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Category Archives for "Snakes"

Funny and Interesting Facts about Pythons

Different types of Python snakes

Pythons are some of the biggest snakes in the world, but they’re usually not a threat to humans. Non-venomous, these snakes are constrictors, which means they squeeze their prey to death. Some pythons are so big, they can eat antelopes, monkeys and even leopards. Yes, leopards. These fascinating snakes come in a range of sizes and […]

Kingsnake: Facts & 5 Species You Have to Know

Common kingsnake on grass

If you ever come across a kingsnake in the wild, your first reaction may be to run the other way. Often mistaken for the venomous – and dangerous – coral snake, kingsnakes like that predators cower and run away in fear. After all, it helps these non-venomous creatures stay alive. While it’s generally good practice […]

How Do Snakes Mate? 10 Facts Revealed

Two snakes mating together

You’ve seen a snake before, whether it was on television, in a book or even in person. Slithering quickly across the ground, a snake is a dominant force in the wild and is able to get around both land and water without arms or legs. And while admiring the beauty of a snake, you’ll often ponder […]

Shocking Gopher Snake Facts You Never Knew

California gopher snake on ground

Gopher snakes may have an intimidating appearance, but these non-venomous creatures are not to be feared. If anything, they’re more afraid of you than you are of them. Still, these snakes are to be respected, and are sometimes confused with other more dangerous snakes (like rattlesnakes) when out in the wild. Let’s learn more about […]

15 Q&As about Garter Snake Facts

San Francisco Garter Snake

Canada is filled with garter snakes, and these wild garters are also found in the eastern United States. These snakes, common and small, are known for eating small prey and they are often born alongside 20 – 40 brothers and sisters. Let’s take a look at some garter snake facts and Q&As to learn more […]

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