7 Best Mosquito Foggers Designed to Replace Your Exterminator

Mosquitoes transmit malaria to up to 500 million people per year.  The World Health Organization calls mosquitoes the greatest insert menace on the planet. Mosquitoes alone are responsible for several millions of deaths due to yellow fever, dengue and malaria.

And in your own yard, these mosquitoes can invade your space, biting you and potentially spreading disease in the process.

The best mosquito fogger can kill mosquitoes, keeping these pests to a minimum in your yard and lowering your risk of disease.

You’ll be able to choose your mosquito fogger liquid, pick from a variety of different mosquito killers and cover areas as large as one-acre with ease. 

We’re going to review the best mosquito foggers on the market to help you find one that works well, kills mosquitoes and makes your space safer in the process.

Editor’s Pick: Repel

Repel 190397Repel offers an effective system that is used by professionals yet perfect for home use. Our choice for the best mosquito killer, this model can treat an area of 5,000 square feet in a matter of 10 minutes.

This model features:

  • 6 hours of killing and protection
  • 5,000 square foot treatment
  • Reentry in as little as 10 Minutes

Top 3 Mosquito Foggers of 2019

Repel 190397
  • FEATURESKills and repels mosquitoes, biting files
    Treats an average 5,000 square foot yard
    Completely portable
Petra Electric Fogger
Black Flag 190107
  • FEATURES Effective system used by professionals to kill mosquitoes
    Everyone can enter the treated area as soon as the fog disperses
    Easy to use

How to Properly Use a Mosquito Fogger

Mosquito foggers are the same equipment that you’ll find many professional pest control companies using. The main difference is that you’ll be able to choose the insecticide of your choice, and you’ll also be able to cut back on your costs drastically.

Mosquito fogger machines need to be used strategically, so you’ll want to follow these key directions when using the machine.

Preheating is a must, but a lot of people don’t know that the thermal fogger needs to be preheated to work properly. These units need just a minute or two to preheat so that the oil or water solutions are ready to produce thick fog.

If you do not allow the preheating to take place, those first few minutes or fogging are virtually wasted.

You will not kill as many mosquitoes if you do not preheat the unit.

Cold mist models, and there are a few on the list above, will not require the same preheating.

Best Fogging Time

There are good and bad times to use a fogger. Dusk is the absolute best time to use a fogger. When it’s dusk, the mosquitoes are all in their hiding places allowing you to kill multiple mosquitoes at once.

If it’s damp outside, it’s an even better time to treat the area.

Key areas where you’ll find that mosquitoes hide are:

  • Trees
  • Tall grass
  • Shrubs
  • Gutters
  • Under decks
  • Ponds
  • Puddles
  • Pots
  • Planters
  • Debris piles
  • Tree stumps

These are the areas where you’ll want to make a priority to fog. Of course, any area where you see mosquitoes often is a good area to treat. 

If it rains, you’ll also want to treat. Mosquitoes love wet areas, and they’ll often be found near ponds and puddles. Treat these key areas after a rainstorm for the best results.


Most foggers will kill mosquitoes on contact. But these insecticides will also remain in the air for six hours or so. The chemicals will repel or kill mosquitoes during this time. Users recommend that you fog the area once per week.

You will not kill 100% of mosquitoes, but you can reduce the number by 99% in most cases.

Even areas that are known to have significant mosquito populations, such as swamps and ponds, can have the mosquito population depleted to low levels.

If it rains, you will want to treat the area again. 

Once a week fogging is recommended, but you are free to increase this frequency as you see fit. Some people will treat an area every other day until they notice that the population has declined and will start to retreat the area once a week as needed.


You have little control over the wind, but you do have control in how you position your body. You’ll want to keep the wind at your back so that none of the fog is blown back into your face. You’re using insecticides, and inhaling these harsh chemicals is not recommended.

If you’re being bitten in the process, wear bug repellent clothing to keep mosquitoes from biting you.

Ear protection is recommended as some of these models are loud. 

Wearing eye protection and a chemical mask is also recommended. The chemical mask will ensure that the mist that comes back at you is not inhaled. Anyone with respiratory issues should wear a chemical mask for best results.

The majority of manufacturers claim that you can safely enter the treated area five minutes after use or when the fog has disappeared.

Do not let children or pets in the area until this clearing period is over.

A lot of users opt to use a fogger inside of their greenhouses and on their garden. When doing this, you have to make sure that you wash all of your vegetables thoroughly. The insecticide will remain on the plants.

Indoor use is often not recommended, and it’s best practice to revert to the user manual for the recommended usage. 


It’s essential that you adjust spray radius and consistency. A lot of manufacturers recommend spraying against a cardboard box or something similar to determine the radius of your spray. This allows you to learn what the best thickness is for your use. 

You’ll also want to adjust the insecticide you use if it doesn’t prove effective. 

The majority of units will not work well with any bleach-based or bleach-containing products. You’ll want to avoid using any product with bleach as they can damage internal components and can also cause damage to your lawn or garden.

