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How to Get Rid of Lice for Your Child? (6 Best Products & 8 Home Remedies)

Close up of a head louse.

You know what’s the scariest part of having your child’s hair infested with lice? No, it’s not any health hazard, it’s even more than that. Your family might be shunned socially. That’s so true, as nobody likes to have that creepy sensation. The first few symptoms you are likely to witness in your child may include—intense itching in head that might cause tiny blood spots on child’s scalp. To confirm, ask your child more about itching. Most importantly, ask him about any moving sensation in his scalp, if he answers in affirmative, know that it’s time to delouse your world.

What to Do if Your Child Has Lice?

Parents usually get panicked when they see their child as a victim of head lice infestation. Is it ok to panic? If not, then what should be the right strategy by the parents? Read on to know more about lice infestation and head lice treatment.

  1. No Need to Freak out!

Feeling panicked about head lice infestation in your child is natural. But it cannot help you in any way. Hold on and relax. Head lice are harmless parasitic insects. They do not cause any serious threat to your child’s health. All you need is to follow an effective plan (to kill) to get rid of nits and lice permanently.

  1. Combing is the Key!

Drug stores are flooded with various types of anti-lice products. What about nits? For long-term solution of lice infestation, it is essential to get rid of each and every lice egg found in the scalp. As medication does not remove nits, you’d have to take off those remaining head lice eggs on your own. It used to be a tedious task in the past but not anymore. Nit/lice combs and fined-toothed metal comb promise the fastest and easiest solution to the problem. Besides that, you can use your fingernails or tweezer to pluck those glued parasites out of the hair shafts. All you need is to dampen your child’s hair first.

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  1. Try Best Products for Killing Lice

Find the most effective and safe anti-lice products for your child. In case, these products don’t work as effectively as you want, getting medical advice is another option. Some of the best products may include:

Trying over-the-counter medicated shampoos is the easiest anti-lice remedy for kids. RID anti-lice shampoo is both safe and effective. For best results, use according to the purchase guidelines. It should be applied in dry hair. The amount of shampoo depends on the length of hair. The best thing about it is the conditioning formula that keeps the hair soft after using it (that generally lacks in other head lice shampoos).

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Nix brings several anti-lice products, each effective on different head lice formulations. Each product by Nix contains delousing tools to help you in getting rid of nasty nits, newly hatched lice and adult head lice. Nix crème rinse prevents re-infestation of lice for the next 2 weeks after first application.

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Using lice freee spray is a non-toxic way of getting rid of lice. This head lice product is safer for using on kids as young as 6 months old, than many other lice sprays. All you have to do is to spray it and wait till it gets dry.

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LiceMD is a chemical-free anti-lice product. Approved and tested by pediatricians, this product is safe for kids and works effectively on nits and lice. Its thicker consistency tends to lubricate the hair and makes it easy for you to comb out the lice and eggs.

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Its non-flammable formula makes it a safer choice for your child. Just 10 minutes of application is good enough to suffocate and dehydrate those scalp parasites.

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  • Malathion Lotion 5%

Though not recommended for the kids under 6 (its flammable), this prescription insecticide is effective on lice. It must not be exposed to any heat source. Simply apply it in the scalp and leave for 10 to 12 hours and rinse well with shampoo. Reuse it after 7 to 9 days, if you find any lingering louse.

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  1. Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Head Lice

Parents who don’t want to use any over-the-counter lice treatments for their kids, they can get assistance from some useful home remedies to kill lice.

  • Olive Oil

Smothering the lice is one of the most effective home remedies. Lice have several breathing holes on their bodies. It would not be easy to suffocate them as they can survive for hours without breathing. Using olive oil in the scalp for about 12 hours can kill lice effectively. For best result, cover your head with a shower cap. Don’t forget to comb out your hair before washing them.

  • Blow Dry Hair

Exposure to heat is another easier way of getting rid of nits (less effective on live lice). For improved results, try blow drying with direct heat to the scalp, after washing hair. It may kill some lice as well. Those who have used any type of chemical or flammable product on their hair, must refrain from using blow dryers, flat iron/hair straightener.

  • Hair Dunk

Dunking the hair in hot water can also kill nits and lice. To do that, your first step should be to moisturize your scalp well with some conditioner. It would make it difficult for the lice to move. Comb out as many parasites as you can. The second step is to dunk the hair in hot (bearable for kids) water for some time.

  • Petroleum Jelly or Hair Styling Gel

Coating your scalp with petroleum jelly or hair styling gel is a technique known for suffocating the lice. The extreme grease tends to block their breathing holes.

  • Mayonnaise

Slathering real full fat mayo on the scalp is a proven technique to suffocate lice. To get the best results, leave it in the scalp for overnight and cover your hair with a shower cap. Use a lice comb before washing it out. If the problem persists, repeat the same process about a week later.

  • Shrink-wrap Method

This process involves application of a non-toxic (very important) product in your child’s scalp. Leave it for some time and comb the hair out. Lastly, use blow dry to kill any remaining nits and lice.

  • Dishwashing Liquid

Effective on pests like roaches, dishwashing liquid is also considered useful for cutting down the glue-like substance released by the female louse to stick her eggs. Secondly, it’s good for washing the greasy elements (mayonnaise, olive oil, tea tree oil, petroleum jelly) that we normally use for smothering the lice.

  • Vinegar

Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are considered effective home remedies for killing lice and removing the nits from hair shafts. Its harsh acidic properties (acetic acid) help in fighting lice infestation. Follow the simple method;

  • Apply on scalp (with or without diluting)
  • Leave for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Wrap a towel or a shower cap on your head
  • Dunk the nit comb in vinegar and comb out the hair before rinsing.

Hire a Delousing Service

Those who do not want to go through all the toxic or non-toxic procedures, think about hiring some head lice expert for delousing your child’s scalp. To know about such professionals, inquire the people in your close social circle.

Conclusion: Whatever method you pick for getting rid of lice infestation for your child, make sure to opt for close follow-up inspections on weekly basis. Even a single nit, remaining in your child’s scalp, can cause re-infestation. And we are sure, you would not like that.

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