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The 5 Best Snake Bite Kits for Survival

February 13, 2017
Snake biting hand

Snakes are deadly. We read about them in literature, they’re said to be the reason for people dying (thanks for the temptation, Adam and Eve), but are they really that bad? Nah, but they’re super deadly if you come across the wrong snake.

The best snake bite kit can add hours to your window of death or getting to the hospital for antivenin.

What is a Snake Bite?

A snake bite is when a snake bites a human – or another animal. Dogs, cats and other animals can be bitten by a snake, too. Snake venom experts recommend immediate action be taken after a bite if you don’t know if the snake is venomous or not.

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6 Symptoms of a Snake Bite

Medical care is needed if you’ve suffered from a snakebite, but you might also want to know the symptoms of a bite before worrying yourself to death. In the United States, there are 7,000 snake bites per year, and not all of them need a venom extractor kit to ensure you’ll survive.

Poisonous snakes account for less than 20% of all bites.

Some of the symptoms of a snake bite include:

1. Puncture marks

2. Swelling and redness

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3. Pain at the site of the bite

4. Vomiting and nausea (venomous bites)

5. Troubled vision (venomous bites)

6. Trouble breathing (venomous bites)

If the venom spreads, the potency of snake venom increases and can cause:

  • Nervous system interruption
  • Blood coagulation

Death can occur rapidly, depending on the venom and snake. There are rare times when a venomous snake will attack, causing a dry bite. A dry bite doesn’t pose any risks, but it can be a terrifying ordeal.

I don’t want a snake lunging at me.

Do you?

Probably not. But if the snake isn’t venomous, there is little to worry about. A puncture wound may be present, and in this case, you’ll want to clean the site of the wound to ensure that the problem doesn’t result in an infection.

A snakebite wound that is properly cleaned and nonvenomous will heal on its own, leaving no lasting issues behind.

Why You Need a First Aid Kit for a Snake BiteFirst aid kit on white background

Well, a first aid kit will allow you to have enough time to get to the doctor and stop any bleeding that may be present. I’ve made a handy list of items below that you’ll need to keep in your kit for the best chance of survival and lowest risk of infection.

Again if the snake is venomous, you’ll wanted to go to a licensed health-care facility.

But, let’s just imagine your luck for a brief second. You’re out in the wilderness, going on the adventure of a lifetime, and there is no one around for days. The moment you sit down, you notice a beautiful snake that slithers and strikes you before you can even blink.

Maybe the snake was distributed, or maybe you stepped on a snake egg along the way – who knows?

You can’t just sit down and die.

A snakebite kit will boost your chances of survival. But, you need the best snake bite kit, not some cheap knockoff that you didn’t realize was a ripoff until you’re stuck on the floor unable to move as the venom slowly causes paralysis and a painful death.

Lucky for you, I have a few kits to recommend:

5 Best Snake Bite Kit Recommended

1. Coghlans Snake Bite Kit

You’ve been bitten. It’s time to take immediate action. Snakebite medicine isn’t in your pocket, but you have a Coghlans kit in your bag and it’s time to move fast. Coghlans kit is a bit different than the rest, and you’ll need to hustle to the doctor as fast as you can.

Dubbed a “complete kit,” this kit includes a few must-have necessities:

  • Pillable suction cups
  • Scalpel
  • Antiseptic swab
  • Lymph constrictor

Whew, there are even instructions that come along with the kit so that you don’t get lost playing doctor. The scalpel is to cut the area where the bite occurred, and it’s believed that by draining the blood using this method, the user will be able to reduce the venom filling up their body.

Constricting blood flow, as this product recommends, is a short-term solution, but it slows the movement of venom to allow you a few vital hours to seek medical attention.

Click here to buy the Coghlans Snake Bite Kit on Amazon.

2. Sawyer The Extractor Pump Kit

Sawyer extraction is a fine method of removing poison from the body, and it’s a pump vacuum. The idea is simple, but when you’re fighting a life or death battle here, you need simple. This product is world known, and it’s used for snake bites, bee stings and bites from other pests, too.

Use this kit along with Coghlans for best results.

The extractor pump kit comes with 4 different sizes plastic cups that are placed over the fang holes to suck out the venom.

All you need is one hand to use the pump, and a simple pull back of the pump works to extract the venom from the area. The key to living is to act as fast as possible, so use the device and remove as much venom as possible as quickly as possible.

If you wait too long, the venom will move deep into the body, making it nearly impossible to remove it all.

