Natural Repellants Help Keep Dogs off the Furniture

Dogs are the best friends of humans. Many people like to have canines as their pets at home. Though keeping dogs is peaceful, but pet dogs would sometime create trouble for the dog owners. Pets are left free in the home. When they are free to move anywhere in the home, they would wander around the expensive furniture, garden, and shoe rack and it can get damaged. The pet dogs damage the expensive furniture by pooping, chewing the upholstery and shedding fur on it. Ideally, dogs would like to sit on the furniture, as it is cozy and comfortable. It is hard for dogs to resist the temptation of sitting and playing on the couch. Few dogs go further and take a nap on the couch or on the bed. To keep the dogs away from your plush furniture, you need to use dog repellants that would make this four-legged species to stay away from the furniture.

Repellants are considered to be the best way to keep dogs away from your furniture rather confining dogs to one room or putting it in a den. This works better rather than training them. There are many stores which sell the repellants, but these are expensive and are made of harmful chemicals, which are poisonous to kids and pets. You can prepare the repellants right at your home using natural ingredients. This would be an easy yet cost-effective option.

Are you puzzled about what kind of repellent do I use to keep my dog off my furniture? Then read on the following to know about the natural and cost-effective repellants to keep pets away from your furniture without hurting them.


 Dog repellents

You can spray, pepper around the furniture. This is the smell that dogs do not like to inhale. When you spray, pepper, it keeps them away from lounging on the furniture. In addition to pepper, you can also use various other sprays as per the taste of the dogs. You need to try spraying vinegar, alcohol, citrus and other strong smells that dogs do not like.

You should buy a plastic bottle to use that as a repellant. It is advised not to use the old bottles, since this may contain the old liquids which would dilute the smell of the spray you would like to pour in it or make the spray more harmful by mixing with the already existing chemicals. Fill the bottle with pepper spray. Spray this liquid in and around the furniture. When dogs come closer to the furniture, it causes irritation in the eyes and nose of dogs which avoids them from going and playing on the furniture. If this mixture does not work, then you can try the other one. You need to be careful while using this mixture on light colored furniture, since this may cause stains on them.

Essential Oils

Dogs dislike the smell of essential oils. You can use the eucalyptus, cinnamon and sour apple fragrances to keep the dog away from the furniture. You can spray a few drops of this oil around the furniture to let the dog smell and never come close to it. If you could not see results, you can increase the strength of the essential oil. Ensure that the repellant you use does not stain or discolor the carpets or furniture. First, you would need to carry out the test on some unnoticeable area and then spray it on the entire piece of furniture.

Vinegar and Lime Juice

Dogs do not like the fragrance of vinegar. You need to soak the cotton balls in vinegar and place them in the corners of the furniture. Furthermore, you can also mix vinegar with lime juice and spray this mixture over the shoe rack. This will avoid pets from chewing shoes. You should never spray vinegar over plants, since this may kill or wilt the plants. It is highly recommended to soak cotton balls in vinegar and leave the cotton balls to get dried. Once it is dry, you can place this best dog repellant around the furniture and plants.

Mustard Oil

You can spray mustard oils in the problematic areas to avoid canines from roaming around those places. This is more powerful and cost-effective way to keep dogs away from your expensive furniture.

Chili Powder

 Dog repellents

This sounds a violent method, but is actually the best dog repellants to keep a puppy off from damaging your furniture.


The smell of this ingredient is hated by dogs. Soak cotton balls in ammonia and place those balls around the furniture. This will not let dogs wander or play around that particular area.


The strong smell of alcohol will repel dogs like anything else. You need to soak cotton balls in alcohol and place in the problematic areas. This will stop the dogs from playing on your soft and expensive couch and this keeps your furniture away from the furry smell.


You can cut and place the citrus fruits like lemon and orange in the problem areas. You can also spray the citrus liquid around the furniture to keep dogs off from playing on it. Another best way you can adopt is to place the peels of orange and lemon in the corners of the furniture. If you find the peels are ruining the look, then you can place a glass of lemon water on the table closer to the couch and chairs to protect the things you love from canines.

Dog Poop

When you are repelling dogs away from furniture, you would be wondering how dog poop can be used as a repellant. But, yes dog’s poop is the effective way to keep furniture, dog-safe in a cost-effective way. If your dog digs the furniture and damages it totally, you would need to place the poop in the problematic areas. Dogs will never like to dig out its poop and thus refrain from going to those areas where the poop is placed. Once dogs’ starts losing interest in going to those problem areas, you can remove poop.

The following are a few simple and inexpensive ways to stop dogs from the nasty habit of jumping, napping and playing on the furniture.

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