Foggers can and should be used in conjunction with other mosquito control methods. Proper plant planting, netting and clothing can reduce your risks of mosquitoes biting you or invading your space.

7 Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews

1. Best Round-up Mosquito Fogger: Repel 190397

Repel 190397

Repel is the best insect fogger on our list, and it’s also more affordable than most commercial mosquito foggers. The fogger provides protection from:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Fliers
  • Flying insects

Repel can treat areas up to 5,000 square feet in less than 10 minutes. The unit is ideal for a backyard or even a campsite. Treated areas can be reentered as soon as the fog dissipates which is usually in under five minutes.

Propane-powered, the fogger is easy to transport and will be able to use the following propane cylinder styles:

  • 14.1-ounce
  • 16.4-ounce

Propane cylinders are sold separately, so make sure to order a compatible cylinder when purchasing this fogger.

Microscopic particles are produced, offering seven times finer particles than mist. The fog is able to penetrate those hard-to-reach areas where mosquitoes hide away. When you spray the area, any mosquitoes will die. The fog will also keep mosquitoes at bat for up to six hours.

If you’re throwing a party outdoors or just sitting on your patio, these six hours of mosquito relief are well-welcomed.

There’s no mixing necessary with this product, and there’s no offensive odors to deal with either.

A tip from Repel directly is to spray an area at dusk right before mosquitoes emerge from their hiding places. Fogging at dusk will lead to the most mosquitoes killed and will allow your space to remain mosquito-free all day.

Designed for outdoor use only, this fogger should only be used with the following insecticides:

  • Black Flag
  • Cutter
  • Repel

The unit produces thick clouds of fog and is very portable. Fog once a week and you’ll notice a drastic decline in the amount of mosquitoes in your yard. This is the best propane mosquito fogger on our list.

2. Best Electric Mosquito Fogger: Petra Electric Fogger

Petra Electric Fogger

Petra is a leading fogger, and it’s a large, commercial-size version. If you have a larger yard or space that needs treatment, this is the right option for you. The unit produces four gallons on mist, and it comes in a neat backpack.

Walk around your yard, spray key areas where mosquitoes hide and that’s it.

The mist sprays 8 to 10 feet from the user, so there’s no need to get too close to key mosquito areas. The hose can easily be stretched above the user’s head to treat those hard-to-reach areas that other foggers miss.

While you can use this fogger outdoors, it also works well in greenhouses.

Particle sizes are between 20 and 50 microns, and you also have the option of adjusting the rate of flow. A simple turn of a screw allows you to adjust the flow’s rate.

There’s a wide mouth lid that allows you to open and pour in your product. The straps on the backpack are designed for commercial use, so they’re comfortable and not those cheap side straps that a lot of models feature.

Customer support is in the USA, and the powerful fog can reach key areas:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Rooftops

This unit can operate as a fogger for insects, but you can also use it as a mold fogger. If you live in areas where water is an issue, this fogger can keep mold under control, too. You should not use bleach inside of this unit but mold control solutions.

One complaint that I have seen from consumers is that this fogger is loud. Wear ear protection when using it and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, this is an amazing mosquito fogger that is powered by electric rather than propane.

3. Best Propane Mosquito Fogger: Burgess 1443

Burgess 1443 Propane Fogger

Fast and effective mosquito control for your yard. This insect fogger is powered by propane, and there’s a 40-ounce capacity for large area clearing. You’ll be able to control against mosquitoes and flies using this model.

The fog comes out in a 10’ cone, and the fog is completely odorless.

The unit requires a standard propane cylinder which is not included with your purchase. While the manufacturer claims that you can resume activities immediately after fogging an area, it’s always best to wait until the fog is gone.

When used outdoors, the fog will be gone within minutes.

The area will remain insect-free for up to six hours depending on weather conditions. Black Flag fogging insecticide is the recommended option from Burgess. You’re free to use the best bug fogger liquid that you find with this model.

Each unit is backed by a one year warranty. The warranty begins on the date of shipment, so it will be slightly less than a year from when it arrives.

When using this fogger, you’ll also want to invest in a chemical vapor mask. The fog is quite thick, and you don’t want to inhale any of the insecticides that you may be using. Even when used in areas, such as swamps, users claim that the area remains 99% mosquito free.

Since mosquitoes do come back rather quickly, you’ll want to spray one time per week for best results.

If you have a larger space, it takes all of 20 minutes to treat an entire acre of space. The fog lasts for 8 to 10 hours as a repellent. Black Flag’s products are known for their strong mosquito killing properties.

Re-spray after rainstorms for best results.


4. Black Flag 190107

Black Flag 190107

Black Flag also offers their own mosquito foggers, and the best mosquito fogger in the company’s lineup is the 190107. This model is the same form of treatment that professionals use to clear backyards, campgrounds and parks of mosquitoes.

The unit can treat an average space of 5,000 square feet in ten minutes.

Repelling power lasts for up to six hours, so the mosquitoes and flying insects that do not die during the initial fog will be repelled. If you want to enter the space again, wait just five minutes and it should be safe to enter the space.

