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House Sparrow: Identification Key and 7 Interesting Facts You May Not Know

We are all conversant with the chirpy house sparrows as they are seen everywhere, near your homes and other buildings. No other bird is as intimated with humans as these sociable house sparrows are and this association is their simple success formula. They are found in both urban areas and the rural locations. They are […]


Song Sparrow: 7 Amazing Facts You Don’t Want to Miss

The song sparrow, whose scientific name is Melospiza melodia, is a mediocre sized American sparrow. Among all other species of American sparrows, song sparrows are one of the most unpredictable, and adjustable species. The species can be seen everywhere in abundance. An average adult song sparrow contains back of dark brown color and underparts of […]


Sparrows: 15 Interesting Facts about Sparrow & 8 Effective Control Measures

Sparrow is a species of small Passerine birds, also acknowledged as True sparrows or Old world Sparrows. It originates from North Africa and is also found in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. Sparrows cannot be found in forests or deserts, unlike other birds. It prefers being in close association to human settlement, […]


White-throated Sparrow: 4 Identification Tips & Sounds and Calls

The white-throated sparrow is biologically known as the Zonotrichia albicollis. It is considered as a little passerine Ave that is the member of the American sparrow family known as Emberizidae. The group name Zonotrichia Albiocollis is the combination of the Greek and Latin words. The initial part of the name has a Greek background “band,” […]


Chipping Sparrow: 9 Interesting Facts Help You Know Them Thoroughly

Chipping Sparrow, whose scientific name is Spizella passerina, is a species of American sparrows. It is a passerine bird who belongs to the family Emberizidae, and it is well known in the most parts of the world. But, the location where it can be found commonly is North America. Chipping Sparrow is fairly domestic by […]