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Facts About Red Ants

February 1, 2018

Red Ants are insects that belongs to family formicidae. They belong to genus Solenopsis. This genus have approximately 200 species of red ants. Red ants are classified into kingdom Animalia, phylum arthropoda, class insecta, order, hymenoptera, family formicidae and sub-family myrmicinae. Red ants live as colonies that are made of the queen, males and female workers. […]


How to Kill Fire Ants (3 Homemade Fire Ant Killers)

December 5, 2017

Trust me when I say this, you simply do not want to mess with a fire ant. Why not? It is just an ant, right? Well, when you agitate these fellows they sting you really hard with their abdomen and that part of your body can sometimes feel like as if it is on fire. If […]


Fire Ant Bites (Fast) Treatments: 5 Natural Remedies & 2 Conventional Treatments

November 25, 2016

Fire ants are aggressive little creatures that seem to get a kick out of stinging humans. Individual bites may not be high on the pain scale, but when you’re bit by hundreds of these pests, you feel like your entire body is on fire. A fire ant sting doesn’t require immediate medical attention, but there […]


8 Best Fire Ant Killers That Work Fast (2018)

November 14, 2016

Fire ants hurt when they bite. Step on a fire ant or walk too close to their mound, and the next thing you know, you’ll be bitten for your transgression by one of the worst bites you can get. In terms of levels, fire ants fall in the level 1 pain scale, which is less […]


9 Fire Ant Facts You Don’t Want Miss

November 13, 2016

Think the common house ant is a pain? Wait until you meet the fire ant. Known for their fiery bites and being nearly immortal, these ants are the last pests you want in your yard or home. Before you start a war with one of the feistiest ants in town, you need learn everything you […]