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6 Best Mouse Bait Reviews

So you got a trap, and you are searching for the best bait for trap to use?

Well done! That is the first step you should take. However, to rid your home of these pesky critters, you need to use the best mouse bait. Mice are smart tiny creatures that can turn your home into their playing ground if you do not take immediate action. They tend to multiply very fast — after every 21 days, they get a litter of six to seven babies; so if you see a mouse scurrying away be sure that there could be more where it came. You might have felt disgusted or even scared knowing that you share a roof with such rodents. Well, most people think the same way. Mice chew on anything so they can damage your precious belongings and wreak havoc in your home even rendering it uncomfortable to live there. But knowing the tips and tricks of how to outsmart these creatures will give you the upper hand in dealing with them.

For starters, you need to identify the areas of your home where you noticed mice activity. Mice love concealed areas like behind cabinets, or stove and they walk along the perimeter of the walls where they can easily navigate using their whiskers. Moreover, they are gifted with excellent vision, hearing with a high sense of smell and touch. Therefore, you can use their capabilities against them when selecting the best mouse bait.

For example, due to their outstanding sense of smell, you can go for a bait solution with a pleasant aroma that will bring them to the mouse trap to have a taste. Also, you should know that mice gain entrance to your home quite quickly, they only need a quarter-opening for them to pass through and before you realize, it becomes a home invasion.

With this said, you must use the right mouse bait even if you own the most high-tech mouse trap in the market. It could be a regular mouse trap, the live or electric models that you use but to reap maximum benefits, the choice of bait is an essential factor

6 Most Effective Mouse Bait Reviews 2019

Now that you have an idea of how mice operate you should check out these bait solutions that will trap the mice in no time. Most of these bait options are items you can find in your home’s kitchen making them easily accessible.

1. Peanut butter or Hazelnut

brilliant Peanut butter or Hazelnut trap for mouse

Ditch the idea that the most favorite meal of mice is cheese – like they show us in films. Although cheese is an effective mouse bait, peanut butter has a more significant impact. Mice love nuts, so there is no better bait than using peanut butter or hazelnut. A pea-sized dollop of peanut butter goes a long way in eradicating mice.

To make the bait more efficient, you can place a tiny nut on top of the butter so that the mouse has a hard time trying to gnaw at it which eventually triggers the trap to snap. Otherwise, without it, the mouse can easily lick of the butter without setting off the trap because they are crafty that way.

2. Cheese

Cheese is the best mouse bait when it comes to its aroma. Mice can pick its smell from a distance, and it is also one of their delicacies.


3. Proteins (Bits of hot dog or bacon)

Mice get enticed by proteins. It can be cooked or raw, and it still does the job. So place the bait in the trap and face to the walls where they crawl, and you will be amazed how much you will catch them.


4. Sugary Stuff

Did you know that just like you, mice also have a sweet tooth? Yes, they do they love the sugary stuff, and this is a weakness you can exploit. Go for the soft candies like the gummy bears and place just a tiny bit in the trap. Chocolate is also among the best mouse baits; it is enticing and delicious for mice.


5. Yarn, Dental Floss or Cotton Balls

These baits are ingenious as they provide the most needed material mice search for when building their nests during winter. When the temperatures drop, mice seek refuge indoors so these baits will be highly attractive to them.


To maximize results, wrap the dental floss or yarn around the trigger so that the mouse can pull it and ultimately set off the trigger.

6. Cat or dog food

best trap for mouse

Some pet owners have learned the hard way on the importance of putting pet food in secure locations because mice eat pet food. Dry cat meals are a delicacy for mice. Therefore, you can try them yourself and tie the food with a thread on the trigger so that when the mouse pulls, it snaps.

How to Bait a Mouse: 6 Tips

When preparing the bait, you need to take certain precautions to ensure that you do no lessen your chances of success.

1. Use Gloves

Whether you are placing bait in the trap or removing a dead rat, you need to put on gloves. It is essential because the gloves prevent you from leaving your scent on the trap. Mice can easily pick up the scent, and their intuitive nature will deter them from going for the bait.

Also, when you are removing a captured mouse, do not touch it with bare hands, the mouse might be diseased, and it is better to stay safe.

Most kinds of gloves will do. You can use the dishes gloves or even healthcare gloves, as long as you keep your hands off the bait and trap.

