Argentine Ants: Identification, Facts & How to Get Rid of It?

Argentine ant isolated on white background.

Argentine Ant Identification

This ant species is found in the regions of Uruguay, Paraguay, northern Argentina, Bolivia and southern Brazil. Argentine ants are considered to be one of the invasive species among the animals. Likewise, it can be found in the United States as they were introduced a range of these ants back in the 1890s through freight ships.

Moreover, Argentine ant colonies have been found in South African, and some Mediterranean climate areas, as well as these, prove to be ideal for these ants. Argentine ants are very adaptable and have high reproductive potential especially in the ideal conditions.

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How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants Naturally?

Ghost Ant isolated on white background.

Quick facts about ghost ants

  • The scientific name of ghost ant is Tapinoma melanocephalum. However, it has gotten the name ‘ghost ant’ because of its appearance.
  • This ant is minuscule in size along with light color being spread on different parts of its body making it almost invisible.
  • The invisibility of this ant is the mystery behind its weird name. Among three different regions of their bodies, the head and thorax region of ghost ants are black or dark colored, while abdomen and legs are yellowish or pale in color.
  • The size of their body is even less than 1/6th of an inch.
  • By characteristics, they have a huge similarity with odorous house ants, and like them, ghost ants also produce rotten coconut smell if they are crushed.
  • When they are in the outdoor atmosphere, then like odorous house ants, they like to feed on the honeydew that is produced by different insects.
  • Some ants also collect these insects to feed other members of their colony. However, while residing in the indoor locations, they usually prefer sweet items.Ghost Ants infestation background.
  • Ghost ants are a type of ants that can survive easily in the hot and humid places. They can be seen in a wide variety of regions like south and central Florida and northern states that too inside hot and humid buildings or regions.
  • Unaware of the surroundings, these ants get transported to different areas through shipping when they are residing inside boxes, plants, and other household items. When ghost ants create their nests, they do make them on the ground.
  • Their nests can be easily seen nearby large stones, wood piles, and logs in outside location. Inside the home, they usually make nests inside empty holes of walls, at the back side of baseboards, beneath pantries, around sinks, and inside the flower vessels.
  • They get access inside the home with the help of tracks they create at the ground. Furthermore, they can also get inside through branches of trees and shrubs that are in touch with the house walls.
  • They like many other ants species, live in the form of colonies. Their colonies are medium to large, with more than one queen and many workers.

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Leafcutter Ant Facts, Fungus – How to Get Rid of It?

leafcutter ant

What is Leaf-cutter ant? Leafcutter ant or tribe Attini is a species of ant that is found in abundant in American tropics. These ants are easily recognized as their foraging columns are made of hundreds or even thousands of ants that carries small leaves. The stretch of the moving ants can reach up to 30 …

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27 Surprising Ant Facts They Didn’t Teach You in School

27 ants facts

You walk into the kitchen to grab a snack, and out of the corner of your eye, you see them – a trail of ants marching in to sneak off with every last crumb on your countertops. Okay ants, if you want a fight, you’ve got one. But to win the war, you need to find out everything you can about these pests.

We answer your most pressing questions about ants, so you can get the facts – and get them out of your home for good.

Are Ants Insects?

Are ants animals, or insects? Ants are insects.

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Carpenter Ants in House: 5 Most Effective Repellent Help You Maintain A Carpenter Ant Free Home

Closeup carpenter ant

Carpenter Ants are common in several parts of the world. They are among the largest ants in the United States. As their name suggests Carpenter ants build their nests in damp or decaying wood. These ants live in both indoor and outdoor moist, dead, or hollow wood. In a forest environment, they are the most common ants.

Discovering Carpenter Ants in your home

A typical carpenter ant colony has one queen who is also called the reproductive carpenter ant. After mating, the Carpenter ants reproductive i.e. the female carpenter ants begin their search for a new place to scatter the nests. Carpenters ants nest in warm and moist places.

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