net is excellent for travelers as it comes with a carrier bag that can fit in a variety of bags as it is lightweight. Moreover, it is perfect for light packing; you can easily fold the pop up ring of the conical nets and shove it in your backpack. They can also be used indoors or outdoors.

Even Naturals also delivers beyond what is expected. Travelers can benefit from the eBook they provide that enlightens on 16 healthy tips for traveling – an expert guide.

You are guaranteed a refund if you are not satisfied as they provide a one month guarantee.

  • Easy to install even for an amateur and it also comes with a hanging hook
  • High-quality fabric that prevents tear
  • The opening may not enclose well, and it may create space for entry of mosquitoes
  • The apparatus for set-up can be confusing; an installation instruction manual could have been useful.


3. Lifesystems Boxnet Single Mosquito Net

Lifesystems Boxnet Single Mosquito NetFeatures:

  • Polyester white mesh: For lighter travel
  • 156 per square inch: For an airy sleeping area and cooler rests in hot areas
  • Treated with EX8 AntiMosquito: This acts as an insect repellant enhancing protection against mosquitoes and bugs
  • Available in double size

Lifesystem’s Boxnet is not only a massive net that eliminates the claustrophobic feeling when resting at night; it is fine enough to render full protection against the buzzing sounds of mosquitoes that can make you restless.

These nets come with a four pre-attached hanging cords giving you a head start for quick set up. However, for rooms or hotels with high ceilings, it may require much effort to get it fitted well, and you may need to get extra equipment to install.

With Lifesystem’s sizeable inner space it is breezy, hence, adding more comfort.

  • It is easy to set-up
  • It does not add much weight when traveling
  • The pre-attached hanging cords are delicate that they can break easily.
  • The net is better for use with thinner mattresses as the material is not long enough for tucking.


4. Mountain Warehouse Double Mosquito Net

Mountain Warehouse Double Mosquito Net


  • Double-sized: It is ideal for double beds and even single beds
  • Small storage pack: This makes it more portable, and it saves up valuable storage space
  • Lightweight: It is only 400 grams

This net was designed with travelers in mind, whether you are a camper or hiker, this net will suit you well. Mountain warehouse Double Mosquito Net is excellent for tours in wet mosquito-infested areas. It provides double protection with its AntiMosquito treatment that makes sure that mosquitoes do not survive even if they gain entry.

Its compact storage design is best for walkers and backpackers. Whether you are using a mattress or a sleeping mat, this net’s extra fabric provides a simpler way to tuck it.

Mountain warehouse delivers three ways to hang this net especially in situations where the room ceiling does not provide a hook for hanging. You can hang it in a box style, like a wedge, or with two suspension points forming a ridge.

  • It comes with hanging cords and hooks
  • It is treated for better protection
  • It can take quite an effort to put it up — the string for attachment may not suffice — it’s better to carry extra strings.
  • The chemical treatment can irritate your skin if it is sensitive.


5. Mosquito Nets 4 U Large Mosquito Net

Mosquito Nets 4 U Large Mosquito Net


  • Extra-large size: It is 1200cm wide and 250cm high
  • Lightweight only 320 grams: This makes it perfect for holiday travels, it is flat packed, so it fits well in a suitcase.
  • 156 holes per square meter: This net is quite airy giving no room for stuffiness
  • Chemical free: This net has no chemical treatments that might be harmful to the skin

Mosquito Nets 4 U delivers mosquito nets that are full proof against mosquitoes and bag bites. It’s a chemical-free soft fabric that is suitable for use by anyone even those with sensitive skin as it poses no threat. It has a long canopy (250cm) and 1200cm wide providing enough fabric that you can easily tuck in.

The canopy is also large enough for a king-sized bed, and it adds a fancy feel to the room.

Installation is very straightforward. This net comes with a sewn in ring, so it eliminates the need to get the ring inside the fabric. Just take the net out of its packaging, the circular ring can be unfolded so it can pop open. Use the hooks that come with the net to attach to the ceiling and hang it. It is only a few minutes set-up.

This net has a reasonable price when you consider its massive canopy that drapes well. Moreover, Mosquito Nets 4 U offers a money back guarantee, if you were not pleased by the net, hence making this product worth your money.

It comes with a compact string bag for storage which ensures it is safe from damage hence increasing durability and portability.

  • Hassle-free hanging as you are provided with the hanging hook
  • Irritant-free as it is not chemically treated
  • It has an aesthetic value
  • It is a tad too short for high ceilings which may need an extra string to lower it
  • The fabric quality is not sturdy enough making it tear easily


6. DIMPLES Excel Mosquito Net

DIMPLES Excel Mosquito Net


  • Extra-large size: It is 3300cm in length, 120cm in width and 250cm high
  • Lightweight only 5.9 ounces: Ideal for camping, this lightweight mosquito net can easily be packed away and transported.
  • 250 holes per inch: Airy yet protective, the 250 holes per inch offers optimal protection with great breathability.

The Excel is a single person campaign bed that is compact yet roomy. When folded, this travel net can be packed into just 4” x 5”, or 10cm x 13cm in size. The design requires the bottom to go under your sleeping mat so that you’re 100% protected from mosquitoes from all angles.

