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5 Best Mosquito Nets for Travel (6 Different Type of Mosquito Nets)

Mosquito Nets for Travel

Mosquito nets are essential equipment for use during travel. Backpackers, campers and other travelers alike ensure they carry a mosquito net for their tours. For an enjoyable adventure in tropical or sub-tropical regions --- areas that are mosquito-laden –mosquito nets are a must-have. Mosquitoes have a substantial threat to a person’s health as they can spread Malaria or the deadly Zika virus as well as other diseases.

Besides the threat of mosquito bites, there may be bugs that might turn your trip into a nightmare. Mosquito nets are an excellent shield for keeping the bugs and mosquitoes at bay. Therefore, a memorable travel adventure begins with protection.

What is a Mosquito Net?

Mosquito nets offer protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. They keep you safe from all the possible diseases these bugs may carry. If your net is to work though, the mesh has to be fine enough for you to see through while still keeping bugs out.

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Generally, a mesh size of 1.2 mL will stop the mosquitos just fine, but 0.6 mL will stop even smaller bugs. Most nets are made from cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon so that they’re still breathable but effective.

They can be draped over a box-like frame, a sleeping area, or any one item. Use your net to protect yourself or your items from bugs while sleeping in a mosquito-ridden area by either draping it over yourself or over your camp.

How They Work

Mosquito nets are simple. But they’re valuable when it comes to protecting yourself and preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.They are usually draped over windows, a campsite, or an individual, although they can be made even more effective when they’re pretreated with a pyrethroid insecticide.

- Treated Nets

Just by using a pretreated net, the number of mosquitos in an area can be greatly reduced. Nets are generally treated with a chemical called permethrin, which is harmless to humans but fatal to insects.

It’s so potent that mosquitos will generally ignore the holes in your net and avoid you entirely. You can either treat your net yourself or buy one that’s manufactured with the chemical already.

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

If you are pretreating your net, you should remember to re-treat it around every six months to a year. Long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets will remain effective for up to three years though.

Nets that are manufactured with the chemical embedded in the fibers may never need replacement.

- Holes and Mesh Size

Consider how many holes there are per square inch when you buy your net. Insect nets with a higher number of around 400 will protect you even against bugs that are hard to see. Usually, these will have smaller holes too.

A higher hole count will allow less air to pass through, perhaps making it feel hot and clammy inside. On the other hand, a lower hole count will generally have larger holes of 1.2 mL, providing more air flow.

Best 5 Travel Mosquito Nets


  • Polyester fabric: For lightweight use making it easily portable
  • 180 hole per square inch: It creates an excellent barrier against mosquitoes and bugs, and it ensures aeration.
  • Single-point hanging design: For easy set-up that only takes a few minutes
  • 8 feet 2 inches: It provides more room for propping yourself
  • 41-foot circumference: It can fit in a king-sized bed or two baby cots as space is more than enough for a single bed.

Coghlan’s mosquito net is a circular mosquito net that provides ample space making it perfect for trips and camping. Its roominess allows you to customize the inner sleeping area as you can even fit up to two chairs.

Coghlans is the best net for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a flowing canopy with extra material that you can easily tuck under the bed to ensure that the bugs do not crawl in from underneath.

It offers an overlapping slit opening for a hassle-free entry and exit. Moreover, the circular ring that supports the net can be easily twisted for compact storage, and it springs back when in use.


  • Keeps mosquitoes at bay for a restful night’s sleep
  • Easy to install for use


  • It does not come with a suspension hook which you may have to improvise
  • It is made out of smooth material making it easy to tear


  • Tough handcrafted polyester: This net is made of sturdy polyester for a more extended lifespan
  • 300 holes per square inch: It has finer holes for breathability and efficient protection
  • 100% eco-friendly: The nets are not treated with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the users and the environment.
  • Two designs: Cone-shaped nets with one suspension point and Rectangular nets with 4-8 points of suspension

Nothing beats handmade mosquito nets. Even Naturals delivers mosquito nets with attention to detail. They have reinforced the nets in areas where it is more likely to experience wear and tear.

This net is excellent for travelers as it comes with a carrier bag that can fit in a variety of bags as it is lightweight. Moreover, it is perfect for light packing; you can easily fold the pop up ring of the conical nets and shove it in your backpack. They can also be used indoors or outdoors.

Even Naturals also delivers beyond what is expected. Travelers can benefit from the eBook they provide that enlightens on 16 healthy tips for traveling – an expert guide.

