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5 Best Fire Ant Killer

December 5, 2017

Trust me when I say this, you simply do not want to mess with a fire ant. Why not? It is just an ant, right? Well, when you agitate these fellows they sting you really hard with their abdomen and that part of your body can sometimes feel like as if it is on fire.

If you are searching everywhere for the best ant killers that you can lay your hands on, then my friend, you have come to the right place. We provide you with the best options to counter these dangerous pests.

This type of ant can come in a number of species like the native fire ants, black fire ants and so on. You can absolutely find these ants anywhere around you. Be it at the garden, along with the cracks on the floor or on the walls. Sometimes they colonize in large numbers or sometimes in small numbers. In case of large colonies, the number can go up to 300,000 even.

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 Now that’s a hell lot of ant strength right? They can even damage the electric circuit in your home. These ants are known to be omnivorous. That is, they feed on both plants and animals. When these creatures destroy your wiring circuits, it is kind of hard to identify too where the problem arose. All in all these ants are not the ones you want in your house running around.

What you need to watch out for when killing these pests:

The Fire ants are creatures that tunnel their way underground than having their main entrance towards the centre. If the soil has a fluffy appearance after the rainy showers, it’s most likely due to the tunnelling of these ants. One of the most characteristic signs of Fire ants would be their mounds.
Depending on the location of the Fire ants, you need to choose the product accordingly. Sometimes they can be indoors or outdoors otherwise.

These types of ants do not generally invade your home for the purpose of food except for maybe one type of Fire Ant.  

If the Pests come into your home:

During periods of hot and dry weather only these Fire ants venture into your home. Even in the case of destruction of their mounds, in order to find shelter, they run into the closest home they find.

  • The first thing to do is to find their entry point and to seal it off before the army gets bigger.
  • Baiting is a good method in case you don’t know the location of the mound. The worker ants carry the poison back to the nest and the whole colony along with the queen is infected and ultimately dies. This prevents further infestation.
  • Insecticide sprays work wonders but they do not kill the whole army when you only apply it to a particular group.
  • Traps and baits are the best options you have if they are there in your house.

In case of Lawn invasion:

The Mound treatments can be applied if they have invaded your lawn. The good thing about mound treatment is that, it has an immediate effect and gets rid of re-infestation.  Methods such as Mound drenching, Mound injection, Surface dust or surface granules and baiting can be applied.  The granules/surface dust and mound injection products will be discussed in the following sections.  The Mound drenching involves pouring of toxic liquid or boiling water over the mound. Though this method is not as effective as using insecticides, it still is worth the shot.

So what are like the home remedies to kill the Fire ants:

You can do any of the three methods listed below to get rid of the Fire Ants. Do note that whichever method you opt, it will never be as good as products dedicated for the eradication of these ants.

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

  • You can pour boiling water over the mound. This option is safer for people who do not want to take risks.
  • You can even mix citric acid with hot and soapy water to get good results
  • If you are even more daring, you can try the gasoline drenching method where you ignite it on fire after pouring in gasoline. Of course this is not meant for everyone but if you have no other option, well, this might be the ideal choice.

Even though the above methods work well, they simply are no match for the Fire ant killer products listed below:

Top 5 Fire Ant Killer

This bottle of Fire Ant Killer is mainly designed for ornamental plants and lawns. A good thing about Ortho Orene is that it does not require water to kill and is very easy to use. Just one tablespoon of dry powder over the mound is enough to kill the queen of the Fire Ants. Once the queen is taken care of, we can be sure of no re infestation. The queen usually dies within 3 days and the effect lasts for 6 months or more. The composition of this Fire Ant killer is 50% Acephate and it can treat up to 162 mounds. The time for active effect is few minutes and it works well against Red harvester Ants too.


  • The Ortho Orene has a very long lasting effect. That is for 6 months or more.
  • The action of this insecticide is pretty fast compared to the other models
  • We do not need to mix the granules of Ortho Orene with mater before pouring it.


  • When applying the insecticide, it should be applied directly onto the mound.
  • At times, the product is kind of difficult to apply
  • The granules of Ortho Orene are harmful for other plants and animals and may even kill or harm it.