There are 250 holes per inch, and the grey mesh material doesn’t absorb heat like other color fabrics can.

Offering higher visibility and added airflow, the Excel can fit a man that is six-feet tall and allows for enough room to shift side to side.

There’s an adjustable cord, too that stretches three meters in length. Attach the cord to a tree branch and you can be confident that the net will stay in place. Whether traveling to Africa to go camping or camping in your backyard, this net can provide the protection you need to remain mosquito bite-free.

  • Offers 250 holes per inch to offer optimal coverage to keep mosquitoes away from you while you sleep.
  • Adjustable cord allows for easy attachment to a tree to keep the bed height higher to allow for taller users to stay comfortable inside of the net.
  • High-quality mesh that’s made from recycled, organic material is used to offer a green lifestyle.
  • The flooring is not plastic or another material, so if it rains, you’ll get wet and dirty in the process.
  • The mesh does tear if you get it snagged on a branch or other object. It’s important to be careful not to tear the material to keep mosquitoes at bay.


7. Universal Backpackers Mosquito Net

Universal Backpackers Mosquito Net


  • Extra-large size: It is 3.5 feet x 7.6 feet in size.
  • Lightweight at only 0.8 pounds: Easy to pack and easy to bring with you on a trip. Weighing just 0.8 pounds, the netting folds up neatly and doesn’t weigh you down.
  • 256 holes per square inch: The 256 holes provide ample protection while allowing for enough airflow to keep anyone inside of the net to remain cool and comfortable.
  • Doorways: There’s an option to purchase one net with two openings allowing for easier entry and exit from the net.

Spacious and lightweight, the Universal mosquito netting fully encloses the user to keep them free of mosquito bites. The material allows for 256 holes per square inch, and you do have the option of purchasing the net with two openings.

If you have trouble entering the netting, the two doors make this much easier.

There’s an elastic bottom on the netting that will enclose the bed on all sides to offer optimal protection. Elastic bottoms allow for you to keep all sides of the bed tight to ensure no mosquito entry.

Stronger than competitive models, the premium-quality material can withstand frequent use without tears.

Guaranteed to offer 100% protection, this king-size netting is practical in the home or when traveling.

  • Elastic bottom allows for a snug fit on the bed to keep mosquitoes and other pests from being able to enter the bed.
  • Keeps 100% of mosquitoes out of the bed even when traveling to Ghana and West Africa which is known to be rife with mosquitoes.
  • Designed for a king-size bed, but the elastic design allows it to fit around twin and double beds, too.
  • The netting has been proven to be 100% effective, so you can be confident that the netting will not allow mosquitoes to enter. You can also keep other pests away with this net.
  • Must be very careful when removing the netting from the bag because it can catch to the velcro gon the bag and cause the small holes to widen. If the holes are too large, it’s possible that mosquitoes can get inside.


Effectiveness of Mosquito Nets for Beds

Mosquitoes are pests, but they’re one of the world’s most deadliest pests. Since mosquitoes carry disease, they’re one of the most important pests to protect against inside and outside of the home.

But how effective are nets?

A study presented in ScienceDaily in 2013 discuss how effective bed nets are for stopping the spread of malaria. Malaria, for those that don’t know, is the leading cause of death of children in Africa.

The study found that if this portable mosquito netting was used in all beds in Africa, it would eliminate malaria completely.

In fact, the study suggests that if just 75% of the population uses these large mosquito nets that it would be possible to eliminate malaria in the continent.

The study used a mathematical model to determine that mosquito nets that are treated with insecticide would be able to stop the spread of malaria to the population completely if three-fourths of the population used mosquito netting.

Researchers found that the nets provide a protective barrier around the sleeping person.

Insecticides were found to:

  • Kill mosquitoes
  • Repel mosquitoes

The netting itself led to a decrease in the number of mosquitoes in the home. Netting was found to provide protection when a person wasn’t sleeping, too. Mosquito population and lifespan was found to also decrease in the study.

Cultural resistance is the biggest issue with mosquito nets.

A lot of people view the nets as intrusive, so they rather be bitten by mosquitoes than have netting around the bed. There’s also the issue with poor countries suffering from protection issues due to inequality.

The rich in some poor countries will have much easier assess to nets compared to the poor which have a much larger infestation with mosquitoes.

One way to help combat the issue is education, according to the study. When people are educated, they’re able to understand the importance of mosquito netting and also the efficacy that these mosquito nets provide.

When using a mosquito netting in your home, it’s important to remember that this is one of the most effective forms of mosquito control. There are other options, too, including bug zappers and foggers, but mosquito netting remains one of the most effective treatment options. In poorer countries or when on a strict budget, the netting can help provide added protection.

Netting has helped eradicate Malaria in Europe and North America.

If netting can be used on a widespread scale like this, the netting will be sure to protect you in your home or outdoor space.

7 Best Mosquito Nets for Travel (6 Different Type of Mosquito Nets)

Mosquito nets are essential equipment for use during travel. Backpackers, campers and other travelers alike ensure they carry a mosquito net for their tour

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