You are guaranteed a refund if you are not satisfied as they provide a one month guarantee.


  • Easy to install even for an amateur and it also comes with a hanging hook
  • High-quality fabric that prevents tear


  • The opening may not enclose well, and it may create space for entry of mosquitoes
  • The apparatus for set-up can be confusing; an installation instruction manual could have been useful.


  • Polyester white meshFor lighter travel
  • 156 per square inch: For an airy sleeping area and cooler rests in hot areas
  • Treated with EX8 AntiMosquito: This acts as an insect repellant enhancing protection against mosquitoes and bugs
  • Available in double size
  • Lifesystem’s Boxnet is not only a massive net that eliminates the claustrophobic feeling when resting at night; it is fine enough to render full protection against the buzzing sounds of mosquitoes that can make you restless.

    These nets come with a four pre-attached hanging cords giving you a head start for quick set up. However, for rooms or hotels with high ceilings, it may require much effort to get it fitted well, and you may need to get extra equipment to install.

    With Lifesystem’s sizeable inner space it is breezy, hence, adding more comfort.


    • It is easy to set-up
    • It does not add much weight when traveling


    • The pre-attached hanging cords are delicate that they can break easily.
    • The net is better for use with thinner mattresses as the material is not long enough for tucking.


    • Double-sizedIt is ideal for double beds and even single beds
    • Small storage pack: This makes it more portable, and it saves up valuable storage space
    • Lightweight: It is only 400 grams

    This net was designed with travelers in mind, whether you are a camper or hiker, this net will suit you well. Mountain warehouse Double Mosquito Net is excellent for tours in wet mosquito-infested areas. It provides double protection with its AntiMosquito treatment that makes sure that mosquitoes do not survive even if they gain entry.

    Its compact storage design is best for walkers and backpackers. Whether you are using a mattress or a sleeping mat, this net’s extra fabric provides a simpler way to tuck it.

    Mountain warehouse delivers three ways to hang this net especially in situations where the room ceiling does not provide a hook for hanging. You can hang it in a box style, like a wedge, or with two suspension points forming a ridge.


    • It comes with hanging cords and hooks
    • It is treated for better protection


    • It can take quite an effort to put it up -- the string for attachment may not suffice -- it’s better to carry extra strings.
    • The chemical treatment can irritate your skin if it is sensitive.


    • Extra-large sizeIt is 1200cm wide and 250cm high
    • Lightweight only 320 grams: This makes it perfect for holiday travels, it is flat packed, so it fits well in a suitcase.
    • 156 holes per square meter: This net is quite airy giving no room for stuffiness
    • Chemical free: This net has no chemical treatments that might be harmful to the skin

    Mosquito Nets 4 U delivers mosquito nets that are full proof against mosquitoes and bag bites. It’s a chemical-free soft fabric that is suitable for use by anyone even those with sensitive skin as it poses no threat. It has a long canopy (250cm) and 1200cm wide providing enough fabric that you can easily tuck in.

    The canopy is also large enough for a king-sized bed, and it adds a fancy feel to the room.

    Installation is very straightforward. This net comes with a sewn in ring, so it eliminates the need to get the ring inside the fabric. Just take the net out of its packaging, the circular ring can be unfolded so it can pop open. Use the hooks that come with the net to attach to the ceiling and hang it. It is only a few minutes set-up.

    This net has a reasonable price when you consider its massive canopy that drapes well. Moreover, Mosquito Nets 4 U offers a money back guarantee, if you were not pleased by the net, hence making this product worth your money.

     It comes with a compact string bag for storage which ensures it is safe from damage hence increasing durability and portability.


    • Hassle-free hanging as you are provided with the hanging hook
    • Irritant-free as it is not chemically treated
    • It has an aesthetic value


    • It is a tad too short for high ceilings which may need an extra string to lower it
    • The fabric quality is not sturdy enough making it tear easily

    6 Different Types of Mosquito Nets

    The type of net you want to buy depends on what will work best for you. This means that you must take into account your accommodations, whether you’ll be camping and what kinds of bugs and breathability you think you’ll need.

    1. Free-Standing Nets

    These types of nets are essentially small tents. They’re held together by a frame that expands and condenses. Pick one out in the side that you need and set it up either within your larger tent, on a cot, or on top of a mattress.

    Usually, they’ll have a tarp floor, making it impossible for bugs to get in even from below. This type is a little big though and even though it’s versatile and spacious, can still be bulky and difficult to transport. Not to mention that they’re a little heavier than others too.

