11 Electronic Mouse Repellent (Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller) Reviews

Mouse traps not working? Mice seem to be too smart for conventional traps in some circumstances – it seems like they’re spreading the word about the traps. And if you’re using a mouse deterrent, you’ll often find that they’re a hit or miss; sometimes deterrents work, and sometimes they don’t.

An electronic mouse repellent may be the key to your problem.

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11 Best Electronic Mouse Repellents: Reviews & Comparisons

1. Best Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller 2019: House Ultrasonic Repeller

House Ultrasonic RepellerThe EHouse Ultrasonic Repeller drives away various bugs and pests, including rats, rodents and flies among other insects. Being non-toxic and odorless, it is safe for the environment and other animals in your home.

Covering over 1600 square feet at a voltage of 100-240V, it’s effective in many areas. The dual effect ultrasonic repeller and night light are also quite efficient, making it ideal in all areas like houses, offices and gardens.

2. Triple Action Rodent Repellent

Rodent RepellentEffective to use both indoors and outdoors, the Triple Action Rodent Repellent works on mice and rats. Other animals it repels include cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and moths.

Covering up to 1100 square feet, the repellent emits 3 different ultrasonic wave frequencies and signals.  The signals penetrate into the walls through the wiring system, irritating pests as a result. The frequencies alternate at a constant rate for fast action.

As a result of this, the pests cannot easily adapt or grow resistance. Although this feature is effective for mice and pests, some people found the sound to be audible and irritating.

However, its low power consumption rate of < 15W is a boost if you want to spend less on electricity bills.

3. TangN Pest Repellent: Another Great Product Option in 2019

TangN Pest RepellentInsects, rodents and pests all flee from the ultrasonic sound of the TangN pest repellent. Through the stimulation of their nervous and auditory systems, bats, fleas, wasps and rodents will all run out of their hiding areas.

Using a control chip that determines the range of the ultrasonic frequency for pest repelling, this unit is safe to use in the home. All you need to do is insert the socket, press and hold the repellents’ power button for around 3 seconds and the ultrasonic frequencies are emitted.

The unit covers 1200 square feet. With a 360̊  coverage, an ABS flame retardant material and low power consumption, you can safely relax and let the repellent do its job.

4. Victor Heavy-Duty Sonic PestChaser Pro Rodent Repeller

The Victor Heavy-Duty Sonic Pestchaser gets rid of all the mice and rats as well as other rodents from your home. It releases high-frequency sound waves that vary in intensity, preventing the rodents from becoming immune to these sound waves.

It is perfect to use in large rooms by placing the 6-foot cord into a wall outlet in an ideal place. However, the ultrasonic frequencies released cannot penetrate through furniture. Because of that fact, each room should have its own unit.

It doesn’t produce any sound, making it safe for both pets and your entire family. Also, the red LED light enables you to track how it works.

5. YIVEN Pest Repellent

The YIVEN pest repellent is a great repellent for areas infested with pests and insects, which include rats, mice, ants, mosquitoes and roaches.

The unit does not kill the pests, but through the ultrasonic frequencies it releases, the pests are forced out of the places where they live or hide and out of your home.

Covering 800 to 1200 square feet, it is ideal to use in any place infested with pests and insects. It’s very simple to use: all you need to do is plug the repeller into any socket in your home and switch it on.

6. Repel It! Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest RepellerThis ultrasonic pest repeller by Repel It! is effective for the control of mice, rats, cockroaches and other insects and rodents. The dual technology system in the unit gets rid of any pests that might be hiding in cracks within your home.

Through the combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, it can penetrate into the cracks and get rid of the pests. All you have to do is simply plug it in and switch it on.

Covering 5000 square feet, this repeller comes in a 4-pack, making it suitable and ideal for various rooms in your home. With each unit covering 1250 square feet, you can rest assured that it will work perfectly and save you the extra cost of buying several units separately.

7. EverPest Ultrasonic Repellent

EverPest Ultrasonic RepellentThe EverPest Ultrasonic Repellent is very powerful and effective in eliminating mosquitoes and other pests such as ticks, mice, moths, spiders, bed bugs and cockroaches.

By plugging it in and switching the power on, this organic unit emits ultrasonic waves that disrupt the normal activities of crawling pests and insects. This forces them out of your home, leaving it peaceful without the sound of mice running and making noise all over the place.

Covering up to 2200 square feet, you do not require any chemicals, traps, or poison to get rid of mice, rats, or pests.

8. Cordking Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Cordking Ultrasonic Pest RepellerThe Cordking Ultrasonic Pest Repeller forces out roaches, ants, rats, mice and even bugs hiding in crevices within your home’s walls. This environmentally-friendly unit is safe for both humans and any pets that you might have in your home.

