Japanese Beetle Traps: 6 Best Selling Traps in 2019 & 5 DIY Traps

What is a Japanese beetle trap?

Japanese beetle traps are pheromone traps containing lure from two different plants geraniols (Rose) and geranium. These pheromones then attract insects especially Japanese beetles, and they die because they cannot resist it. These are efficient methods of catching Japanese beetles and acts at huge distances.

Do the Japanese beetle work?

Japanese beetle traps are marketed and sold commercially to gardeners with plants especially roses. Japanese beetle traps possess two attractants sex pheromone and flower lure. These insects spend their day mostly in mating or feeding in large groups.The Japanese beetles come with merits as well as demerits. They work well as a tool for surveying the species of Japanese beetles.They are perfect for getting rid bugs infested in localized areas.

Best selling Japanese beetle traps in 2019

1. Safer brand Japanese beetle trap

Safer brand Japanese beetle trap isolated on the white.

Product overview: Highly efficient and easy to use.The mating cycle is disturbed by the use of Biolure pheromone which attracts beetles and insects into the trap.Both males and females are attracted towards pheromone and floral lure respectively.It needs to be changed after every 4-6 weeks.

How to use it: Make a cross by sliding vanes together.Insert twist tie for around 1cm into the holes above the vane assembly and secure it by turning.Attach disposable bag with the vane assembly by sliding slits over the hook along the lower end.Peel off the back and open the floral lure and attach the bait with the top vane.Place the trap during June/July around the planting area above upwind side.One trap is used for 20 meters area underneath the sunlight.Keep it away from plantings about 3 meters.

Benefits and results you get after using it:
It allows a controlled amount of release of bait to increase the bait life.Helps in getting rid of beetles in large numbers.


2. Spectracide bag-a-bug Japanese beetle trap

Best Beetle Trap

Product overview: It is effective for 5000-6000 square feet area.These traps Last for an entire season and Control the beetles through natural biology.

How to use it: Sliding vanes into the slots making them interlocked.Attach the lure the yellow vanes.Bend the top part inside to protect it from rain.Attach the disposable bags above the yellow lane and push the slit above each hook.3-4 inches of hanger should be attached to the vane assembly.Twist tie to lock the trap.It should be located at least 20-30 feet downwind.Place it away from the foliage.Check the trap periodically to remove the beetles from the bags when they are full.The lure should be replaced after every 12-13 weeks and replace the bags after every 5-6 days.

Benefits and results you get after using it:
Attracts the beetles 2-6 times more than other beetles as it possesses both sex and floral lures.


3. Tanglefoot Japanese beetle xpando trap

Tanglefoot Japanese beetle xpando trap isolated on the white.

Product overview: This trap uses floral pheromone lure which attracts both female and male beetles.Japanese beetles eat everything and dine in groups.The yellow color of this trap along with tempting lures makes it is a highly efficient type of trap against beetles.Ideal for commercial and home use.The attractive bait can be refilled.

How to use it: It consists of 1 funnel, two vanes, one collection cage, one bait lure.
Slide vanes into the channels and then attach it to the funnel.The vane locks into the funnel, so put this vane funnel assembly into the collection cage.Hold the trap from the top and pull it down.Peel off and remove the dual lure.Press 1 edge inside the vane slit and tip at the opposite slot.Now it is ready to use.Locate it 10 feet downwind to trap the beetles.

Benefits and results you get after using it:
One bait works for the complete season. Reduces the population without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides


4. Bonide chemical Japanese beetle trap

top Chemical Japanese Beetle Trap

Product overview: A dual pheromone and floral lure trap, provides protection for around 5000-6000 square feet area, all round the year.It’s Highly irresistible and attractive.It secures the beetles in disposable bags which are hourglass shaped.

How to use it: The lure holder on the side possess hooks to which the disposable bags are attached.Small stones can be placed inside the bag to ensure they are stable.

Benefits and results you get after using it:

  • Securely traps the beetles.
  • Usage of disposable bags reduces your chances of contact with insects.
  • It prevents the escape of beetles from disposable bags.


5. Rescue-disposable Japanese/oriental beetle trap

Rescue-disposable Japanese beetle trap on the white.

Product overview: Trap should be centrally placed so that pheromone is dispersed in all directions. Zips are present at the bottom which helps the bags to be emptied and allow them to be reused.The bag is welded to green panels so that it attaches to one assembly. It is a trap designed with scientific method which controls the release of sex and floral attractants.

How to use it: Topmost part of the bag is unfolded and is attached to the yellow panels. Drop the twist tie by holding trap upside down. The side flaps of panels create a funnel which restricts the beetles from moving out. Push the flaps on each side and snap the notches. Pass the twist tie through the panels and secure it tightly to the traps. Placement of traps should be 30 feet away. Bottom of the bag can be opened to release the beetles into the trash.

Benefits and results you get after using it:
Possess a highly durable nylon bag.It has all the accessories in one trap so no need of buying further accessories separately. Plastic cone is provided to handle the attractants. It is a highly efficient method to get rid of beetles and other insects.


6. Urban Nature Beetle Trap

Urban Nature Beetle Trap

Product overview: Comes in a single pack with pheromone and floral lure. This attracts both female and male beetles. Long lasting attractants which fit into all traps of different sizes.

How to use it: use is similar to Tanglefoot Japanese beetle Xpando trap.

Benefits and results you get after using it:
It is an excellent product which catches the insects in high populations. Zero leakage identified and is odorless.One lure bait works for the whole season.

How to make a DIY Japanese beetle trap

1. Materials and tools
  • 3-5 gallon bucket.
  • A hanger coated with a wire.
  • A type of funnel which allows transmission of fluid.
  • A Japanese beetle lure replacement with two types Mesh pouch and puck style.
  • A hole saw of 1.5.”
  • A multi-tool.
2. Preparing the funnel
Cut funnel few inches so that the hole is around 1 inch. This allows the beetle to flow down the funnel directly into the bucket which will prevent the funnel from clogging.
3. Adding the wire hanger
Use an awl from a multi-tool kit to cut a hole about 1 inch into the funnel. Cut your wire hanger about 10 inches. Bend the wire hanger and secure around the funnel while using holes. At the end of lure from a hook.
4. Cut the lid
Cut hole of 1.5” inside the lid. Use either large or small hole saw according to your funnel size. At the top of hole put the trap and above that place a brick.
5. Bait the trap
Put the lid on the uppermost part of the bucket and place the funnel inside the hole. Open up the lure of bait and hang it on the hook. Keep an eye and watch for the insects to approach towards it.Take a shovel and burrow a hole for catching Japanese beetles. You can also use a soapy solution to drown them.


Japanese beetle trap is an ideal biological method with natural attractants.Use of natural sex attractants in these traps are helpful to attract the bugs and get rid of them. It is a comfortable and alternative way to use traps instead of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

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