What Is a Dog Repellent & How You Can Use Them?

Dogs really do deserve their title ‘man’s best friend’, aside from cuteness, they help their owners fight depressions. Dogs are a very popular house pet but they are always not the best things for our garden and indoors. Dog owners often get furious when they notice that their loved one becomes damaging to their furniture and other possessions. They chew the furniture, pee, and poop on lawns, this not only causes damages to the stuff rather it affects the health of pets too. However, the usage of repellents provides relief for both the dog owners as well as the man’s best friend.

The dog repellent can help keep unfriendly dogs at a bay because most of the commercial sprays are safe and offer the clear advantage over dogs. But what is a dog repellent?

The Basics – What are Dog Repellents?

Dog repellents are helpful in keeping your canine and your home safe by smoothly modifying undesirable behavior using tastes, sounds, and smells.

Apparently, DIY dog repellents are often the quickest and fast fire way to have a control towards your loved member. This is one of the ways to keep your dogs away from the lawn. They are basically made of ammonia and vinegar to keep the dogs at the bay. Apparently, vinegar is not good for the plants and affects flowering. Therefore you can spread strips of this blend all across the garden to drive away the dogs and to protect your garden as well.

There are also other several options for keeping the dogs off the property.

dog repellents

  • Liquid Repellents

– Although dog owners love their pets unconditionally, however those with the uninvited ones often cause serious damage to the lawn by urinating and feces, because these things are damaging for your lawn and quite yucky… However liquid repellents come as an aid to the dog owners to keep the intruders off the bay. Some of the liquid repellents are made of essential natural oils which are environmentally safe and bio-degradable, however, the most common liquid repellents are made of ammonia and vinegar. The pungent smell of the chemical creates an aversion for the canine and they prefer to stay out. Conversely, some animal ingests the vinegar, in such instances- the dogs are affected with stomach discomfort, nausea, and few others. Similarly, these chemicals peel off your property as well so they are not a very good choice.

  • Granular Repellents

– They repellents are made of active ingredients like chili and cayenne pepper which the dogs dislike the most. This form of repellent protects the yard and garden from dogs and cats. Moreover, these ingredients don’t cause any long lasting injury to your canine, so no harm in using this repellent. The main disadvantage of liquid and granular repellents are, during rain or showers these repellents easily gets washed away, so they need to use again and again.

  • Water sprinkle Repellents

– If using any of the above methods doesn’t impress you, then you can try using the water sprinkler repellent. They are found truly effective against aggressive canine members because this strategy is sensed by animal up to 35 feet. Besides this, unlike the liquid and granular repellents, water sprinkle repellents don’t cause any harm to the animal, rather the method just frighten off the animal with a stream of water. There is absolutely no presence of harmful chemicals so there are no side effects for the man’s best friend.

Dog repellents based on the power of sound can be grouped into two major categories and they are the widely used method and are quite effective means.

  1. Devices emitting sounds
  2. Ultrasonic repellents
  • Device emitting sounds

– This is designed to repel aggressive dogs by emitting a sound that is repulsive to dogs. This is a compassionate approach that is designed to naturally dissuade the canine when the sound radiated.

dog repellents

  • Ultrasonic repellents

– Many dog owners are generally more focused towards their safety when it comes to aggressive dogs, for such natured dogs, ultrasound repellents are rather a good choice which has the frequency level which is audible to the animal and is out of the human hearing range. Using the ultrasonic technology, the DAZER produces a thwarting yet not damaging high frequency that is perceptible to dogs but not humans.

The ultrasonic device works from a deterrent distance, it is immaterial to have a precise aim, even a staggered try will work out. On using the ultrasonic repellents, with the dogs when in an aggressive mood, they turn confused and stop showing their aggressive behavior.

Reasons why you Ultrasonic repellents are the good choice

These devices keep the unfriendly dogs at the bay and is a truly safe option for humane.

  • The best part of ultrasonic repellents are, they stop their current behavior without any distractions. So they are safe for dogs
  • Most jobs offer little health and safety for the owners during dog walk especially when it comes against ruthless dogs. This mode is safe for humans and the frequency is only audible to dogs so no piece of disturbances to humans
  • Ease of use – While sprays and granules are carried away by wind and water, this ultra-high frequency device is the best choice of repellents.
  • Versatile – While many of the other choices work good for the general breed, it may not be effective for bigger breeds. Apparently, ultrasonic repellents can be used as a deterrent for all forms of the breed.
  • Convenience – These devices are super-convenient. Unlike the other option, it is not necessary to carry loads of stuff, rather ultrasonic repellents are small devices, which can be easily carried anywhere.

With an endless amount of benefits, ultrasonic devices leave us wondering whether they can do anything more. These devices are highly recommendable and truly a good choice for both the animal as well as the owners.


Dogs are the best company for a human so they often fertilize our lawns with poops and spraying pee. However this is not a good sign, so dog owners find ways to repel them. The above choice will provide a better understanding for the dog owners to make a right choice besides staying safe!

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