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Best Repellents to Kill Snakes in Your Backyard

Snakes are a nightmare to everyone. This is especially true for home owners. The annoying pests are not only dangerous to human beings but can also cause extensive damage to the pets around the home. Most people are very afraid of snakes. They slither in and out of places making them scarier since they are not easy to detect. This has necessitated people to come up with various methods that they can use to repel snakes. Those who are not afraid of them use more conservative methods such as use of snake traps or hire a professional to get rid of them. Hiring a professional is not always economical especially in places where the snakes keep on coming back to the home for examples gardens with favorable weather conditions for snake habitation. The use of traps also is not as effective especially if the snakes are very many in number. Most people would recommend the use of repellants. Snake repellants are often more effective and do not require any form of human contact with the pests. They often kill and prevent other snakes from crawling into the homes once again. Most of the repellants come in two forms, either as pellets or sprays. The pellets are often used for outdoor repelling such as the backyard while the sprays are used both outdoor and indoor within the home or in specific places such as the garage.

Both the spray and the pellets have a similar mechanism when it comes to repelling snakes. They interrupt the snakes’ sense of smell. Snakes are very keen on the smell in the area and any slight disruption affects them. In this case, once the disruption that is neurological occurs, the snakes are left with no other option but to vacate the area they once inhabited in such for new fresh air that they can use to hunt their prey. Most consumers of these repellants are often satisfied with the results they get from them. However, if one is not keen, he or she stands to be heavily disappointed. There are many repellants that do not work or the snakes can easily become resistant to. If you cannot afford to buy one, it is always advisable to use a homemade snake repellent using the information you can gather online and through research. If the repellant you have bought is not working, using a combination can prove effective.

2 Best Snake Repellants 

This product comes in the form of granules. It has active ingredients that work as a great repellant not only for snakes but many other reptiles as well. The active ingredients that are in the product are Geraniol, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, and Peppermint Oil. When spread on to the back yard or the garden, the Ortho Snake B Gon works by preventing snakes from entering the area, also averts foraging as well as nesting. The mechanism it uses is referred to as “no-stink” formula.

Best Snake Repellent Granules

The formula comes from the essential oils that are incorporated in the product. It actively overwhelms the snakes’ sense of smell. This forces the snakes to move along to other places given that they can no longer smell their prey.

The best thing about Ortho Snake B Gon is that it is safe for the other things found on the environment. The product does not have any significance threat to either human beings or pets. Most people are very apprehensive about repellants given that chemicals are used to manufacture the products. This can pose a risk to a family that has young children who play in the backyards and those who have pets such as small dogs or cats. Some repellants also damage plants but Ortho does not. The product has been created specifically to provide a safe living environment for all the other living organisms apart from snakes. This explains why the active ingredients the product contains are essential oils.

Ortho Snake B Gon also delivers a rain resistance and long-lasting performance. The problem that most consumers face when it comes to granules is that they are susceptible to water in that they can easily dissolve. However, ortho does not making it a cheaper option compared to the other soluble products. Moreover, its long lasting performance makes it the most cost effective means of repelling snakes. The product can be applied only twice a year and it will still remain very effective. It also covers a large piece of land meaning it can repel the snakes over a vast area. A pack of it can cover an approximate of 1440 square feet. This limits the number of bottles you are required to buy especially if your backyard is not as extensive.  

For those who are animal lovers, this product is for you. The granules do not pose any real danger to the snakes. If you are looking to just chase away the snakes but cause no permanent damage then this product will help you out. The granules simply cause minimal disturbance on the tongues of the snakes irritating them in the process. This is the only way to affect their smelling senses. Other products are often meant to poison the snakes by use of lethal substances when manufacturing. Ortho has no toxic ingredients hence safe to use.

Ortho Snake B Gon works on all type of snakes whether venomous or not. The major problem that consumers of repellants have to live with is the choice between several products since some of them are only specific to certain types of snakes. Most products have narrowed their ingredients to only repel specific snakes making it ineffective in case other types invade your backyard. For ortho, the ingredients cut across the board therefore stays effective for all snakes. This is especially convenient for those who do not have a lot of knowledge about snakes so it is hard for them to tell which type they are dealing with.


