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Electronic Mouse Repellent Reviews: 3 Ways to Boost the Repellents’ Effectiveness

July 2, 2016
Electronic mouse repellent to scare mice away

Mouse traps not working? Mice seem to be too smart for conventional traps in some circumstances – it seems like they’re spreading the word about the traps. And if you’re using a mouse deterrent, you’ll often find that they’re a hit or miss; sometimes deterrents work, and sometimes they don’t.

An electronic mouse repellent may be the key to your problem.

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How Does an Electric Mouse Repellent Work?

It’s important to know that a repellent does not kill mice. Yes, there are electric traps that will zap a mouse to death in five seconds on average, but when a mouse dies in the process, this is not considered a repellent.

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A repellent is something that keeps mice away because they dislike it.

When using an electronic repellent, you’ll be using ultrasonic waves to make sure that rodents do not take up residence in your home. But don’t worry, you won’t hear the mouse repellent sound – and the waves won’t hurt.

How These Repellents Work

You’ll purchase one of these devices, often called an “ultrasonic mouse repeller,” and follow the instructions on the back of the box. These repellents are very easy to use.

  1. Buy the electronic rodent repellent.
  2. Plug the repellent into the electrical outlet.

That’s it. In just two steps, you’ll have the repellent emitting ultrasonic waves that will wash over any mice that come in contact with it. From personal experience, you’ll never feel the wave when standing in front of the device, and pets don’t seem to be bothered by the waves either.

Electronically created, these waves are beamed out into the area and will come in contact with mice.

If the mice makes contact with the waves, they’ll feel the waves wash over their body and turn the other way. This is a feeling that the mice don’t like, and won’t recognize either.

These devices will create a force field of sorts that will repel the mice and keep them at bay. An issue with this is that the waves are only so long, and they’ll often follow a small path. For example, if you placed a device in your living room on the back wall, the beam may only reach half the length of the room.

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If the mice as not in the beam’s path, they’ll ignore the ultrasonic waves, and keep walking by.

Do Electronic Repellents Work?

It really depends. These devices are limited by range, so in some cases they work, and in others, they fail miserably. There is also the case for different devices working better than others, so you really need to do your due diligence to find a repellent that is worth the money.

The evidence is anecdotal at best.

But if you do want to boost the chances of this method working, there is a lot that you can do to propel your results further.

  1. Place Devices Everywhere: We know that these waves need to reach the mice, so you must have all of your home’s interior covered in terms of ultrasonic waves. If there is a power outlet, try to plug a device in it so that the waves can reach any potential mice that call your home their own.
  2. Waves Won’t Go Through Objects: You’ve placed repellents all over your home, even behind your furniture and couch. But the problem is that the beams can be obstructed. A couch or a piece of furniture will stop an ultrasonic beam in its tracks, causing the beam to never reach its target.
  3. Place Devices Strategically: If you can’t afford to fill every corner of your home with a mouse repellent, you need to start planning your strategy in an effective manner. Where are the mice seen most often? Where are mice entering the home? These are places you’ll want the ultrasonic waves to reach to repel mice.

And remember that a repellent is just a repellent – it won’t kill the mice or seal entryways into the home. If you want to kill mice or stop them from ever entering the home, it’s important that you employ other methods to solve the problem.

A short list of solutions that are highly recommended when you have mice are:

  • Finding and Sealing Holes: The truth of the matter is that mice are getting into your home somehow. And this means that they can keep coming through this same hole year after year until its fixed. Find the entryways and seal them off if you want a foolproof method to keep mice away.
  • Lay Traps: Mice can be cute, but they also carry disease and bacteria, which is not good for a home. Laying traps is the only way to really remedy the problem. You need to lay traps in areas where the mice are frequenting. I won’t go into detail about humane and inhumane trap options, but know that both do exist.
  • Clean Up: There are times – no matter how much we hate to admit it – that we’re the main cause for mice. A home that is dirty and filled with food that is rotting is the perfect place for mice to thrive. Clean up your home, and cut off the food supply of the mice for best results.

Our 2 Favorite Electronic Mouse Repellents Reviews

Like we mentioned earlier, electronic mouse repellents can be a hit or miss. You really need to choose a good model from a reputable company.

Our two favorite repellents (ones that actually work) come from the Outdoor Shop and Cravegreens. Both are affordable, and both do an excellent job at keeping mice away.

The Outdoor Shop Electronic Rat and Mouse Repeller

The Outdoor Shop makes an electronic repellent that looks just like a smoke detector, so it blends in nicely in any home.

This unit is battery operated and generates a sound that’s inaudible to human ears. Just one unit can cover up to 2,500 square feet, and it’s extremely easy to install just about anywhere, from outbuildings to garages, sheds and inside the home.

The Outdoor Shop Repeller sends out an ultrasonic signal every eight seconds that will send any mouse in its path running the other way.

Like with any electronic repellent, the signal will only move through unobstructed areas, so make sure the area near the device is free of furniture and other things that may interrupt the signal.

Running on just two 9V batteries, this repellent can deliver up to 12 months of continuous use.

Click here to learn more about the Outdoor Shop electronic mouse repellent.

Cravegreens Ultrasonic Repellent

The Cravegreens Ultrasonic Repellent repels more than just mice – it also drives away insects, like spiders, fleas, ants and even roaches.

This unit uses electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to send pests running the other way. Cravegreens made this device simple and easy to use: just plug it into a wall outlet, and you’re ready to go.

One unit covers a 2,152 square foot radius, and emits a sound that is inaudible to human ears.

The great thing about this device is that it plugs into a wall, so you never have to worry about the battery dying. This can be especially helpful if you plug the device in a room or area of the home you don’t use often.  

With that said, having to plug this unit into an outlet may also be an inconvenience and limit the area you can protect.

While a minor drawback, we still feel the Cravegreens repellent is an excellent choice. It’s affordable, it’s a “set it and forget it” unit, and most of all – it works.

Click here to see pricing and availability of the Cravegreens electronic repellent.

What to Expect from an Electronic Mouse Repellent

There are varying opinions on these repellents, and for me, I view them as simply another tool to keep mice away from a home. If you place these repellents, you may be able to keep mice away from certain “zones” in the home, but don’t expect them to give up easily.

You need to use a lot of repellents to keep them away.

But since the waves won’t enter the wall, there is nothing stopping the mice from building a nest in your walls, which is another issue entirely.

If you do choose to use an electric repellent, make sure that other methods are used alongside these devices to finally put an end to your infestation problem. Otherwise, proceed with caution, as repellents can only do so much to help a home overrun with pests.