    2. Wedge and Ridge Nets

    As the name suggests, these nets form a wedge shape on the side. The upper end provides you with lots of space while the lower end will drape over your bedding. These types of nets are great because they’re both simple and inexpensive.

    They’re easy to put up and take down too, since they only need one or two supporting points. Hang them close to a wall to position them easily even when space is limited. These are a great option for any tent and are lightweight and compact too.

    Since they use less fabric, they can fit in smaller spaces. They are a little small though and may feel stuffy since there’s less air circulation.

    3. Box Mosquito Nets

    If you’re looking for something sturdy, the box mosquito net is your best option. These are perfect for longer term settlements, which is why they’re usually used in hospitals or hotels.

    They set up easily over a bed frame with posts and can be set up outside if they’re supported by poles and rods. This type of mosquito net is more spacious than your other available options, improving your space and air circulation.

    As a result, they remain cooler than other nets. You can buy them in a bigger, two-person version as well, but do remember that these nets require extensive work to set up. They might need frames too and are hard to travel with, since they’re so heavy.

    4. Bell Mosquito Nets

    These nets are shaped like a bell, with one high point in the middle for the net to drape down from. They generally come with an internal spreader that sits below the apex in order to increase the space inside and improve the way the net hangs over you.

    Around the lower edge, you might see a heavier fabric that weighs the net a little and provides extra reinforcement against bugs. Since these nets only need to be hung from one point, they’re fairly easy to set up.

    They’re airy too and versatile, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use them in temporary or permanent accommodations, but with so much fabric, they may be hard to carry around. You’ll need a high and strong suspension point to hang yours from too.

    5. Hammock Mosquito Nets

    These nets are great for people who want a simple net that still seals out mosquitos and other insects. Essentially, they are hammocks with mosquito nets built in, making them very comfortable for sleeping and relaxing.

    Choose any one of the variety of options, but no matter which option you choose, this type of net does require a little set up. They may be tougher to transport too, especially if you get a larger size.

    6. Ridge Mosquito Nets

    This type of net is a lot like the wedge in how it hangs, but it will hang from two points in the center rather than one point near your head. This gives it more space compared to the wedge style. It’s still easy to hang though and is great for sleeping outdoors.

    Since it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to carry around with you, although this type of net still isn’t as spacious as a few other styles out there.

    When To Use Them

    The best time to use a mosquito net is when you’re staying somewhere that isn’t screened well or air conditioned. These nets can be used outdoors as a result, generally in places with a jungle-like climate.

    Use them at night especially, since mosquitos are most active during twilight hours and at night. Mosquitoes can bite at any time though, which is why you should still use a repellent, regardless of the time of day.

    Features to Look for in a Mosquito Net

    You need a mosquito net to protect you when you’re sleeping in an area that contains many bugs. These nets keep you from getting bitten, which is why you’ll need to make sure that you have the best one possible for your situation.

    When you’re buying a mosquito net, these are the features you should keep an eye out for.

    1. Design of the net

    Today, mosquito nets for travel come in different makes. Aside from the traditional hanging nets, other nets have different hanging positions such as the wedge style, ridge, and box. For the wedge style, you can either hang it from a single point or from two points for a spacious sleeping area.

    The ridge style can be suspended between two trees with its highest point at the place where you lay your head. The box style has four hanging points to form a box-shaped net.

    Depending on your sleeping style, you can opt for the dome-shaped net that provides enough room to prop yourself up. Moreover, the dome-shaped net is favorable as a pop-up net which does not need a hanging frame.

    A pop-up nets has a low ceiling making it a perfect travel net for camping. You will also find pop up nets designed for kids. If you still prefer the traditional nets, don’t worry they still make these types of nets with an advanced design that resembles a bell ring.

    2. Efficiency

    It is preferable to buy a white mosquito net with 285 holes per square inch, to keep off even the tiniest mosquito. The finer the net’s mesh fabric, the higher the protection. Meanwhile, it still allows you to see a mosquito that has landed on it and it keeps air flowing freely.

    It is recommended that you consider a pre-treated mosquito net for better results. These nets come treated with Permethrin, a synthetic chemical that acts as an insect repellant. Therefore, you will have doubled your protection as you now have an impregnable physical barrier.

    Pop up nets tend to provide less internal space which can limit the airflow thus generating warmth that might be uncomfortable. Make sure you remember this.

    3. Durability

    You should also examine the material quality of the net because of its mesh-like fabric which makes it vulnerable to tear. The best material is stiff and taut.

