Mosquito Trap Reviews: Best 3 Trap in 2018 & How to Make a Homemade Trap?


Mosquito trap on blue background.Mosquitoes are synonymous with summer – which is great for them and terrible for humans. These bloodsucking bugs have a way of ruining outdoor barbeques and late night bonfires. No matter how many citronella candles or TIKI torches you light, someone is going to go home with at least a dozen bites.

How can you keep mosquitoes away from your yard? We’ve talked about plants and sprays, but what about traps? Just like with any other insect, traps can be effective at killing mosquitoes.

When it comes to traps, you have two options: the DIY route, and commercial traps.

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Best 3 Mosquito Trap Reviews

If the DIY traps don’t work for you, or you just don’t have the time to go this route, a commercial trap will do the trick.

Some of the best mosquito traps are found on store shelves.

We’re going to review the best all-around trap, the best propane trap, and the best indoor trap to help you find the right products for your needs.

1. Best Mosquito Trap (in 2018): Flowtron BK-15D

Best insect killerFlowtron’s BK-15D bug zapper is the top-rated mosquito trap on the market, and it’s so effective, just one lantern provides enough coverage for 1/2-acre.

Recommended for outdoor use only, this zapper should be placed at least 25 feet away from gathering and entertaining areas. In other words – don’t hang it on your house or deck.

Using just a 15-watt bulb, this trap works instantaneously and continuously to attract mosquitoes. Once the mosquito gets close, a quick zap kills it instantly.

The ultraviolet light attracts these pests, and the grid is non-clogging to prevent clogs that short-circuit the unit.

High-impact construction makes this trap extremely durable, and the protective outer enclosure prevents birds, kids, wildlife, pets, and other wildlife from contacting the grid.

Easy to use and extremely affordable, this mosquito trap is a great option for anyone looking for a simple but effective outdoor trap.

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  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Ultraviolet light is effective at attracting mosquitoes
  • Safeguards prevent pets, kids, and wildlife from getting zapped


  • Cartridges need to be replaced every 30 days

View pricing and availability of the Flowtron BK-15D.

2. Best Propane Mosquito Trap: The Mosquito Magnet Patriot

Maybe you want a more powerful mosquito trap that can also kill other bugs, like no-see-ums, black flies, and midges. The Mosquito Magnet reviews are in – and this machine works to get rid of most biting insects.

Silent and completely odorless, this trap attracts mosquitoes, and provides cover for up to one acre of land.

Using CounterFlow Technology, the magnet emits CO2, which is what attracts mosquitoes to you in the first place. Once the mosquitoes get close, the mosquito vacuum sucks them up into the included netting where they dehydrate and die. The trap keeps these pesky bloodsuckers away from you and your guests.

The Mosquito Magnet comes with a rigid net already attached, which allows for easy disposal of any trapped bugs.

The machine also comes with a 50-foot cord and lawn clips to keep the cord securely in place.

Running the Mosquito Magnet 24/7 will provide you with the best results – and a mosquito-free yard.

The machine can work with two different types of attractants: Lurex and Ocetnol. Lurex is recommended for southern regions, while Ocetnol is recommended for northern regions.


  • Mimics humans to attract mosquitoes.
  • Also traps no-see-ums, midges and black flies.
  • Extra-long cord makes it easy to place this trap anywhere in your yard.


  • Can be expensive to run

View pricing and availability of the Mosquito Magnet Patriot.

3. Best Indoor Mosquito Trap: Aspectek Powerful 20W Indoor Insect Killer

All the commercial traps we’ve reviewed so far have been for outdoor use. What if you have mosquitoes inside your Top Insect Killer home? No, you don’t have to resort to chemical sprays and walking around covered in DEET.

The Aspectek bug zapper is an indoor mosquito killer, and works in similar ways to outdoor zappers.

The great thing about this device is that it also kills flies and other flying bugs. Just one machine provides coverage for 6,000 square feet of space.

Designed for use indoors, this zapper works great in kitchens, hospitals, workplaces, and homes. A collection tray collects all the zapped and dead mosquitoes, and is easily washed in the sink.

Flying bugs, like mosquitoes, are killed by the powerful electric grid, and the included wire chain allows you to hang this zapper up high on the wall away from humans.

A protective cage surrounds the zapper to prevent accidental contact by pets or people.

With little maintenance required, you can leave this mosquito killer running all hours of the day to keep your home bug-free. Just remove the bug tray, clean it, and you’re ready to start catching mosquitoes again.

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  • Easy to use
  • Can be used indoors
  • Little maintenance
  • Bug tray is easy to clean


  • May kill more than just insects

Some people have found dead mice and other small animals in their zappers. If this is a concern for you, you may want to reconsider this mosquito killer.

View pricing and availability of the Aspectek Powerful Indoor Insect Killer.

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DIY Mosquito Trap

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