12 DIY Homemade Snake Repellents & Natural Ways to Repel Snakes

Most people prefer incorporating a yard in their homes during construction so they can enjoy the view, for children to play or for nature walks. It is a beautiful place to unwind and enjoy some quality family time. Imagine taking a walk around your yard one morning and you are interrupted by a hissing sound; there’s a snake in your backyard. Most people will often flee or try to kill the snake. The latter is a cautious option since some snakes are poisonous, so it is wise to reach out to a professional for help. Despite the vast array of professional products, most people still prefer natural DIY remedies for snakes to get rid of the snakes.  The homemade options are considered because they are less toxic towards you, your pet and the surroundings. Do you want to know some of the most popular home remedies to keep snakes away from your home? It is the right article that will guide you on how to make them and give you options, so you choose what works best for you.

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It is essential to consider the most effective homemade snake repellent that will not cause any harm to you or your surroundings. Use of natural products is suitable for these remedies. Some of the popular options available include:

1  Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Clove oil and cinnamon oils are natural to find in most shopping malls. They are often used to prepare different meals. A mixture of these two oils is an easy, cheap and effective way of how to repel snakes naturally without releasing any toxic gasses that may affect your health. The worthy thing about this selection is that it works for all types of snakes. Unlike other elements that are placed in snake prone areas, this mixture needs to be sprayed directly to the snake once you find it. The snake will slide into the opposite direction of the repellent. Avoid spraying from behind as it can move towards your direction and attack. The mixing ratio will depend on the number of snakes in your proximity. It is essential to ensure that the mixture is concentrated.

2  Powdered Sulfur

Powdered Sulfur

Powdered sulfur is not toxic but has a bad smell. Therefore, you need to cover your mouth and nose to keep away the odor. It is easy to use and spray in all the threat areas even in cracks where you cannot reach. You can opt to sprinkle it all over your backyard or a specific area.

3  Ammonia


This element is used to deal with various problems ranging from health to what keeps snakes away from your home. Over the years, research indicates that snakes dislike odor and ammonia passes for the lousy smell bit. Spraying it around the affected area or soaking a rug in it and placing it in an unsealed bag near the snake-infested area will keep them away.

4  Vinegar


You might be wondering does vinegar keep snakes away really. Yes, that bottle of white vinegar on your kitchen counter is all you need to keep the snakes away from your pool area or around any water body. Pour white vinegar around the perimeter of the water bodies, and because the snake’s skin usually absorbs liquids, it will be difficult for it to slither over the vinegar.

5  Gardening


If you desire to keep away snakes from your perimeter, then ensure that you do not provide a habitat for them by cultivation. Trim the grass and clear any dump and piles of debris in which a snake can easily crawl in and reside. Some people also tend to fence their home area with a mesh that is three fit high and five feet deep to keep away the snakes. Alternatively, instead of planting grass and having to trim it down whenever it grows, you can gravel your yard. Snakes will find it challenging to slither on the gravel thus avoiding the area.

6  Predators

Snake Predators

There are many natural predators of snakes. Your pet either a cat or dog can also fix your problem. Other predators include mongoose, raccoons, large birds, foxes, and pigs. Birds peck on small snakes while these other large predators will take care of the big snakes. They will keep away from your yard to avoid any conflict with predators. Snakes also hate the smell of urine of these predators, and you can keep them around the affected perimeter.

7  Smoke the Snakes Out Of Your Premise

Smoke the Snakes

Smoke is distracting to all type of snakes. They flee every time a bush is set on fire. You can dig a bottomless pit in your backyard and light a fire. Cover the hole with leaves and moss to have the smoke last for one or two days to achieve the desired result. The reason a hole is recommended is to avoid the fire spreading to other areas in case of a strong wind.

8  Garlic and Onions

Garlic and Onions

A homemade snake repellent garlic is so easy to achieve since the products are readily available in our homes. Most people use onions and garlic in their meals thus it would be difficult to miss these two ingredients in your kitchen. An onion and garlic mixture to repel snakes is active since snakes cannot stand the sulfonic acid generated. In humans, the acid will make them cry while in snakes, the smell puts them off. You can also make a garlic snake repellent by mixing it with rock salt which can be used to mark a perimeter around your compound making it difficult for snakes to cross. Spraying garlic oil in places that are hard to will make the environment unsuitable for snakes to create a habitat.