It has a standard wall plug-in feature that allows you to plug it into a socket in any suitable location in your home. Covering 100-150 square meters, it is effective for small spaces, making it an unsuitable option for larger areas.

Another limiting factor is the fact that it only functions for indoor use, unlike others that function both indoors and outdoors.

9. MaxMoxie Pest Repeller

MaxMoxie Pest RepellerMaxMoxie offers a patented system that sends ultrasonic waves throughout the home. Kid and pet safe, the repeller is a risk-free option that can be returned for a full refund if it doesn’t work.

Mini, these repellers work on a room-by-room basis offering enough coverage for an entire garage, kitchen or living room.

Plug the repeller into the wall and it will repel mice all year long at a cost of less than $10 in electricity. One unit has the ability to keep 1,200 square feet of space pest-free.

The unit has a frequency range of 20KHz to 65KHz, and it requires 6- 8 watts of power. Reduction in the number of pests will be realized in as little as 2 – 3 weeks. Each unit is designed to last 5 to 6 years before needing to be replaced.

10. BRISON Ultrasonic Plug in Device

BRISON Ultrasonic Plug in DeviceBRISON’s portable, pet safe unit uses electromagnetic waves to repel pests of all kinds including mice, rats, spiders and even mosquitoes. You can buy packs of 1, 2 or 4 units, and each unit can cover a space of 1,100 square feet.

Fully safe, plug the device into the wall and hold down the button for three seconds.

A light is present on the device to let you know that it’s working. It takes a few weeks to start repelling mice, but it works very well, offering you recurring protection.

Just keep the unit plugged in and mice will stay away.

The unit has been shown to work against ants, too.

11. T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller

T3-R TripleThe T3-R is larger than the discreet models that we reviewed earlier. This unit uses ultrasonic sounds, above what a human can hear, to be able to repel rodents.

Offering dual, triple attack design, this unit comes with a 6-foot cord and can be placed in any room.

Cats and dogs will not be bothered by the unit, and it offers a staggering coverage range of 6,000 square feet. Each unit has a lifespan of 5 to 6 years.

Rodents will slowly start to disperse, so in the first few weeks, you’ll notice less and less mice. Over the course of a month or so, the infestation should be eliminated – or close to it.

If the unit has any issues, the manufacturer will work with you to find a solution to your mouse problem. They’re a company that stands by their product, and this is rare in the mouse repellent industry.

If you do choose to use an electric repellent, make sure that other methods are used alongside these devices to finally put an end to your infestation problem. Otherwise, proceed with caution, as repellents can only do so much to help a home overrun with pests.

What Are Electronic Mouse Repellents?

Over the course of history, man has dealt with mice and other rodent problems with different types of repellents. Most of these traditional repellents used chemical or sensory signals to ward off these pests.

Natural products such as chili and mint were traditionally placed along areas where these unwanted animals would typically frequent. The ancient Chinese people even used repellents that made use of sound waves to deter rodents.

Scholars noted the use of mechanical devices that had to be manually operated to create sounds. These sounds were said to be a deterrent to mice and rats.

As technology progressed over time, a new type of repellent was available to the public: electronic repellents.

Simply put, electronic mouse repellents are electronic devices that are typically plugged directly into power outlets. These devices produce high-frequency waves that, while inaudible to the human ear, cause an irritating sensation to the more sensitive rodents.

These electronic mouse repellents make use of the natural physiology of rodents, wherein they typically communicate in a higher frequency than us humans. Therefore, their ears are able to pick up frequencies that are much higher than the highest threshold a human can hear.

The irritating sensation will cause mice and rats, the target organisms, to seek out environments that are more conducive to them – preferably far away from where you plugged your electronic mouse repellent.

Benefits of This Device

There are different ways to control rodent pests. Some prefer outright killing them, while others prefer trapping them and letting them go far away from their homes.

For those in search of a more humane method of pest control while avoiding the extra effort of dealing with trapped mice, repellents are an excellent choice.

While there are different types of pest control methods, there are also different types of repellents with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here are but a few advantages that electronic mouse repellents have in general.

Electronic Mouse Repellents Are Safe

Possibly one of the better advantages electronic mouse repellents have would be their overall safety. A common method of mice control is through the use of poison.

While the use of common rat poison remains one of the more prevalent methods to control these pests, this method does come with a price: risk. In order to attract mice, these poisonous baits often come in bright and attractive colors to lure rodents to feed on them.

Unfortunately, due to these visual characteristics, these poisonous pellets can possibly be attractive to non-target organisms that reside in your home. For example, your pets or even worse, children.

