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How to Kill Fire Ants (3 Homemade Fire Ant Killers)

December 5, 2017
fire ant

Trust me when I say this, you simply do not want to mess with a fire ant. Why not? It is just an ant, right? Well, when you agitate these fellows they sting you really hard with their abdomen and that part of your body can sometimes feel like as if it is on fire.

If you are searching everywhere for the best ant killers that you can lay your hands on, then my friend, you have come to the right place. We provide you with the best options to kill fire ants these dangerous pests.

This type of ant can come in a number of species like the native fire ants, black fire ants and so on. You can absolutely find these ants anywhere around you. Be it at the garden, along with the cracks on the floor or on the walls. Sometimes they colonize in large numbers or sometimes in small numbers. In case of large colonies, the number can go up to 300,000 even.

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 Now that’s a hell lot of ant strength right? They can even damage the electric circuit in your home. These ants are known to be omnivorous. That is, they feed on both plants and animals. When these creatures destroy your wiring circuits, it is kind of hard to identify too where the problem arose. All in all these ants are not the ones you want in your house running around.

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Tips Need to Know When​ Killing Fire Ants

The Fire ants are creatures that tunnel their way underground than having their main entrance towards the centre. If the soil has a fluffy appearance after the rainy showers, it’s most likely due to the tunnelling of these ants. One of the most characteristic signs of Fire ants would be their mounds.
Depending on the location of the Fire ants, you need to choose the product accordingly. Sometimes they can be indoors or outdoors otherwise.

These types of ants do not generally invade your home for the purpose of food except for maybe one type of Fire Ant.  

How To​ Kill Fire Ants at Home

During periods of hot and dry weather only these Fire ants venture into your home. Even in the case of destruction of their mounds, in order to find shelter, they run into the closest home they find.

  • The first thing to do is to find their entry point and to seal it off before the army gets bigger.
  • Baiting is a good method in case you don’t know the location of the mound. The worker ants carry the poison back to the nest and the whole colony along with the queen is infected and ultimately dies. This prevents further infestation.
  • Insecticide sprays work wonders but they do not kill the whole army when you only apply it to a particular group.
  • Traps and baits are the best options you have if they are there in your house.

In case of Lawn invasion

The Mound treatments can be applied if they have invaded your lawn. The good thing about mound treatment is that, it has an immediate effect and gets rid of re-infestation.  Methods such as Mound drenching, Mound injection, Surface dust or surface granules and baiting can be applied.  The granules/surface dust and mound injection products will be discussed in the following sections.  The Mound drenching involves pouring of toxic liquid or boiling water over the mound. Though this method is not as effective as using insecticides, it still is worth the shot.

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3 Ways to Make Your Own Homemade Fire Ant Killers

You can do any of the three methods listed below to get rid of the Fire Ants. Do note that whichever method you opt, it will never be as good as products dedicated for the eradication of these ants.

A natural fire ant killer is often a person’s first attempt to get rid of these insects. Homemade methods are cheaper, and in some cases, work very well. We’re going to be discussing homemade options first before talking about commercial bait and poisons, which work to kill ants quickly.

1. Dish Soap Spray

A plastic bottle of blue liquid soap on the white.

A mixture of dish soap and water may cause a decline in ant populations. The issue is that you’ll need to get close to the ant mount and spray these little buggers for this method to work effectively.

You’ll need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Water
  • Dish soap

Fill the bottle with water and add a few drops of dish soap into it – the more, the better.

Now, simply go on a spraying spree and see what happens. When sprayed, the chemicals in the soap can cause the exoskeleton to degrade, leading to the ant dehydrating and dying.

2. Orange Oil Mixture

Orange oil is potent, and when mixed with the right ingredients, it can help as a fire ant control. You’ll need to have the following ingredients to make this mixture:

  • Compost tea
  • Liquid molasses
  • Orange oil

Now, add one part of each ingredient into a 4-ounce container. Add 1 gallon of water into a bucket and pour the mixture into the bucket and stir. Now, ensure that you’re properly covered and dump the entire bucket onto the ant mound.

You need to be careful and ensure you’re not going to get attacked by the very angry worker ants.

Repeat this process several times, or double or triple the mixture as needed. Fire ant queens can live underground, and if you have any hope of killing an ant mound, the queen must die.

3. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the best fire ant killer when making a homemade solution. This is a substance that deserves a place in every home because it can be used to kill hundreds of insects and pests.

This is fossilized algae, and it’s non-toxic to humans and animals.

Ants and most insects are very small, so a small, sharp crystal-like substance can rip through the ant’s exoskeleton. When ants see this substance, they’ll give it a try and bring it back to their mound to share with others.

Ants live in an orderly fashion, and their behaviors are predictable. You’ll find this substance in garden centers and home improvement stores. The best part is that you can use it as-is without any alterations to it.

The only word of caution is to use diatomaceous earth when it’s dry outside. Simply sprinkle it over the mound and repeat daily. If you have an indoor infestation, this can be used indoors, too, and with great efficiency. The only downside is that this method takes slightly longer than a robust poison, and you’ll need to reapply often just in case it rains or the wind blows it away.

The DE will rip through the ant’s exoskeleton, allowing it to be exposed and eventually die of dehydration.

Note: There are people that state pouring boiling water on the mound is effective.

Boiling water will work to kill some ants, but there is the risk that the water will hit your skin, which will result in burns. The queen, which lives deeper inside or underneath the mound, may not be reached by the water, so this method would be ineffective if the queen isn’t reached.

Keep in mind that the queen is the sole reason for a population’s growth. If the queen is killed, a new queen will need to be found. The entire ant civilization revolves around the queen as the reproducer. In some cases, a mound may have more than one queen, and additional queens need to be killed to ensure the eradication of the mound.

Queen ants are much larger than their counterparts, which is the distinguishing characteristic of the queen from her subjects.

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