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Mice in Walls: 2 Quick Methods to Get Rid of It

By Irina / March 4, 2019
To Get Rid of Mice

Hearing scratching from inside of your walls is a little unsettling. You’re sitting down eating dinner – or worse, entertaining company – and you hear scratching in the wall. You can’t help but think of a horror movie.

The good news is that your issue is likely mice.

Mice in walls is rather common, and if you live in a rural area, there is an even higher chance for mice to make a home in your walls. After all, your home is well sheltered, heated, and just the right environment for mice to hang out and spend their time.

But all you care about is how to get rid of mice in walls – even if they love your home.

The good news is that this is a fairly easy process once you know what to expect. And trust me, the last thing you want to do is wait until the mice die inside of your walls; the smell will be overpowering.

1. Set Up Mouse Traps Around the HouseMouse in danger surrounded by mouse traps.

Spring-loaded traps will violently kill a mouse. It’s not a pretty situation or something homeowners are proud of doing, but buying a mouse trap is the best bet when you want to kill a mouse. The truth is that the mouse will come out of the walls to eat at some point.

And you may want to even entice the mouse to take action.

Bait can be placed on the trap so that the mouse is lured to the trap, and has a reason to “trip” the trap. Again, this isn’t something you want to show your kids, but it’s effective. Any type of food will do for hungry mice.

The trigger will snap the trap hard on the mouse and will often break the mouse’s neck quickly for a near-instant death.

You can also choose more human traps, such as:

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  • Live-catch traps
  • Glue traps

These traps do not kill the mouse, but trap them so that you can relocate them as you see fit. If you do choose to use this method, don’t just place the mice in your backyard – they’ll return. Instead, release them a mile or more away from the home for best results.

Poisons should be avoided, as there is a chance the mice will reenter the wall before dying, causing a stinky, unhealthy problem for you.

2. Cardboard Box Trick

If you’re a little handy, you can use a cardboard box trick to catch or kill the mice. This trick comes with the understanding that you’ll need to discard the mouse somehow, and you’ll also need to drill a hole in your drywall.

Drill the hole a few inches above the floor.Little hamster looking up in cardboard side torn hole.

Now, drill a hole in a cardboard box that corresponds with the hole height you drilled in your wall. Match the holes up, and fill the box with a trap and mouse bait so that you attract the mice to your box.

If you wish, cover the top with cellophane so that you have a window into your trap.

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This is a method that often works within just a few hours, usually less. The mouse will traverse the walls in search of food, be attracted to the bait, and enter the “wall” before falling into the cardboard box (hopefully taking the bait).

And you’re probably wondering: “can mice climb walls?” Yes, they can, but it depends on the wall material. Mice have small claws that allow them to run up the side of a concrete building, but a cardboard box doesn’t have these holes, so the mouse will not be successful when trying to escape your box.

Mice will make a ruckus and try to escape, but they shouldn’t be able to with a normal cardboard box.

Dead Mouse in Wall: How to Get them Out of House Walls

Dead mice in your walls is not a fun time. You’ll be drilling holes trying to find the dead mouse, which means you’ll need to cut holes in the drywall to find the culprit. I’m not going to lie, this is something best left to a professional.

If you pay someone to remove the problem, they’ll have all of the right tools for the job.

But if you’re ambitious, you can remove the dead mice from inside of your walls on your own.

Start with the scent of the mouse. Try and find where the scent is most prominent and drill a small hole off of the ground to see if you’ve found the spot.

The small hole should emit a more potent smell.Dead mouse on white background.

If you’ve find the spot, you’ll need to cut a larger hole in the drywall to clean up the dead mice and dispose of them properly.

Afterward, you’ll need to patch up the hole. The problem is that when there is one mouse, there are almost always more. If you don’t kill all of the mice, this will lead to future problems.

Professional pest killers will be able to use monitoring devices on the wall to effectively find where the dead mouse is located and kill any remaining mice that exist. Exterminators aren’t the cheapest route, but they’ll be a major asset for the hands-off homeowner that would rather let someone else take care of the dirty work.

Signs and Evidence of Mice in Your Home

You could have sworn that you heard mice in your walls, but you’re not 100% positive. This is a common scenario, and there are three ways to determine if mice have decided to move in, or if there is some other critter in your walls.

  1. Mouse droppings
  2. Nests
  3. Runs

Runs consist of the common areas where mice will run. Mice like to run in the same areas, so they’ll often leave trails or “runs” along the drywall or flooring. This is also apparent with runs on bags or chewed foods.

If you keep hearing something skittering in the walls and notice droppings or nests, there is a high probability that mice are present. The tips above will help you remedy the problem quickly and easily.

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