Simply plug the unit in and start fogging the area.

When choosing extension cords to use with your fogger, you’ll want to make sure that they’re one of the following gauges:

  • 10
  • 12
  • 14

Make sure that the extension cords are rated for outdoor usage. 

Black Flag has incorporated a lock trigger into the handle that prevents mishaps from occurring. The trigger will prevent accidental pumping, and the unit will only engage when the trigger is not locked. 

The reservoir should be filled only when the unit is placed on a level surface. A key tip when using this product is to put it on a level surface and allow it to preheat for about two minutes. The two minute preheating duration allows for the unit to kill the most mosquitoes.

Black Flag claims that if you do not preheat the unit, you may not get the desired results.

Simply press the trigger every 3 to 4 seconds for the best results. You’ll want to make sure that the breeze is at your back when spraying. Stay five feet from the area that you’re treating for the utmost in safety.


5. Smith Performance Sprayer

Smith Performance Sprayer

The Smith Performance Sprayer is an effective model that is meant to propel and heat fog instantly. The specially designed heating element means that there’s no long preheat times unlike the Black Flag model we just reviewed.

This is an electric thermal fogger that utilizes a 110V power supply.

Fog lasts for up to six hours in an area, killing and repelling mosquitoes the entire time. Once the fog dissipates, it’s safe for animals and humans to enter the area. When using this product, it’s important to remain that you should only use insecticides that fall into the following categories:

  • Oil-based
  • Water-based

Propylene glycol oils should be used for best results.

Remove the barrel and you’ll be able to produce two ounces of fog per minute. Treat larger areas faster. The unit is designed to be able to convert one ounce of insecticide into 2,000 cu. ft. of fog in a mere two minutes.

The flow rate is adjusted with a spin of a knob, and you can adjust between a heavy or light fog. The aluminum container holds up to 96 ounces of solution.

Indoor use is not recommended.

If you do plan on using this fogger indoors, the manufacturer recommended that you be a trained, certified user. When using for a minute straight, you’ll want to adjust the spray to a dry fog. The liquid fog will work well for short bursts, but after a minute of continued use, the liquid will start to drip from the end of the fogger’s barrel.

The trigger is one of the best features. Pull the trigger to start the unit, and once the trigger is released, the spray will stop. The trigger is on the underside of the handle, and unlike many models, this trigger is sensitive and works well.


6. Silver Bullet Cold Fogger

Silver Bullet Cold Fogger

Silver Bullet is different. This sleek fogger can be used for mosquitoes or mold, and it has a triple jet system with a very long range. The unit was designed to be an improvement over ULV foggers, and the powerful motor can produce sprays that are 33% longer at a maximum of 40-feet in length.

Jet nozzles have been improved, and the vacuum pump motor has also been upgraded.

The unit can be used for:

  • Mildew control
  • Mold control
  • Pest control
  • Fogging

Stainless steel and very durable, you can use virtually any solution or chemicals inside of this unit without fear of it breaking down. You can use oil, water-based solutions and even ceder. Since this is a cold fogger, the unit produces more of a fine mist rather than a gas like many thermal models produce.

The tank holds one gallon of product, and you can adjust between low and large droplet size. There’s also a medium droplet size which is a good starting point for first time users.

Since the unit is corded, you’ll be limited to the length of your extension cord. The long-range spray does allow you to spray larger spaces than most conventional foggers allow. 

I want to note that while the Silver Bullet is designed to kill mosquitoes and other pests, the unit is exceptional for mold removal. Put in your mold killer, and with the right combination of treatments, you’ll be able to kill 100% of black mold.

If you live in areas that flood or near a swamp, the large range and effectiveness of the Silver Bullet is needed.


7. Invatech Italia Fogger

Invatech Italia Fogger

Invatech Italian’s fogger is ideal for mosquitoes, and it comes with a backpack, too. Place your arms through the straps and tighten the unit to your body. Once in place, you’re ready to start spraying mosquitoes.

The straps come with additional padding to stop the weight of the unit from hurting the user’s shoulders. It’s a powerful atomizer, and the only small complaint is that you’re limited by the range of your extension cord.

The unit produces 0 to 50 microns, and it weighs just 12 pounds without any insecticide inside of it.

There’s a large mouth for filling, and there’s an industrial hose that allows for flow rate control, too. A micro setting valve allows for further fog control. The unit runs at an impressive 1600W power and will plug into a 110V outlet.

Four gallons of insecticide can fit inside of the tank.

If something breaks or you notice a defect in the unit, there’s a three-year warranty on your offer. There’s also a 45-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you do not appreciate this ULV cold mist fogger, you can return it for your money back.

Invatech also provides a standard three-day air delivery free of charge for all units, so you’re guaranteed a quick delivery.

Customer service is very responsive and available seven days per week. With a long-lasting warranty and money back guarantee, this is an investment that you can confidently make.

Since this is a cold mist fogger, the unit will not produce the thick gas clouds that other foggers produce. But it does kill mosquitoes and depending on the insecticide used, you can kill a variety of other insects, too. 


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