Spider Traps: 9 Best-Selling Spider Traps & How to Use Them

Spider traps can help you trap a spider using an active trap field entrance, spider glue traps or other means that trap the critter (and often kill it). I’m going to review nine of the best traps on the market today, but before I do that, let’s discuss how to set a spider trap properly.

How to Set a Spider Trap

Spider traps came in a lot of different styles, so you’ll need to know how to trap spiders using the best-selling traps. You can make your own traps or kill spiders in various ways, but real traps work best.

If you’re dealing with black widow spiders or a brown recluse spider, you will need a recluse spider trap.

Obviously, pay attention to the size of the spider trap to make sure it is large enough to trap the spider(s) you’re trying to get rid of now. Once you’re sure you have the right spider trap, you’ll need to know how to set the trap.

The three most common traps and how to set them, include:

1. Sticky Glue Trap

Sticky traps are reliant on trap surface margins, and this is a way to kill the spider. You need a trap with moisture-resistant glue, and the trap will have the glue on one side. You’ll want to:

  • Place the traps away from animals and kids.
  • Place the trap where spiders walk into the trap.
  • Place underneath furniture or against baseboards.
  • Place 3 traps in the room.

The trap you choose should have instructions on proper placement and setup.Cartoon picture on spiders on their net.

2. Catching in Webs

If you don’t want to kill the spider, you can catch them in their webs (if they’re around) using a glass jar or container. You’ll want to wear gloves just in case it is a deadly venomous spider.

You’ll want to:

  • Place the jar or container over the spider.
  • Flip the container quickly.
  • Place a lid on the container or put an index card over the entrance.

If this doesn’t work, use the index card to force the spider into the container to remove it and place it somewhere else. I normally just put the spider back outside.

3. Sugar Syrup Board

A sugar syrup board is a homemade trap, and this trap works just like a glue trap. The problem with the syrup trap is that it will attract other insects, too, including ants. So, if you have one of these traps out in the open, be prepared for an army of ants.

You’ll follow the same directions as you did with the glue trap.

Any web crawler except really big spiders will get stuck in this trap. If you want to make this trap, you’ll need:

  • Large cardboard piece
  • 250 ml water
  • Sugar balls

What you want to do is: boil the water, add sugar balls into the water, and mix them together while mashing. Leave in the water for one minute and add more as needed to break the balls down.

Stir and allow to boil for 4 minutes or so to allow the mixture to turn into a syrup consistency.

Place the mixture on a piece of cardboard, making sure to spread the mixture out. If the mixture is sticky enough, it will work very well to catch a variety of different spiders – mostly small spiders.

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9 Best Spider Traps Reviews

1. TERRO Spider & Insect Trap

TERRO Spider & Insect Trap on the white.

TERRO offers a spider / insect trap in one. The T3200 is a trap I’ve seen in stores, and it’s also available online. This trap is designed to do two main things: trap and kill. Each product comes with four traps, and they can trap:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Scorpions
  • Crickets
  • Cockroaches

And I really like that these traps will last for three months. Just place all four traps near spider paths and entryways, and you’ll soon find a plethora of insects and spiders caught in the trap(s).

It’s a super-simple trap to use, and it works very well.


2. Brown Recluse Spider Traps (30, non-toxic)

Non-toxic, these 30 traps are perfect for the average size home. You’ll be able to cover nearly every corner in a home, best Spider Trapsaccording to Kansas University research. This trap is designed to catch brown recluse spiders, and you’ll be able to positively identify your spider afterward.

I like when a University recommends a trap – it gives me peace of mind in knowing the product will work.

You just:

  • Fold the traps
  • Place 3+ in each room
  • Wait

The spiders, as well as other insects, will get stuck in the traps over time.


3. Trapper Insect Trap

Trapper’s insect trap offers 90 traps, and for me, this means spending less money buying additional traps. There are top insect trap30 boards that break into 90 traps, and this means you can place traps around your home for months.

This is a very affordable trap.

And this trap works for everything, including:

  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches

Perforated lines allow the 7″ x 3″ traps can be broken into smaller traps. You just need to place the tablets on the pads (optional), and let the traps do their magic.

These traps are placed around the home like a standard glue trap.


4. Victor Poison-Free Spider Trap

Victor’s M293 is designed to help catch the Hobo Spider. It’s pre-baited and doesn’t require any baiting. This small Super Spider Trappack of four traps is a great buy, and it helps trap those pesky venomous spiders, which you should be scared of in the wild.

Easy to use, there’s a lock-tab tent that keeps insects out of view.

Simply set these traps, and throw them out when you’re sure you’ve caught the spider. It’s simple and easy.


5. Direct Spider & Insect Trap (24 Traps)

Traps Direct offers a 24-trap model that will help trap crawling insects and is easy to assemble. You can leave these outstanding Spider & Insect Traptraps as:

  • Tents
  • Boxes

You can also leave the trap flat. This model is family-safe, and its green patterns blend with the environment and contain no pesticides or poisons.

And it works – very well.


6. Tomcat Household Pest Glue Boards

Tomcat Household Pest Glue Boards isolated on white background.

Tomcat’s pest glue boards are designed to trap an array of different critters, and this includes some of the scariest: scorpions, spiders and roaches. If any insect flies or crawls into these traps, they’ll be trapped.

It’s a very effective glue trap.

I love this trap since it can catch most pests with ease. This formula is pesticide-free – a major bonus. And the larger area works to provide extra holding power to help catch larger spiders and pests in your home.


7. P.F. HARRIS Irresistible Lure Spider Traps

Awesome Natural Spider Glue Traps with Lure

P.F. Harris offers a two-pack trap that contains a special type of glue that is meant to lure spiders into the trap. Effective and very affordable, the biggest issue I have with this trap is that it only contains two traps.

The special lure attracts bugs and insects of all types.

Place in high-traffic areas where bugs and insects are most present.


8. Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

Pest control doesn’t get any easier than a plug-in and forget-it design. This model of ultrasonic Fabulous Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent repellent is designed with cutting-edge technology that emits inaudible sounds to keep spiders and bugs at bay.

It’s eco-friendly and provides less waste, too.

I really like this trap because there’s no extra effort needed. You just:

  • Plug the unit in the wall
  • Sit and wait

The rest is taken care of by the trap itself.


9. Springstar Silverfish and Spider Trap

Incomparable Silverfish and Spider TrapSpringstar’s S206 trap is designed to help with two main pests: silverfish and spiders. This trap comes in a one- and two-pack design, and it’s certified green – so it’s not bad for the environment.

This model is an effective method of catching spiders without the need for pesticides or poison – a major benefit.

There are six traps per box.

You can use this trap safely around:

  • Food
  • Pets
  • Kids

Simply place these traps in corners or areas where you see silverfish or spiders, and the rest is handled by the trap.


Quality spider traps will work just as well as a pest exterminator in most circumstances. You’ll be able to control the spider population in an eco-friendly, non-toxic way if you choose. Just keep in mind that a lot of local stores will carry only the toxic traps that can harm pets and other insects.

If you believe you have spiders that need to be eradicated, these traps can help.

Just remember that spiders, if you have a garden, are a great source of protection and will kill pests and bugs that can harm your fruits, plants and produce.

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