2. Ambush the mice hard on an opening day

They say that the most opportune time to hit the mice is on the first day when you set-up the mouse traps while using the best mouse trap technology. Therefore, launch a vigorous campaign against them on the opening night of the attack. Use enough mouse traps and place them correctly.

It is more likely that you will execute most of them on the first day than you will on the subsequent days.

3. Do not expect immediate results

When you get a mouse trap, you may think that you will achieve satisfactory results instantly. However, you need to entice the mice to the trap by placing it in their high traffic areas. You do this by disabling the trigger and using baits that they most love. So they will keep coming for more since they are now accustomed to it, then you can let the trigger do its job.

4. Use tiny bits of bait

Overloading the trap with bait is not the correct way to do it. If you do so, the smart mice will lick it off without the trigger sensing any activity. Therefore, these little guys will keep eating your bait, scampering away, multiplying and eventually return as a colony.

So don’t be too generous with bait.

5. Use enough mouse traps

For better results, place mouse traps along the wall with 2 feet spacing between them. It is the best way to get a good number of them. Otherwise, if they are many in a specific location put mouse traps that are inches apart to counter their number.

Enough mouse traps can significantly reduce their numbers.

6. Keep changing the bait

When you have found the right mouse trap bait, never forget to switch up the baits from time to time. The bait must always be fresh, and if you leave it till it rots and gives off a bad smell, it will become a rat repellent.

To keep the mice at bay remember to do this.

What To Do If Your Mouse Bait is Ineffective

If your encounter with a specific mouse trap bait have proven unsuccessful, here is what you should do.

  • Trial and error. Try out other kinds of bait and test which one is more efficient.
  • Consider buying a new mouse trap. Maybe it is your mouse trap that is not functioning well. You can find other more effective ones in the market. It does not hurt to experiment with them.
  • Try the electric mouse traps which have more significant sensing capabilities. Traditional traps may not catch tiny mice which are almost weightless. The high sensing feature of electronic versions can detect them. So you will not have cases of mice outsmarting your mouse trap.
  • Place your mouse trap where you have observed a lot of mice activity. You may be doing all things right, but your mouse trap location is ruining your chances of trapping mice.
  • Refer to the above tricks of luring more mice and ensure you follow them religiously.

Essential Points to Take Away

When you opt for the mouse trap way of eliminating mice, you should start by limiting the location of the trap in one area only. Secondly, inform your family and friends of the strategic sites where you have placed the traps so they are aware of it in case they are rearranging the place and they bump on them.


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It matters where you place the trap. Always target the high traffic areas and no other place. Place the traps along the paths leading in and out of their nests. It is highly likely that you will place them on cupboards, baseboards, and so forth.

To know the high traffic areas of mice, identify areas where you see any tiny black droppings. These will be your first sign of their activity. Their droppings may also leave a trail that can lead you to their nests. Furthermore, mice create holes on drywalls by gnawing on them; therefore, they can make holes that are 1.5 cm in diameter. So if you come across those small holes then you know there is where they hide.

Another striking evidence of their hiding sites can be identified if you check spots in your home that never receive traffic both human and animal. It could be behind the sofa where you may notice pellets of bird seed or pet food. It is an indicator of their safe zones.

Also, mice build their nests in undisturbed places where there is warmth mostly behind home appliances like fridges, water heaters, and ovens. With this information in mind, you are on your way to uncovering their hideouts even though you may not see them during the day because they emerge at dusk to do their mischievous activities like raiding your kitchen, pantry and other rooms.

Lastly, to ensure that you beat mice, keep using the mouse trap until you no longer catch any mice. You do this by checking and setting the bait and trap over and over. You can never be sure if the mouse trap caught them all, but if you use the trap for a specific duration of time with successful catches, you can be sure it has reduced invasion in your home.


Finding the best bait for a mouse trap may often be a challenging task. With the vast variety of bait options and the ingenuity of the mice, it can be daunting to find the bait that works for you finally. But with the tips above you are more likely get through this phase of searching much quicker and start killing these unwanted rodents.

Also, if it is just a small infestation you have a higher success rate if you strategize and implement quickly without hesitating because the mice multiply fast and they will not give you time to linger around. However, if your home or office has been invaded to an extent at which the best mouse bait is trivial, then it is time to call in professional exterminators who will treat the infested areas and clean them out.

But you can prevent a full-blown invasion by using these best mouse baits the minute you identify a mouse, and also adjust these baits to fit your situation!

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