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3 Best Snake Traps Worth to Buy (2018)

If you are a landowner and you are dealing with snakes, you know how they can easily become your worst nightmare. They fall under the category of the most dangerous pests as well as annoying. They are not only harmful to human beings but can also cause damage to your pets especially for the poisonous ones. Most people cannot stand snakes, because their movements are not easy to detect. There are very many ways you can use to get rid of snakes in your home; most people often choose to use the traditional methods of killing the animals, placing poisonous food in strategic places, or hiring a professional. Using traditional methods is not always as effective as you are not sure how many snakes you are dealing with, it would be ineffective if the number is quite high. Snakes are also very fast and can easily avoid the methods. Strategic poison is also quite dangerous especially if you still have young children or pets in the compound who can easily access all the areas of the backyard. If you can afford to hire a professional, then it is advised you hire one, but they can get very expensive with time. The newest method of preventing snakes from taking over your home is the use of repellants and the use of traps. There are so many new and recommended repellants in the market that keep the snakes away without jeopardizing the rest of the people present in the home. The repellants can be made at home with a few instructions, but they are not as effective as the store-bought. They work well for both indoors and outdoors depending on the severity of the infestation. The other way of getting rid of these pests is the use of traps. The method is beneficial and can easily get rid of snakes without limiting the movement of the rest of the people in the compound.

When you are looking for a snake trap, a few things come to mind. You need something that is effective, easy to use, available to buy, and also affordable. This Cahaba snake trap is amongst the newest in the market but also remains the most effective when it comes to trapping snakes. The trap is a considerable size this makes it easy for you to use for any type of snakes in your backyard.

Best When you are looking for a snake trap, a few things come to mind. You need something that is effective, easy to use, available to buy, and also affordable. This Cahaba snake trap is amongst the newest in the market but also remains the most effective when it comes to trapping snakes. The trap is a considerable size this makes it easy for you to use for any type of snakes in your backyard.

Sometimes you will find traps that are only designed for specific kinds of snakes. This is why the traps usually vary in size depending on the kind of snakes they are targeting. Luckily for people with snake trouble, the Cahaba does not discriminate and can trap snakes of different sizes. It is quite difficult to tell the kind of snakes you are dealing with unless you have done a lot of research or you are an expert.

Cahaba snake trap is also reusable. Currently, it is the only reusable trap that is being produced. This makes it the easiest to use as well as the cheapest. Most traps are expensive, and you only get to use them once. This is very expensive especially if you are dealing with a massive infestation. Reusability and the low price of the trap makes it very popular amongst many people. The trap is also usable anywhere. It is small enough to fit indoors so you can use the trap if the snakes have penetrated and gotten inside the house. The traps can be used in lake homes, vacation houses, decks, flower beds, garages and so on. More so, the portability of the trap makes it easy for you to carry if you are traveling to a location that is susceptible to the pests. You can keep the traps inside the vacation rooms you are renting with your family next to the door just to be safe.

The trap is an all-weather device. It works even in cold conditions and in the rain. It can go further and catch other pests such as lizards and rodents. This makes it all-purpose giving it an added advantage compared to the other traps that are available in the market. The traps are also safe to use around pets or kids. They pose no real danger hence they can be placed anywhere in the backyard, or even the house and the people around the compound can still carry on with their lives without any interference.

This kind of trap is also convenient for those who are animal lovers. Some people believe in taking care of animals and not cause any unnecessary harm. If you fit into that category, then this is the trap for you. Unlike other traps that are meant to kill the snakes, this Cahaba snake trap traps or catches it, and the owner can choose to release it into a different environment. One is advised when releasing it to find a remote location that is far from his or her residence. The trap uses glue; you should expose the glue-board to enable the snake to slide out. Follow this up by pouring a generous amount of vegetable oil to allow the snake to release itself some minutes or an hour later by slithering off the glue. There are other lubricants that you can use especially the spray ones in case a child or a pet gets stuck on the glue. It is advisable to use the traps in shaded areas or cover the trap with leaves or straws to disguise them so that the next cannot detect. The shade is to provide cover for the glue preventing it from melting though this cannot happen unless it is exposed to a lot of days of extreme heat.