Especially when these toxic baits are just lying on the floor, they present a risk to other organisms that may come in contact with them. Even in the realm of repellents, there are some that can pose possible health risks to the people and pets inside your home.

For instance, chemical repellents can give off toxic substances that would linger in the air inside your house. These would eventually find their way into the residents of the house, causing health problems such as skin and respiratory irritations.

Fortunately, electronic mouse repellents would be on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to general safety.

These repellent devices are designed and equipped to be effective only to mice and rats. This means that dogs, cats and humans won’t have any problems dealing with this. Unless they see the device or know about its presence, they probably won’t notice it at all.

How Does Electric Mouse Repellent Work?

Electric mouse repellent with a mouse besides.

It’s important to know that a repellent does not kill mice. Yes, there are electric traps that will zap a mouse to death in five seconds on average, but when a mouse dies in the process, this is not considered a repellent.

A repellent is something that keeps mice away because they dislike it.

When using an electronic repellent, you’ll be using ultrasonic waves to make sure that rodents do not take up residence in your home. But don’t worry, you won’t hear the mouse repellent sound – and the waves won’t hurt.

How These Repellents Work

You’ll purchase one of these devices, often called an “ultrasonic mouse repeller,” and follow the instructions on the back of the box. These repellents are very easy to use.

  1. Buy the electronic rodent repellent.
  2. Plug the repellent into the electrical outlet.

That’s it. In just two steps, you’ll have the repellent emitting ultrasonic waves that will wash over any mice that come in contact with it. From personal experience, you’ll never feel the wave when standing in front of the device, and pets don’t seem to be bothered by the waves either.

Electronically created, these waves are beamed out into the area and will come in contact with mice.

If the mice makes contact with the waves, they’ll feel the waves wash over their body and turn the other way. This is a feeling that the mice don’t like, and won’t recognize either.

These devices will create a force field of sorts that will repel the mice and keep them at bay. An issue with this is that the waves are only so long, and they’ll often follow a small path. For example, if you placed a device in your living room on the back wall, the beam may only reach half the length of the room.

If the mice are not in the beam’s path, they’ll ignore the ultrasonic waves, and keep walking by.

Do Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Work?

It really depends. These devices are limited by range, so in some cases they work, and in others, they fail miserably. There is also the case for different devices working better than others, so you really need to do your due diligence to find a repellent that is worth the money.

The evidence is anecdotal at best.

But if you do want to boost the chances of this method working, there is a lot that you can do to propel your results further.

  1. Place Devices Everywhere: We know that these waves need to reach the mice, so you must have all of your home’s interior covered in terms of ultrasonic waves. If there is a power outlet, try to plug a device in it so that the waves can reach any potential mice that call your home their own.
  2. Waves Won’t Go Through Objects: You’ve placed repellents all over your home, even behind your furniture and couch. But the problem is that the beams can be obstructed. A couch or a piece of furniture will stop an ultrasonic beam in its tracks, causing the beam to never reach its target.
  3. Place Devices Strategically: If you can’t afford to fill every corner of your home with a mouse repellent, you need to start planning your strategy in an effective manner. Where are the mice seen most often? Where are mice entering the home? These are places you’ll want the ultrasonic waves to reach to repel mice.

And remember that a repellent is just a repellent – it won’t kill the mice or seal entryways into the home. If you want to kill mice or stop them from ever entering the home, it’s important that you employ other methods to solve the problem.

A short list of solutions that are highly recommended when you have mice are:

  • Finding and Sealing Holes: The truth of the matter is that mice are getting into your home somehow. And this means that they can keep coming through this same hole year after year until its fixed. Find the entryways and seal them off if you want a foolproof method to keep mice away.
  • Lay Traps: Mice can be cute, but they also carry disease and bacteria, which is not good for a home. Laying traps is the only way to really remedy the problem. You need to lay traps in areas where the mice are frequenting. I won’t go into detail about humane and inhumane trap options, but know that both do exist.
  • Clean Up: There are times – no matter how much we hate to admit it – that we’re the main cause for mice. A home that is dirty and filled with food that is rotting is the perfect place for mice to thrive. Clean up your home, and cut off the food supply of the mice for best results.

Electronic Mouse Repellents Are Location-Flexible

An issue with other repellents is that they often have to be strategically placed in order to be effective.

During the olden days, a popular repellent to use against rodents in large warehouses would be powdered sulfur. In order for it to be effective, the sulfur had to be sprinkled everywhere on the floor – most especially around the wares containing food.

This method proved to be effective, but with the disadvantage of having to make sure enough powdered sulfur would surround the perimeter of the edible goods.

Not only was this pest control method time consuming, it also demanded a significant amount of resources.

