10 Best Repellents to Get Rid of The Blacklegged Ticks

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It is believed that there are about 800 tick species in the world and are capable of spreading tick borne diseases. They can be considered as vectors for spreading diseases by attaching themselves to the host’s body. Once they attach themselves to the host, they start sucking their blood without even letting the host body …

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Blacklegged Ticks: Lifecycle, Transmitters of Disease and Ways to Control

blacklegged tick

Blacklegged ticks are parasites and live on the host’s body and can be thought of as close cousins of spiders. These ticks cannot fly or jump but can climb on vegetation’s, shrubs and grasses. They wait for a host to come in contact and find a chance to climb on the body of the host for …

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How to Find Ticks on Dogs?

Find Ticks on Dogs

Ticks are basically the ectoparasites that live by sucking the blood off your dog, birds, cats and some amphibians. They are widely distributed around the world, however, they prefer the warm and humid climates, because that’s when they can properly flourish. So, you see, there is one more disadvantage of global warming. Ticks around the …

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What Causes Ticks on Dogs?

Ticks on Dogs,

Ticks are ectoparasites or external parasites that belong to the class Arachnida and live by feasting on the blood of the host organisms. Their hosts can be any domestic animals like dogs or birds, mammals, and even humans. They are mostly found in hot and humid climates around the world because this is the temperature …

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Tick Repellent: 6 Most Effective Repellents Help You Get Rid Of Ticks


Ticks are a particular genre of arthropods descending from the families of invertebrates with external skeletons. They cannot be classified under any form of insect or spider family, but fall under the category of mites. It can be said that all ticks are a minor group of bugs, but not all mites can be called ticks. A long and exhausting list of ticks exist within the world, yet it must be observed by select members of the society, such as those who work in botany and animal study. The reason being, that ticks mostly affect animals and at a lower level, humans. Being carnivorous in nature the parasites have tremendous ability to cause damage at large scale.

Like most predatory animals, ticks feed on blood. Due to their nature of latching onto a host for long periods of time that extend from days to months, they are called external parasites. For a while they cannot enter the body and exist within, the most they can do is to bury their mouth segments into the lower levels of the skin. Upon the blood they feed, they can further develop and produce eggs. Feeding on nothing but blood they have a dependency upon it, and without it, they cannot survive. With these blood-sucking tendencies, the more they ingest, the bigger they grow. They can turn from brown into a greenish-blue color on continuous feeding.

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Stag Beetle: General Facts and How to Control Them

Stag Beetle on white background

The lesser beetle is relatively smaller in size than other beetles. It also has large jaws and broader head. The male stag beetle can be distinguished from its smaller mandibles and the antennae which look unique than other insects. The female stag beetle can be identified by the full black color wings it has on its body. The mandibles which are present on stag beetle are much shorter on the female than on males. The base of their legs is orange and yellow in color. This ferocious looking beetle has very smooth and glossy exoskeleton which is mostly brown in color. The length of stag beetle is about 10mm long in length. They also have huge antlers.

Habitat and Distribution

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How to Rid Ticks on Dogs (4 Best-Selling Repellents)

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A tick is a small parasite that attaches itself on your dog’s skin causing irritability and health problems to them. They usually get to the skin through stray dogs while they interact with a spot where female ticks are laying eggs. The ticks’ eggs once hatched lay around on the ground until they find a …

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