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10 Tips to Get Rid of Flying Ants at your Home

May 24, 2018
flying ants

Flying ants can pester you to a great extent if they happen to invade your home and can create nuisance at your home which is unbearable. Not only do they invade your home but they also start invading your cupboards, food and also can be poisonous for you if it happens to sting you. Summer season is the time when these ants get into action and start invading houses. If you are also pestered by flying ants in house, then here are some natural ways that you can use at your home to get rid of these flying ants.

How to get rid of flying ants in house?

Flying Ants

These insects can infest your home and if you are wondering do flying ants bite? Then yes, these ants do bite, so it is necessary that you get rid of these tiny flying monsters as soon as possible. All your kitchen items such as vinegar, lemon, sugar, etc. can come to your rescue for driving these monsters out of your home. Using natural ways of getting rid of these ants is a feasible way as it will not be toxic and will not cause any harm to your pets and family mates as well. So continue reading to learn all possible natural hacks to get relief from flying ants in house.

* Hunting out for their nesting areas

Flying Ants nest

If you sight a flying ant in your home then it doesn’t mean that single ant is there at your home, it is a whole colony. Maybe you have not seen them together, but these ants never fly alone, they always have a whole colony invading your house. So it is necessary to find the hiding place of the colony of ants that have invaded your home. It may be possible that the colony has not entered your home but maybe in your neighborhood, but if you want to kill them, then it is vital to find out the colony of ants and then destroy them on the whole. These ants are usually found in places which are dark such as kitchen cabinets, sink area, old furniture, etc. So you need to investigate such places carefully to see traces of ant colony. You can also follow the ants that you have already traced to find out where they are taking their food and planning to spend good holiday time. This way you will find out their favourite place in your home and accordingly take necessary measures to purge these ants off.

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* Honey bait

Honey bait

If you want to kill these flying ants in house, then honey trap can be one of the best options for you. You can mix honey with boric acid and keep it at places where these ants are building their nests. The honey will attract the ants to consume it, and the boric acid that is mixed in it will help you to kill the ants and get rid of them for once and all. The ants will be killed on the way to their nest due to the potent properties of boric acid but make sure that you are placing these baits out of reach of your children especially if you have small kids. Boric acid is toxic and can create problems if consumed by your pets or children so make sure that you are using this method with utmost safety and confidence that in no case your pets and children can reach such places where this bait is plotted. To keep the bait, you can mix two to three tablespoon of honey in two tablespoons of boric acid, stir it well and spread it on a plate or cardboard and place it on the track where you find a regular movement of these flying ants in house. Keep repeating process till you finally sigh that there are no more signs of these winged ants at your home.

* Peppermint hack

Peppermint hack

Peppermint is a natural hack not only for these winged ants but also for other insects and rodents. So if you ate planning to use peppermint as your rescue tool, then you just need to buy some peppermint spray and spray it on places where these ants have their track. Peppermint odour is quite refreshing for us, and we always love to pop down some peppermint balls every time we want freshness, but it repels ants and other insects to a great extent. It really keeps such insects off and refrain them from coming back to your house. So for this peppermint hack, what you can do is to take a spray bottle and fill one part of dish wash soap or liquid mixed with three parts of water and add some peppermint oil to it. Now your peppermint spray is ready, and you can start using it wherever you find signs of ant infestation. Instead of peppermint oil, you can also go in for using lavender oil, cedar wood oil or tea tree oil; these oils will also serve the same purpose of repelling these flying ants in house.

* Cinnamon therapy

Cinnamons are also a useful thing to drive off these insects from your home. Cinnamon leaves or spray can also help you to repel these ants and to keep them away from your home. Cinnamon has high eugenol content in it which is the primary reason for keeping the ants away from places where this is used. You can make a simple cinnamon spray by mixing one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in water and filling it up in a spray bottle. Once you are ready with the cinnamon spray, you can spray this mixture at places where you sight these flying ants so that they don’t dare to return back to your house. Cinnamon spray can also be used regularly especially during the summer season so that these insects do not find a place for entry in your home.