    For the self-supporting mosquito nets such as the pop-up nets, they require gentler handling as they have poles that support the net frame. Most times, it can be quite a task to pack this kind of net as the poles hardly bend; therefore, the poles can be easily damaged.

    So factor in the durability when you go to purchase a self-supporting mosquito net for travel because they are expensive and it is crucial to receive value for your money.

    4. Ease of use

    Other than durability, it is critical that you only choose a mosquito net that takes a few minutes to set up. It is quick to set up hanging nets though you will need a robust hanging frame to suspend them which might not be available.

    However, pop-up nets take a few minutes to pop open, they are flexible, and they do not need extra support making them the easiest to use.

    5. Portability

    For light backpacking trips or ease of packing, it is better to consider the conventional hanging nets that are compact and lightweight. Hanging nets are perfect if you will have a place to suspend it.

    For the pop-up tents, packing them can be hard, and they use up a lot of space.

    6. Level of Protection

    You can pick from any one of the available designs of mosquito nets, but when you do, think about the level of protection you want. Rectangular nets like the ridge or bell style tend to be a little better, since there’s more space on the inside.

    This means that you will have less chances of touching the inside while you sleep. If you touch the net less, it’s less likely that insects will be able to bite through.

    7. Your Protection

    Of course, you want the best net out there, but remember to take a few measures to protect yourself too. If you’re in an area that has a malaria endemic, make sure you have your own insect repellent with 20-30% DEET or 20% Picaridin.

    Wear light-colored, lightweight long sleeves and pants. Check your net every so often to see if there are any tears too. Mosquitoes are crafty and are capable of getting into your sleeping area if there’s even one small hole.

    8. Setting It Up

    Having a great mosquito net means nothing if you don’t know how to set it up properly. Many travelers worry about this problem, specifically when they arrive at their hostel and may not even think about setting up the net until they need to.

    There’s no need to worry though. These tips on how to set up your net will hopefully keep you from having any sleepless nights.

    9. Before You Travel

    Before you even head out to your destination, pick up some screw in or suction hooks with you, along with some cord or string to attach your net to the hanging points. These ensure that regardless of where you’re staying, you’ll have the materials you need to set it up.

    Most hostels and hotels in tropical countries are equipped with suspension points to help you hang your net. However, if you want to be sure that you’re prepared, it’s never a bad idea to bring your own tools for hanging the net.

    10. Locate a Space

    When you do begin setting up your net, try to find a flat, dry area that’s away from any open water. Think of a place that you would feel comfortable setting up a tent on. If you’re indoors, look for any place that has enough room and can support the hanging points.

    Look on the ceiling or walls for suspension points that won’t snag on your net or tear it.

    11. Suspension Points

    Your suspension points will depend on what type of net you have. Wedge and bell nets only need one suspension point right above your head, although ridge nets will need two suspension points in line with one another.

    On the other hand, box nets need four hanging points that will let you hang the net in a square shape.

    12. Unpack

    Remove the net from its bag, along with any rods, strings and stakes. Separate everything in the bag so you can see and find everything easily. Lay the net out over your chosen area. You should see a hanging kit in your items, which usually comes with every net.

    13. Hanging the Net

    Thread a piece of cord through the hanging point loops in your net and tie them tightly. If there aren’t any loops, use a safety pin to attach the cord to the net. Then, just locate the part of the net that hangs from the ceiling and attach the cord to the hooks.

    On bell nets, you’ll see a small square area at the top of the bell.

    14. After Hanging

    After getting your net up, make sure that you tuck it underneath your mattress or sleeping mat. This ensures that no mosquitoes are able to get through.

    If there isn’t enough fabric to tuck underneath your bedding, you may need to lower your net to give yourself this extra level of protection.

    15. Self-Supporting Nets

    If you have a self-supporting net, it’ll be just like setting up a tent, as you just connect the poles and insert them into the net. From there, you can stake the net into the ground and hammer it in if you’re in an outdoor location.

    If you’re indoors, you don’t need to worry about hammering it down. Then, just place your sleeping bag or mattress inside and close everything tightly. If you’ve set up a tent before, you should have no problem setting up this kind of net.


    There are many different types of available mosquito nets out there. From bell nets to ridge nets and wedge nets, you can choose whichever net will most benefit you and your situation.

    No matter which net you choose, make sure that it has the features you need and that you know how to set it up properly. Having the right net will ensure that you stay safe no matter where you travel.

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