Porcupine: 10 Fascinating Facts & 4 Complete Control Measures

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Nature has created several beautiful creatures that roam on the surface of the globe. These animals range from the tiny creepy creatures to the huge mammals. They fascinate the viewers with their varying behaviors and habits. Porcupine is one such little mammal that appears different from many others of his family due to its incredibly unique features and especially the spines covering the body.

Basic Information about Porcupine

Porcupines belong to the family of rodents under the crown of the mammals. Unlike other rodents who have fur or skin covering their bodies, the porcupines have sharp spines extending out from their skin. The major purpose of these is to work as a defense as the enemy comes closer. The porcupines include two major classifications: Hystricidae family that refers to the Old World porcupines and the Erethizontidae that means the New World porcupines. The collective name for these is Hystricognathi. This is the order of rodents that has several diverse and distinguished features as compared to other rodent orders.

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