The Cahaba Snake trap also delivers long-lasting performance. Moreover, its long-lasting performance makes it the most cost-effective means of trapping snakes, the problem that most consumers face with traps is that they easily wear out even before they have affected their job of trapping the snakes. This forces the consumers to keep on rebuying the same product. This Cahaba trap does not have an expiration date hence one can place them and wait as long as possible before needing to renew them.

The product is also very easy to use. Unlike other products, the procedures to this one are limited. This is unless you are interested in integrating it with other homemade products. The procedure is simply peeling off the release paper on the trap, inserting the trap in a container midway with the side with the glue facing upwards, ensure to leave at least three inches on both sides of the container then place the container on areas where the snakes have been seen creeping around.  On Amazon, the product is rated with four stars meaning it has a lot of positive response from those who have used it. Most clients give testament that it has worked for them when it comes to all types of snakes.

2  Humane Snake Trap

The humane snake trap is known for its ease when using it. It is very easy to set up. The only thing one needs to do is set up the trap when he or she sees a large population of snakes starting to pile out. Most of the Amazon reviews on it suggest that even a toddler can set it up. The trap is also safe to use for all the involved parties.

Top snake trap

https://www.amazon.com/Snake-Trap-Humane/dp/B00348H2OW/?tag=pestwiki-20​​​It poses no threat to the pets around the area and also the kids. In case the pets are trapped, the procedure for removing it is simply just opening up the trap. The snakes are also kept safe in the trap. The trap does not harm the snakes and once they are captured the owner can simply change the environment and release them. This product is conducive for those who love animals and have no interest in harming them. The snakes also remain immobile when in the trap, this makes them unable to strike anyone who approaches them. This is efficient especially if the snakes in question are venomous.


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These traps also come in all forms of sizes making it conducive to use on all types of snakes ranging from large to small. It is not easy to identify the type of snake you are dealing with. Snakes can be very similar and hard to detect hence using traps that are specifically designed to deal with one type will prove ineffective in the long run. More so, different types of snakes can infest the home, so it is advisable to use a trap that is universal.  

The traps are usable under all weather conditions. They can withstand the rain, snow and even heat without changing shape or efficiency. This makes it suitable to be used all year round hence it is very cost effective. The problem that comes with other types of traps is that they are susceptible to change in weather and environmental conditions making them unusable in some seasons. The trap design is smart in that it is meant to lure snakes to itself. This makes it conducive for both indoors and outdoors. The traps lure snakes that are as far as 10 meters away.

Apart from the product being long lasting, it also costs an affordable price of 25 US Dollars. This makes it very cost effective compared to other traps that go for 100 of dollars. The trap can also capture several snakes at a time hence there is no need to buy plenty of the traps. The only disadvantage of this kind of trap is that it is not reusable.

This is one of the popular traps that are available on Amazon. The woodstream 1079 32-inch live animal cage trap is known for its multipurpose usage. It does not only apply to snakes but can easily catch rodents, stray cats that are causing a menace in your home, and groundhogs. This gives it an added advantage since it easily becomes cost-effective. You will not have to buy other traps for other pests in your home.

Outstanding Cage Trap

The traps also have handle guards. This allows for easy transport. Other traps often do not have a place to hold when transporting them to dispose of the pests making it a dangerous affair especially if the snakes are venomous.

The internal of the trap is smoothed out with solid metallic doors so as to protect the pests from any harm. The traps are meant to be humane while executing their function. This is especially useful for those who do not wish to harm the snakes. The safety measure also protects pets that are in the home in case they get accidentally trapped in the device.

The traps are also very durable. They are meant to rust and are prevented from corrosion. This makes it less susceptible to wear and tear making it more cost-effective as compared to other traps. You will not need to buy it regularly since its performance is also long-lasting.

The traps are very easy to use. They usually come assembled, so you do not need a complicated manual to set it up. The easiness makes it ready to use once it is bought. The procedures are very limited unless you are interested in modifying it with other devices to suit your needs. Modification of the traps can always help if you are interested in getting rid of smaller pets. The product also has a commendable rating on Amazon with positive reviews hence reaffirming its efficiency. Most people recommend buying it giving testaments on its effectiveness with all types of snakes.

The major advantage that comes with this trap is that it is ineffective for small snakes. It is also not very conducive for indoor use. The trap is huge in size making it impossible to move around or go with it on vacation. It is only suitable to use around a home free of a lot of mobility. It is advised if you are dealing with snakes that are huge in size.

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