This is where the electronic mouse repellent can shine. While it is much more recommended to have the device near areas where you specifically do not want pests such as the kitchen or the bedroom, these devices can be placed absolutely anywhere as long as it can be plugged in.

Furthermore, its effect is not restricted to the room where it is plugged in. As long as the device is plugged in, it would emit its high-frequency waves in all directions, making an invisible shield that would span a wide area.

To further maximize its effectiveness, it should be noted that each home is not restricted to having only one electronic mouse repellent.

The more devices emitting these irritating sound waves, the more likely rodent pests would scurry away in search of a more comfortable environment.

Easy to Use

Pest control methods often require a significant amount of effort to perform. Even the most popular control method, the use of poison, still needs some work.

While it is true that sprinkling the poison in areas of high rodent traffic can be quite easy, the hard part comes when it is time to find the dead mice and remove them before they stink up the place.

Mechanical traps would need to be set, propped with bait. If you happen to catch a mouse, then you would need to get rid of it and repeat the entire process again.

Comparatively, electronic mouse repellents are extremely easy to use. After all, the steps necessary to make them work simply include taking them out of their packaging and plugging them in.

Those are all the steps you would ever need to take to make electronic mouse repellents effective. The pests would leave the premises on their own and there is nothing you would have to change, reset, or deal with – as long as the electronic mouse repellent is plugged in.

Electronic Mouse Repellent FAQs

Will Animals Be Impacted by the Repellent?

No, animals will not be repelled. You’ll find that a lot of manufacturers claim that animals cannot hear the sound waves, but this is up for debate. A lot of animal owners claim that their cats, especially, can hear the waves.

It could be that the cat is hearing the slight buzzing sound that these repellents produce, too.

In all cases, whether your dog or cat can hear the sound, they will not be hurt by the repellent. After a few days, if your animal is acting weird, they will go back to normal – ignoring the sound,

Will My Repellent Work on Other Pests?

Yes, in most cases, electronic mouse repellents will also be able to ward off insects. The type of insects that these products seem to work best on, include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Roaches

And a lot of other insects, too. While we recommend using a repellent designed specifically for each pest you’re dealing with, these repellents seem to work well.

Should I Use Just an Ultrasound Unit?

No. A lot of manufacturers have designed an ultrasound repellent to be used with other forms of repellent or traps. The units should be used smartly. Mice will remain in any home that has food and water present.

If mice still have food and water, the mice will not run out the door.

You need to clean up all of the food and water supply so that there’s less of a reason for the mice to stay. You’ll want to use traps, too as a safeguard. There’s also the fact that a lot of traps claim that they can cover 1,000+ square feet of space.

Yes, they can cover this large of a space, but the sounds will not be able to go through the walls.

It’s important to place a unit in each room so that you can repel as many mice as possible. If you only have one unit and your entire home is infested, the mice will simply go into another room. Poor placement is a major issue.

It may sound like a good idea to place a unit behind the couch, but the surface of the couch will absorb the soundwaves. Place the units in open areas so that the waves can stretch the entire room.

Can Electromagnetic Waves Go Through Walls?

There’s very few scientific studies or evidence finding that these repellents work well. In fact, the EPA tried to remove all of the electromagnetic units from the market in the 1980s. These units claim to be able to turn your home’s wiring into a pest repellent.

And there’s also the question of how these additional waves of energy will impact your health in the long-term.

Whether or not these units work is a good question. These products were banned in the US and Canada, so this is a good indicator that the electromagnetic units do not work well. Ultrasonic units, like those we reviewed above, have been shown to work.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

You should start seeing a decline in the amount of mice that you’re dealing with in about two weeks. Of course, if you have a massive infestation, it can take even longer for these units to work.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an overnight process, and some manufacturers will want you to try a unit for three weeks to a month before seeing results.

It’s a lengthy process, but it is a process that works – you just need to give it time.

Each unit will last 3 to 5 years on average, so there’s no harm in leaving the unit plugged in for as long as it takes to repel pests.

How Much Will My Electricity Rise?

Electricity costs are a major concern for a lot of homeowners. But you’ll be happy to know that each unit costs less than a penny to operate each day. You’ll spend less than $4 a year in energy costs to run your unit.

Some manufacturers may have more energy intense pest repellents, and in this case, we’ve seen prices that are under $10 a year.

It’s cheaper to run an repeller than it is to purchase sprays all year long.

Can I Use The Repellent Outside?

Some units are designed for outdoor use, and if there are no objects in the way, the waves can span hundreds of feet outward. These outdoor units must be used wisely if you want them to work properly.

If you have mice in your home, the outdoor units may just keep the pests inside of the home.

We recommend using repellents outdoors when you’ve fully eradicated your indoor infestation.

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