Army Ants Facts

The term “army ants” (also known as legionary ants or marabunta more locally) is the name given to a specific type of ants who even though belong to more than 200 thousand species of ants, share very many similar behavior characteristics.The two most prompted characteristics of the army ants are the fact that they’re notorious …

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Facts About Red Ants

Red Ants are insects that belongs to family formicidae. They belong to genus Solenopsis. This genus have approximately 200 species of red ants. Red ants are classified into kingdom Animalia, phylum arthropoda, class insecta, order, hymenoptera, family formicidae and sub-family myrmicinae. Red ants live as colonies that are made of the queen, males and female workers. …

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Flying Ants Facts: What Causes Flying Ants in Your House?

In as much as winged flies are rare, it is incorrect to dismiss them as a species which result from genetic mutation. Their existence has a reason behind it, and they are virtually ants that are sexually mature. They are part of the colony that ants create and serve the purpose of reproduction. The reproductives …

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Crazy Ants: Identification, Control and 10 Fun Facts

What are crazy ants? 1. Appearance and size The crazy ants are known for their distraught and distressed movement. These tiny insects are 2.2 to 3 mm in size. But their size doesn’t matter when it comes to their crazy behavior. These small creatures are named as crazy ants because they can cause shocks in …

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Carpenter Ant Bite: Painful Bites and How to Get Rid of them at Home

Carpenter ant bites on human skin

Carpenter ants belong to kingdom Animalia and phylum arthropods. They are most aggressive wood destroyer insects. They do not use wood as food but create hollow sections in all the woody items and make their appearance fearful and horrific somehow. The Carpenter ants have many species, but the most known are the black carpenter ant which has a black body, this special species has pure black color with its body and head while there are some yellow hairs on its abdominal area.

Do Carpenter Ants Bite People?

Carpenters ant live in colonies, and they do bite people, the carpenter ant uses its wood-cutting strong mandibles to bite people.

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Bullet Ant Sting Facts: Bite, Sting, Treatment (and the Bullet Ant Ritual)

Bullet ants

The name ‘bullet ant’ is given to this ant due to their intense bite. The pain is unbearable and is said to be the pain of a bullet by getting shot. The person feels this pain for 24 hours, and its body shakes for a week because of the venom. Their habitat is trees, shrubs and mainly the tree trunks where they are found in large populations searching for food. Their large population is a danger for those who do not know what this thing can cause.

The ants feed on small arthropods found around their habitat. They even search for food traveling long distances and bringing food back to their home to eat together.

The ants contain a highly toxic compound that they use for paralyzing their preys and people who try to harm them. Their venom is so strong that it can kill people with less immune powers. Their defensive powers are incredible, and they can easily paralyze anyone to save them. They do not require large populations to make a man down; only a few insects can easily get a man down by their single bites.

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How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants Fast? 4 Ways to Eradicate These Pesky Ants

Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Sugar ants – you know, those pesky tiny ants that take over your kitchen – are a hassle to get rid of properly. And you might not want to spend the extra money to hire an exterminator if you can get rid of sugar ants naturally – or on your own.A group of ants are working in a lot of sugar on white background.

I’ve had my fair share of these pests before, and I know how to kill sugar ants quickly and effectively.

A few methods work well to eradicate most infestations, but the question is do you really have a sugar ant infestation?

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Signs of Sugar Ants in Your House

Baiting in ants that may not be in your house doesn’t seem like the smartest choice. You may also have a different type of ant present that will require another method to kill properly. To the untrained eye, sugar ants look just like ants, but one key factor in identifying these ants is their love for sugar.

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