Muskrat: General and Surprising Facts and Five Perfect Control Methods

Muskrat in water

Muskrat (Ondatra zibethica) is a large rodent closely related to rats, mice, voles, hamster and lemmings. Muskrat is also known as a North American aquatic rodent. Muskrats possess wetlands, swamps, and zones close to the lakes, ponds, and streams. In specific parts of the world, muskrats are thought to be pests since they harm waterway dams and feast upon the yields. Individuals chased muskrats in the past just because of their fur and meat. In history, they had been the most trapped animals, for their fur having an economic value. Now the license is required for hunting, and according to the regulation, only army personnel can hunt without a permit. Regardless of these aspects, some species of muskrats in the wild are in abundant quantity and stable, and they are not recorded as endangered species.

These semi-aquatic creatures are named due to the rat-like look. They’re wetland dwelling mammals, and their damaging burrowing in streams, ponds, and dams can create serious problems. Some general facts of muskrats are discussed below.

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