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Do Silverfish Bite Humans? What Are the Damages They Cause?

Silverfish isolated on the white.

Do silverfish bite humans? Silverfish has a creepy appearance which resembles the venomous centipedes. They are considered the most cursed insects after Cockroaches. Silverfish has alternative names as well which include Paramites, Fish moths, Lepisma saccharina and carpet sharks. Silverfish is a type of wingless insect; they are carrot-shaped with small bodies covered with gray […]

Cigarette Beetles: 4 Interesting Facts & 2 Effective Repellents

Cigarette beetle isolated on the white.

Identifying cigarettes beetles Lasioderma serricorn is the scientific name for cigarette beetles, which belongs to the family of Anobiidae. These beetles are commonly known for attacking tobacco. Hence they are also called tobacco beetles and cigar beetles. In appearance, the cigarette beetles resemble closely to drugstore beetles, and people often get confused between the two. […]

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