Corn Snake: Fun Facts You Never Knew

Corn Snake

The corn snake, or Pantherophis guttatus, is a species of rat snake native to North America. Because of their docile nature, attractive appearance and moderate size, the species is a popular pet snake.

Whether you’re thinking of adopting a corn snake as a pet or are just an avid fan of snakes, it helps to learn more about this fascinating species. From basic facts to morphs and conservation methods, we cover it in this fact guide.Corn snake on white ground.

Corn snake facts – The basics

From size to eating habits, reproduction and lifespan, we’re going to cover all of the basic facts about corn snakes to help you learn more about this creature.

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Boa Constrictor: Learn All You Wanted to Know with Pictures

Boa constrictor isolated on the white.

One of the most well-known types of snakes, the boa constrictor is a large snake with a heavy body. Found in North America, South America and parts of the Caribbean, this snake is a part of the Boidae family, and there are 10 recognized subspecies of this fascinating creature.

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Boa constrictor facts

1. Size and appearance

Did you know that boas are closely related to pythons and anacondas? While they’re not quite as big as their cousins, they’re among the biggest snakes in the world.

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34 Intriguing Facts about Snakes: You Ever Wanted to Know

Facts about Snakes

Slithering, hissing and sneaking, snakes find their way into homes in the most peculiar ways. Maybe you’ve seen a few in your garden, or maybe you’ve had the displeasure of finding one waiting for you in the home’s bathroom.

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Snakes can sneak up on you and catch you by surprise.

Whether you’re dealing with one or many, it helps to understand your enemy – in this case, snakes – if you want to rid your home of these pests.

1. Are Snakes Reptiles, or Are Snakes Mammals?

Snakes are elongated reptiles that don’t have legs and are carnivorous (meaning they eat meat).

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