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Sawfly Damage & How to Get Rid of Them

True sawflies have a saw-like appendage right at the tip of their bodies, and from this, they get their name “sawflies.”  The basal hymenopteran lineages have developed these saw-like ovipositor cutting and have been separately categorized into paraphyletic grouping. The female sawflies use this appendage to inject their eggs into upper leaf surface. Sawflies have […]


Flesh Fly Identification & Facts, How to Get Rid of Them in Your House?

Flesh Flies belong to the family Sarcophagidae, the word itself derived from the Greek words meaning “flesh-eating.” The difference between flesh flies and regular flies lies in the fact that the former leaves maggots on dead animal carcasses, fecal matter or open wounds when the opportunity presents itself. The latter is more prone to deposit eggs. […]


How to Prevent and Treat Deer Fly’s Painful Bites? (Four Methods to Control)

Deer flies belong to the family of Tabanidae. These species are also recognized as stouts, yellow flies or June flies, in Canada. The dangerous deer flies feed on blood meals, but it is not true about the male fly as it does not consume blood. These creatures are mostly found in wet and damp places, such as forests, wetlands […]


6 Easy Tips to Getting Rid Of Horse Fly Efficiently

Horse flies are blood-feeding insects which use their sharp mouthparts for biting mammals for drinking blood that comes out of the wounds. Female horse fly starts laying eggs on leaves overhanging water once they feed enough. When the eggs hatch, the flies’ larvae burrow down in the moist soil for survival and feeding on snails […]


Treating Infestation of Bot Fly: How to Remove Them Efficiently?

Bot fly belongs to the Oestridae family. This family has several other flies similar to the bot fly like heel flies and gadflies and so on. The specialty of this family is its larva always make mammal as their internal parasite. Human bot fly is also a kind of this family that always parasites on […]


Basic Facts of Bot Fly & How to Prevent the Infection Caused By Them

Botfly resembles bumble bees in its appearance. They are just like their name. The Bot fly belongs to the biological phylum of Arthropods where all the insects lie. There are many families inside the phylum. The bot fly belongs to Oestridae. These flies live more than many small insects like bees or flies. These insects […]

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