* Lemon spray

The word lemon juice gives us such a refreshing feel as soon as you hear it, especially in summers when a glass of lemon juice can be a saviour for you in dry summers. But this lemon juice can be a helpful hack to destroy these flying monsters invading your home. The citric acid property of a lemon plays its role in keeping away these ants from your home. Lemon juice sprays are like a room freshener that will not only freshen up your rooms but will also keep these ants far off from your place and will refrain them from invading your home. This natural freshener is easy to make; you just need to add two to three lemons juice mixed in water in a spray bottle and get ready to use it all over your home.

* Vinegar


Vinegar is also like a repellent for the flying ants in house, so this can also become a handy tool for you to keep these ants away. Vinegar is also a natural and safe method to use at your home. You need to take equal quantity of vinegar and water mixed up in a bottle and spray it at places where you are finding ants. If you sight the ant colony, then spraying this vinegar spray on the ant colony directly can also be an effective measure to take control over these winged demons.

* Baking soda

Baking soda

Baking soda mixed with sugar can also be a helpful hack from your kitchen to kill the ants in a safe and a nontoxic manner. You can mix sugar with baking soda and place baits for the ants just like you did in the honey boric acid bait. Seeing sugar crystals, the ants will be attracted to it, but the baking soda will prove to be toxic for them and kill them when they consume the sugar and baking soda mixture.

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* Dish wash soaps

Dish wash soaps

Do you now that the dish wash soaps that we use to wash our utensils can be harmful to the flying carpenter ants? If you had not known this fact before, then it is essential that you get acquainted with this fact and use it as a tool to get rid of these disastrous ants at your home. These flying ants in house can pester you to a higher level if they start building their colony in your home, so it is really essential that you take care from the beginning itself and cut their growth at the very start. Dish soaps and liquids are cheap and easy to find in your home and can stick to the wings of these ants refraining them from flying. So you can use this easy to use soap dish hack to get rid of these monsters irritating you now and then when you sight them. For this, you can mix three parts of water with one part of dish soap and get ready to use this remedy for keeping the ants away from your residence. Make sure that you have mixed the solution well before spraying it on the ants.

* Mint


Mint is also a natural remedy to get rid of the ants pestering your home. Mint will not kill the ants but make the ants get a no entry pass at your home and stop them from invading your home as well. Sighting flying ants in your home is an undesirable sight, and if you wish to stop them from entering your house, then you can keep mint leaves here and there especially at the outlets so that it can repel the ants and keep them at pace from your house. This will also stop the ants from nesting and building their colonies at your place of residence. You can use the dried up mint leaves and place in areas where you are sure to sight ants at your home. All cracks and holes should be filled with the dry leaves of mints or mint powder to avoid any further entrance of these flying ants in house.

* Precautions once you have driven off the ants from your home

Getting rid of these flying ants in house is not an easy task, but once you are done with it, it’s not the end. You have to be very careful about how things need to be managed to stop further entry of these dangerous insects in your home. You have to be very vigilant and keep track of any unwanted entries in your home. Not only your home, but make sure that these flying ants are not building their colonies nearby your home, because if they succeed in doing so, then it is quite possible that you can sight few winged ants in your home within a day or two. Once you have driven these ants off your home, then you have to take all possible precautionary steps to stop these ants from entering your place. Another thing that you should be very particular about is that you should avoid keeping any leftover food in your home and keep all your kitchen platforms and basins clean so that these flying ants don’t find a reason to enter your home. Also, use garbage bins that are covered and have no room for the ants to get inside and have a gala good time collecting their food. Also, secure all the food cans and food packets that you are using at your home, make sure that all such food items are tightly packed and does not invite the ants to have a good supper. These flying ants are usually found in the summer season so make sure that you are very careful during this season in order to prevent any further ant infestation at your home.

After reading this, you might be well acquainted withal the natural remedies and hacks that you can use at home to get rid of these ants. So always be ready to face any such condition and ant proof your house to keep your family safe from flying ants’ infestation. Even calling out for the professionals can also be a smart way to get rid of these ants when you are finding a hard time to gain control over these flying monsters.

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