The kit includes: alcohol pads, sting care wipes, razor, adhesive bandages and the pump.

Click here to see the pump on Amazon.

3. Pac-Kit by First Aid Only 7103

A true first-aid kit in a box. The Pac-Kit is an 11-piece kit that helps prevent death in the event of a snake bite. The kit has a slew of extras, including:

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Scalpel
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Venom extraction pump
  • Ammonia inhalants

I recommend keeping this kit on you at all times if you’ll be in the wilderness long. I have even refilled the kit numerous times because the included items are all priceless. The pump helps remove the venom, while the wipes and bandages keep the site of the wound clean unless proper medical attention is sought.

The kit is an item you hope you’ll never have to use, but when a snake strikes, it’s the one item everyone wishes they had by their side.

Click here to see the Pac-Kit on Amazon.

4. 2 Sawyer Extractor Complete Bite & Sting

Two kits for the price of one (or a bit higher). This kit removes venom and poison from the body, and it utilizes the same extractor pump as the previous kit on the list. But, it’s double the fun with two kits to keep in your first aid kit.

The kit includes a lot of goodies I think you’ll appreciate, such as:

  • Vacuum pump
  • 4 suction tips
  • Bandages
  • Alcohol pads
  • Sting care pads
  • Shaving razor
  • Bite and sting booklet

It’s filled with a lot of great must-have items, and the sting booklet is very helpful, too.

Camping, hiking, doing anything in nature that might involve a random snake slithering over your foot and deciding it’s time to strike an innocent person? Yeah, you need this kit.

Click here to see this kit on Amazon.

5. KONMED Emergency First Aid Supplies Venom Protector

KONMED offers a state-of-the-art emergency first aid kit with one goal: to remove venom from a victim. This extractor pump kit comes with a high-end pump, adapters, swab, cleaning pad and tourniquet that can remove snake venom and venom from stings, too.

Negative pressure technology removes the venom in a local tissue injury.

And if you get bitten by an exceptionally large snake, there are cups that will fit over the wound to help remove the venom. Studies show that this first aid supply can help remove the venom of a rattlesnake from the body.

Compact, this kit should be in everyone’s backpack or car just in case an emergency strikes.

Click here to view this product on Amazon.

A Wilderness First Aid Kit is Also a Good Choice

The truth is that even the best snakebite kit might not save your life. If you’re relying on only a kit, you’ll be playing a game of “who knows?” Snake venom is strong enough to kill an elephant, and you’re just a small human.

Imagine how deadly venom can be when a single dose can kill 100 people.

The best you can do is prepare and hope you have one of the best commercial snakebite kits money can buy. And even then, there’s still a risk that the venom will cause lasting damage and lead to death. While preparing to seek immediate medical attention, you can turn to your wilderness first aid kit for a little help.

What should you include in your kit?

I’m glad you asked. I recommend bringing:

  1. Outdoor first aid book. Unless you’re a doctor, bring a first aid kit to help guide you along your path of life or death.
  2. Plastic gloves. Every kit needs plastic gloves just in case.
  3. Pressure bandage. Blood is dripping everywhere and you feel faint. What can you do? Apply a pressure bandage to stop the bleeding before you faint.
  4. Adhesive tape. Tape is vital, and adhesive tape keeps your wound covered and safe to lower risk of infection.
  5. Instant cold pack. Swelling can be alleviated with an instant cold pack, but don’t think this will do anything for the venom coursing through your body – it won’t.
  6. Triangular bandages. A pack of triangular bandages can be used to cover up the fang marks and slow blood loss.
  7. Curved scissors. A pair of curved scissors is a good thing to have, and these scissors will allow you to make quick work out of odd-shaped bandages.
  8. Steri-strips. Steri-strips are really butterfly closures, which is an alternative to stitches. This helpful strip can help stop massive blood loss and allows you to close a wound that would normally require stitches.

These are all good items to keep inside of your first aid kit, and the kit should also have a snake bite extractor or snake bite suction devices to help in the event you’re bitten by a snake. Commercially available extractors are recommended – do not try to make your own.

I am all for the DIY route, but when it comes to your life, can you really sit back and risk the chance of death because you were too cheap to buy a real extractor? I didn’t think so.

If you’re going to be staying or going through an area where snakes are in abundance, also bring along snake boots and any other proper gear. While snakes will only bother you if they feel threatened, you can never tell when one might be nearby and feel threatened by you walking too close.

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Proper safety equipment, first aid kits and snake bite kits may prove to be your only chance of survival.

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