9  Setting Traps

Snake Traps

It is a standard approach for humans when dealing with any predator that threatens their home. This approach can be challenging when you want to catch them directly since snakes will get defensive and might strike to attack. Instead, set traps and leave them for some time. You can set up the mechanical traps in your basement or garden or any other place that you suspect the snake is habituating. Glue traps are also common for capturing snakes. You can opt to set the trap personally or have a professional do it for you to achieve effectiveness.

10 ​Patch Up Any Holes

Patch Up Any Holes

Snakes usually sneak into our spaces through holes within our homes. It is essential to check for any holes especially in the neglected areas such as the garage and basement. Check your home for any traces of a snake before patching up the holes. Do not underestimate the small holes as the snakes can easily squeeze into them. Secure air ventilation ducts, gutters, and pipes to restrict the snakes from entering.

11  Lime Mixture

Lime Mixture

A mixture of homemade snake repellent lime together with hot pepper or peppermint can also be used to keep away snakes. Pouring the mix into the perimeter will keep them away since they do not like the smell and the fumes are itchy on their skin. These ingredients are natural to get from home or the marketplace at affordable prices.

12  Repellent Plants

Snake Repellent Plants

Use of natural homemade snake repellent  plants in your compound can be used to keep away the snakes. The plants will not kill the snakes but instead, make the habitat uncomfortable for the snakes, so they shift to a new environment. Some of the conventional plants used as snake repellants include:

  • West Indian Lemon Grass

This plant is useful because of its citrus scent that snakes hate. It is easy to plant and maintain this grass. You only need to water it.

  • Mugwort

It is also referred to as wormwood because of its wooden roots. Snakes find these plants uncomfortable.

  • Tulbaghia Violacea

Most people prefer this plant because it survives in hot areas. It is also used to cure some disease in humans such as colds and coughs. Snakes do not like the smell of this plant. You can have it both in your house and out in the garden.

  • Note

Some people mix mothball flaxes with sulfur powder to keep off the snakes. This mixture is toxic because of the mothballs. It can lead to stomach aches and diarrhea. Therefore, if you have to use it, make sure that your kids and pets are not around the house to avoid those effects.

Safe gear while using some of the homemade snake repellants

While we are striving to keep away the snakes from your home, it is also essential to ensure that you are also protected from the snakes. Snakes can get defensive and territorial by either biting or spitting their venom towards you. We want you to use these homemade snake repellants without encountering any accidents during the process. It is advisable to wear pants and boots during the exercise. Ensure that no part of your body is exposed. Also wear a heavy, long-sleeved shirt or sweater that the snake cannot get through to your skin in case it strikes. Several online and physical shops sell gloves, boots and other snake protection gear. In case you are dealing with highly scented ingredients such as ammonia and sulfur powder to make the repellant, ensure that you have your nose and mouth covered to keep off the putrid odor.

Advantages  of  Using  Homemade Snake Repellent

* Availability

Most of the elements listed above such as garlic, onions and white vinegar are readily available. You use them at home to prepare meals. In case they run out, you can easily access them from the nearest market or store. The guidelines on how to make the repellants are also easily accessible online.

* Affordable

Compared to the professional products sold in stores to do away with snakes, homemade remedies are cheaper. You do not have to spend so much to get the product and also a professional to do it. For some such as the predator’s pee, you do not have to pay.

* Ease to Achieve

Given the guidelines on how to go about it, it is easy to come up with a homemade repellent. The internet provides a broad range of resources that will guide you on how to prepare the repellant within a short time.

* Non-toxic

Most DIY snake repellents are non-toxic for humans. They tend to use the DIY more because of the toxic nature of the products sold in stores. For instance, mothballs flakes sold in stores are harmful and will often cause stomach aches and diarrhea. If you opt to use the products from the store, you have an extra responsibility of ensuring that it does not bring harm to you, your kids, pets and the surrounding. Some fumes from the products are not suitable for the surrounding environment such as plants.

Snakes are the last thing we need in our space because it threatens not only us but also our pets. Considering different approaches to deal with them is essential. You can either use the suggested ideas individually or combine them to achieve the desired results. In case you are not sure of how to make the required mixture, use online resources or ask help from a professional or friend. You can also train your pets to be territorial thus it will be easy to notice any snakes in your area and act immediately. Please remember to be cautious around the infested areas and use the protective gear when necessary to avoid any accidents. If the snakes fail to respond to all these DIY, which I doubt they will, you can then progress to seek help from a professional and use the toxic products to get them out of your space. Once you are through with the repelling, search through your house to ensure that there no others left or any eggs laid due to hatch soon giving you a whole new predicament to deal with again. Exercise safety measures before and after the process to avoid any accidents or bites from the snake.

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