How to Trap a Squirrel: 4 Trapping Tips & 5 Trapping Techniques

Squirrels are apparently cute little creatures that occupy the high trees. They seem harmless creatures, but once the population increases in any vicinity they become a real problem for the residents. Their large populations can have negative implications for the natural fields and the human constructions. Their presence is associated with many serious damages both monetary damage and physical health.

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Squirrels location

The presence of the squirrels around the home, or inside the home is not difficult to identify.  Their presence can be felt by a distinctive smell, distinct sounds and the signs of damage.  The several factors that identify the presence of these problematic creatures in the buildings, attic, and lawns include the following:

  • The first sign of their presence is the nests found in the hollow trunks of the trees or any hollow openings in the ground.
    Single squirrel is eating on ground.
  • The squirrels can be found running around the high places like the electricity wires, roofs, chimney openings and the attics.
  • If you find any hole or burrow in your lawn or some hidden nuts scattered randomly in your backyard or a bark fewer trees or chewed up plants, you can easily judge that the squirrels have started the damage in your domain.
  • In areas with a larger population of the squirrels, the fighting squirrels are often seen, and this is because these creatures fight for survival in the congested places.
  • When the number of squirrels in a particular area increases, the initial signs include the droppings, differentiating these from others is hard. Thus, you need to seek the help of the pest management who can help you identify if the squirrels are living around you.
  • In the affected area, you may listen to the annoying sounds of the squirrels. These voices usually come when they run, or scratch or fight with one another. These sounds range from the very low to very irritating ones. The center of these noises is mostly the attic, chimneys, pipes, walls and the vent areas.
  • During nights, you will find the noises by flying squirrels.
  • If you are looking for the evidence of the presence of the squirrels, then one more indication can be the damaged sidings, wires, and insulations.
  • Damaged bird feeders are also of the common sign of the squirrels.

If you find any of the above indications, it becomes evident that squirrels are present around you.

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Do traps work?

A squirrel in the trap.

Once you have found the traces of the squirrels, there are numerous ways to protect your property and landscape around. The squirrels can be controlled with the help of several chemical treatments and shooting. All of these methods will kill the squirrels with their deadly impact. Thus, it is preferred to keep traps near the areas from where the squirrels are likely to intrude. These traps are effective in the case of the small squirrels. However, you may face failure when it comes to catching the flying squirrels with the trap.

Different types of traps and how to use them?

There are a number of the traps available in the market to get hold of the squirrels. These traps are bought according to the species of the squirrel damaging the property. The important types of the traps that can be helpful include the following:

1. Body grip trap

The body grip traps are a popular way to get hold of all kinds of the squirrels. This is a unique kind of the trap. When the squirrel passes through the body grip trap, the trap catches it in such a way that the body gets stuck in the trap. In the case of small squirrels, these traps can even cause the death of the squirrels. Besides squirrels, they are used for catching the beavers, minks other small creatures. Due to the killer nature of the trap, it is prohibited in many parts of the world. These traps may cause injury to the user also when he is either setting it or removing it. These traps come in different sizes depending upon the type of squirrel to be targeted.

In order to get the effective results from this trap, it is important to understand how to set it. The following steps are followed while setting up the trap:

  • The trap is fitted with the security clips attached to the spring. It is very important to understand how it works. The proper closing of these clips ensures the trap is secure.
  • Avoid getting closer to the area where the trap is set. Place the trap in such a direction that the clips stay on the top of the spring. With the help of the tongs get hold of the both rings and then compress them well.
  • After squeezing the rings, grab the tongs with one hand and then clip up the safety with the spring. It should be repeated on the other side too.
  • Squeeze the trap more to compress the springs. You should place the trap in such a way the clips stay at the top of the springs.
  • Finally, clip the trap to keep the center of the trigger in the central position. The dog must be in a comfortable place so that it can release comfortably when the trigger is pushed. It is recommended to set such traps on the top of the holes and the burrows.

2. Single animal live cage trap

With growing concern for the animal conservation, the Wildlife experts encourage to use the Cage traps. These cages are used to trap animals like squirrels without causing any harm to their lives and inflicting death. The baits are used to attract the animals towards the cage. They are fitted with a trigger that is located at the back side of the cage. It has a door that shuts when the animals get into it. The doors have a self-fitting lock that prevents the door to open.