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Ortho Snake B Gon costs less than 10 US Dollars.  This makes it one of the most affordable commodities one can use. People always resort to traditional methods so as to avoid spending a lot of money on purchasing chemical products that are often overpriced. The good thing about this product is that it is also easily available. It is easy to access it worldwide including on online sites such as amazon. The manufacturers of the product have heavily invested in their distribution channel making it a universal product.

The product is also very easy to use. Unlike other products, the procedures to this one are limited. This is unless you are interested in integrating it with other home made products. The procedure is simply spreading it across your lawn or backyard.

On amazon, the product is rated with 4.5 stars meaning it has a lot of positive response from those who have used it. Most clients give testament that it has worked for them when it comes to rattle snakes, copper heads, and garter snakes. However, if one does not follow the instructions on the bottle of the granules, it will cease being effective and can even be damaging.

Even though this product is known for its strong smell, it is recommended for you if you are dealing with snake problems in your home. The Havahart Snake Repellent is known for its effectiveness. The snake shield product combines various natural products to repel snakes. The ingredients used to manufacture the products are cedar oil, sulfur, clove oil, and cinnamon oil. Like most granules, the mechanism that the product uses is causing a neurological reaction. 

Top Snake Shield Snake Repellent

​​​​​​​The granules repel snakes with just one encounter. All snakes are heavily reliant on their Jacobsen’s organ. They use this part of their body to interpret the environmental stimuli and be aware of what is going on in their surroundings. The organ is also what is used for navigation. These granules temporarily block this organ in snakes making them to automatically respond by fleeing the scene in search of fresh air. The good aspect about the product is that it is not toxic hence does not kill the snakes and just chase them from the environment. This makes them safe for flowers, plants, pets, and human beings that are also present in the environment. This makes it easier to use in homes that hosts young children and huge number of people and is very advantageous since it does not interfere with your personal space and activities. You can go ahead and still do outdoor activities in your backyard even after application of the granules.

The granules are also very easy to apply. One is required to just simply sprinkle them in the backyard. The choking smell can be toned down if you decide to integrate it with other useful homemade snake repellant remedies. You can use chemicals that have better a better fragrance but make sure you research on it. Moreover, the granules work very effectively since they become instantly active when they are released. The granules also last a very long time before they start reducing their effectiveness. This makes it a very affordable commodity to use making it have a competitive advantage over other products that only last a few days or weeks.  

Havahart Snake Repellent also repels all kind of snakes making it more convenient. The Jacobsen's organ cuts across all types of snakes. It is a crucial part that both the venomous and non-venomous snakes use. By attacking it, this snake repellant is able to shield off all types of snakes. This greatly cuts on the expenses that go into buying multiple products to combat each type of snake in the garden. Other repellants are often customized to combat specific type of snakes. In order to use them it is necessary to have a wide knowledge on the kind of pests you are up against. It is also quite advantageous to use a repellant that repels all snakes given that you are not sure whether or not other types will appear in the long run especially if you live in an environment that is conducive for their breeding.

The product is less than 15 US dollars. This makes it an affordable option to most consumers. Most people stay away from snake repellants since they deem it expensive. They resort to other means such as snake traps which cannot be very effective since maybe the area in question is too vast and it is not possible to trap over 8 snakes at a go. These granules can be easily sprinkled in order to touch most parts of the area so as to create some sort of barrier in which snakes will keep off.

For both of these repellants to work you must ensure that you follow the instructions to the latter. The manufacturers of the products write the guidelines to ensure that your money is not lost by using the product efficiently. Most of the negative reviews often found online are as a direct result of not adhering to the instructions that were on the bottle. The guidelines are also a protective shield to protect you or whoever is applying the product on the backyard. The repellants can be harmful if not used correctly for example for the Ortho Snake B Gon should not be burnt or otherwise it is prone to changing into toxic fumes.

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