The Martin’s Surrender Fire Ant Killer comes in a good quality shaker that enables us to sprinkle it over the ant mound. The main ingredient constituted in the Surrender powder is Acephate which kills the pests within a few days of applying.  It is quite a successful insecticide and works very well in the long run. The quality of Martin’s Surrender Fire Ant Killer is at par with the major insecticides and it is quite strong. The result of being a potent insecticide is that it has long term benefits and results that are consistent. Apart from the bad odour that it releases, almost everything else is good about Martin’s Surrender.


  • The active ingredient used in this insecticide is very powerful and reliable.
  • A variety of bugs such as spiders, Fire ants etc can be taken care of by Martin’s Surrender Ant killer.
  • Before we get to the end result, the Ant killer has to be just applied 1 or two times.
  • The expiry for this insecticide is quite long and therefore has a longer shelf life.


  • The odour that you get after applying is very bad and sometimes is described as rotten sulphur mixed with old milk.
  • The grass, bugs, plants etc near to the area of application can totally be damaged.
  • The applicator provided along might not be of much use. You need to use a spoon to carry out the application properly.
  • It is quite dangerous for pets and children. Definitely must be kept out of their reach.

These granules are very effective in stopping the Fire ants and destroying your home or lawns. With the combination of grass seeds and fertilizers, you can apply it against weeds. In fact, the Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer works very well against Fire Ants as well as weeds. In terms of management of your garden, this product is second to none as it helps you fight against pests at the same time control the growth of unnecessary plants like weed. For short term benefits and for overall control, the Snap Pac might be the best insecticide out there. In terms of long run, this product just falls short though.


  • The Residual effect is quite long. It goes beyond 4 months which is great.
  • The Scotts Snap Pac insecticide is very versatile in the sense that you can get rid of weeds, Fire Ants as well as other pests with a single product.
  • The immediate effect creates a good impact. The after effects of applying can be seen within 12 hours.


  • A spreader is required for applying it around your yard.
  • The product is not 100% waterproof and can turn out to be a problem for some.

The success of the product is not always on the positive side. It is more like a hit or miss scenario depending on the infestation and the situation you are involved in.

One of the most likable products from this line, the Advion Fire Ant Bait is one of a kind. It has proven to be very effective in the control of pests. The active ingredient inside Advion is Indoxocarb, which is the same constituent used for killing of cockroaches. The killing takes place in a time frame of 24 to 48 hours. You can either apply it over your lawn or apply it on top of each mound individually. It all depends on your requirements.

Best Advion Fire Ant Bait

In case the Fire ant problem is not getting to a halt, you can try both the options and the result will be in favour. This Fire Ant Bait is effective in all the stages of life of the ants.


  • The active ingredient used in this bait is very effective and known
  • The killing action is very quick with a time period of 24 to 48 hours.
  • It can be used against a wide variety of pests. (versatility)


  • The Product is really expensive when compared to other products in the list.
  • The Advion Fire Ant Bait might require a spreader when applying it to your whole yard.

One of the best Fire Ant killer Dust products in the market, Bayer Advanced can get it done within a short matter of period. After applying the dust to the mound, the colony will get wiped soon and you will start seeing dead ants around. Additional products per application are not required and the use is for outside areas only.

Even though it is quite popular owing to its effectiveness, due to the active ingredient Cyfluthrin, it is banned in some states. It is because Cyfluthrin is a dangerous constituent and is poisonous to humans.


  • The results are extremely fast. It takes less than an hour approximately.
  • The product is known to be very consistent with many positive customer reviews.
  • It can be used against a wide range of pests.


  • The active constituent Cyfluthrin is dangerous to human beings
  • The application of dust to the mounds can be hard at times
  • The nearby plants and animals will be affected adversely.

The Final Verdict

All the above-said products work really well against the Fire ants. But still, every product whether it is above average or amazing has its pros and cons. When talking about safety, we simply cannot use Bayer Advanced Fire Ant killer without taking precautions.  The Martin’s Surrender has powerful active ingredients but the odour is something to be noted as it is quite uncomfortable. The Advion and the Scotts Snap requires the use of external spreaders to apply it in your yard. Considering the safety aspects, the Ortho is the clear winner and also no water mixing is required. In terms of duration of effects too, the Ortho has a clear shot advantage with a period of over 6 months which is really commendable. Each one stands out on its respective merits but some drawbacks are also worth noting. It is purely up to your discretion as to which product would be better for getting rid of this menace. The choice is yours; the fight is theirs to win!

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