3. Repeating live cage trap

It is a particular kind of the cage trap. The system consists of two major ingredients including an excluder and a repeating trap. The cage consist of a trap door and a release door. The tiny creatures can easily get out if the trap through the system. The population tired of the mess caused by the flying squirrels and red squirrels prefer this kind of trap. It is easy to set up the trap as it does not have a complicated installation process. The excluder is placed near the animal’s nest. It has the mounting wings attached to it. The repeating trap slides over the excluder. Once the animal is in the trap, the excluder will direct and redirect him into the repeating trap.

4. One-way exclusion door

One way doors are easy to use and set up the device to capture the squirrels. With variation in sizes, it becomes easy to catch the different species. These traps are placed in the nests or the opening used by the squirrels. The device has a flang and wings attached to one end and a torsion spring on the other. This is connected to the door that leads to the cage.

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5 problems you may encounter before trapping a squirrel

1. How to target the correct animal?

The people who are not aware of the trapping and capturing techniques of the squirrels often face a challenge of identifying the right animal. It is not necessary the animals you have targeted are the ones you wanted to capture. The best solution to get rid of the squirrels is to place the traps on the targeted areas like the roof, openings and the nests. Traps are not successful when they are set in the attic.

The mark that targeting squirrel.

2. What if I cannot catch it at all?

If the catcher is not aware of the trapping techniques then many times the trapping results in a futile effort.  Most of the people get frustrated with failed efforts one after the other. The first and foremost requirement is to learn about the traps. Grabbing the perfect trap is important. The settings are done according to the type of the animal and the trap. Follow the setting up procedure, and you will catch the target.

3. What type of bait should I use?

Squirrels are easy to find because of their curious and intelligent nature. They can be caught easily by adding the baits they love to eat. The most enticing bait help you in catch the squirrel is the peanut butter. A thick layer of the butter on various points of the trap assist in catching the squirrel successfully. However, the dehydrated squirrels are quickly trapped with the help of the oranges bait.

4. What types of accidents can occur with trapping?

While setting the traps, it is important to make sure that the installer himself is safe. Your fingers may get caught in the trap or coating the bait with toxic material may cause damage to your skin. Consider all the measures that are required while installing the traps on the roofs.

5. Is it legal for me to trap the squirrel?

The rules and regulations regarding the trapping vary from state to state. Before targeting the squirrels, you should be vigilant enough to know about the existing rules and regulations. In some places killing of squirrels is forbidden while in many other places you can go for the traps that can completely get rid of these.

The good and the bad of trapping a squirrel

Trap ready for squirrel.

The bad

Squirrels are apparently small and cute animals that look harmless. However, in many situations, they can be extremely harmful. They can be a real danger to the nature, their habitat and also to the human life. From digging holes in the well-maintained lawns to chewing the barks of the trees in the orchards, they can cause severe damage. They always inflict damage to human life and human property in an indirect manner. Sometimes they carry contagious diseases with them that can take away a human life. Rabies is one of such diseases. If they make their way into the attics or the buildings they can scratch or eat up the wooden structures. If the squirrels are panicked, they can even bite and hurt the human beings. Squirrels are a great harm to the electric system. They can cause short circuiting and often set the entire electric set up on fire.

Because of these dangerous traits, the squirrels can be a real problem. Thus, it becomes essential to get rid of them. Therefore, trapping becomes a great help to capture these tiny monsters.

The good

Just like the negative traits the squirrels can contribute in sustaining the nature. The furry skin of the squirrels is excellent means of pollination. They can be a great seed and spore dispersal agent. The seeds get attached to the bodies and carried from one place to another. They are an integral food component for the mammals and the many reptiles living in their habitat. They add the cheerfulness to the lives of the people living in their neighborhood.

With the traits mentioned above associated with them, it seems bad to kill or capture them without any reason. Methods should adopt to capture them instead of killing them. Once they are trapped safely in the trap, they can be handed over to the pest control authorities. They can displace them to the safe areas.

Squirrels are an integral part of our environment. Despite the losses they may incur on the increase in their population they have certain positive aspects that cannot be ignored. Thus, trapping the squirrels can be a mixed blessing.

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