Seagull: Complete Guide to Learn about Them(13 Amazing Facts)

Set of beautiful seagulls in a flat style

When we hear the name seagull, we perceive a large gray and white bird. They are mostly found near rivers and seas. They comprises of different sizes from small seagulls to the large seagulls’ species. The largest Seagull measures up to 28 inches in length. The smallest seagull is roughly estimated to be 11 inches. These creatures have lengthy longs of pink color.

The small and medium seagulls have legs of pink or black colors. They are very difficult to identify among other creatures. It is observed that during their mating season, their primary plumage color changes. The head feathers color either change in bright white or sometimes dark brown. They body of this great Black-beaked Gull is covered with a layer known as plumage.

Their bodies are very robust, and they have webbed feet. Their beak is bright yellow in color, and it is a bit hooked. The western seagulls live about 33 years, and the herring gull lives about 27 years.

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