Where to Buy Dog Repellents ?

Dogs are the most domesticated animals and yet there are times when humans and dogs find it difficult to co-exist together. As much fun it is to have the dogs around the house, it is troublesome to deal with some annoying habits. The fact that they chew on your expensive furniture, litter on your cleaned floors and create ruckus sometimes can make you keep them away at times. Dog repellents are mostly used to keep the dogs away from the corners where you don’t want them to be around.

While best dog repellents can be a big help for people who are totally averse to dogs and help them save the house from dog’s entrance the repellents are great for general use. There are a lot of home remedies to produce the natural form of dog repellents. But it is easy to get the readymade dog repellents to make our lives easier.

Where to buy dog repellents?

Dog repellents today are available in the market very easily. The market has developed so much that there is more and number of brands coming up with dog food, clothing and care products. To get the best of dog repellents from the market you can look for the brands which offer dog-related products. These brands deal with a variety of products like dog food, dog medicines, dog couches and more.

A whole range of dog repellents is available across online websites too. You can easily go through some of the popular e-commerce websites and browse through the pet supplies section to find some amazing dog repellents which are available in herbal, ayurvedic, chemical and home-made versions. Ideal pick if to use the herbal, home-made or the ayurvedic ones as these are potential harmless to the dogs while helping you keep them at bay.

dog repellents

Dog repellents are also available at local stores which supply the pet essentials. There are a number of herbal brands which promote the use of safety products for pets and hence make available both pet sprays and spot-feed for repelling the pets.

What to look for in dog repellents?

Dog repellents are a big help when it comes to keeping the dogs at bay but it can equally be dangerous when it is not chosen or put appropriately. The key to using the dog repellents to the optimum is to use it in safety. Here are some of the things to look for in dog repellents.

  • Chemicals

There are varieties of dog repellents available in the market – chemical, herbal, ayurvedic and more. While using the most natural form of dog repellents made from home ingredients are the best – when you pick any of the ready-made dog repellents you should keep in mind that they are chemical-free. Choose from the herbal or ayurvedic ones so that you can preserve the health of dogs and keep them away at the same time.

  • Safety of use

While dog repellents are a great way to keep dogs away from you – it is also sometimes unsafe to use. Using the dog repellents around the house, in furniture etc means that you are also open to contacts with the chemicals or sometimes things which might cause you harm. Especially when there is a child in the house the use of the dog repellent should be made with care.

  • Quantity of use

It is always safe to use the dog repellents in as minimum quantities are possible. When you use too much of the repellent to apply or put in an environment it might not just irritate the pet but also potentially harm them. The products generally come with the guidance on the amount to be used at a go!

dog repellents

  • Lasting effect

Make sure that the dog repellent you use has a lasting effect and does not fade away in just a few hours. Best dog repellents come with usage that lasts almost about an entire day or sometimes even more than a couple of days. Best to use the ones which give a lasting effect so that you don’t have to keep coming back to replace the doses again and again.

What safety issues should be kept in mind while buying dog repellents?

Dog repellents are useful but have potential harm to both the dogs and the humans. With the high amounts of toxic substance or chemicals used in the production of these repellents, safety is always a concern. This is the reason a majority of people go for the home-made versions of repellents which although last short but take care of the health. There are some safety issues related to buying of dog repellents which should be kept in mind.

  • Check the expiry date always before buying the dog repellents as they are chemicals and when expired they can harm the user immediately.
  • The dog repellents shall be safe to use on the dogs. Although they might irritate their nose, eyes or throat but should not harm them in any possible way. To check this you can find details on the packaging.
  • The best dog repellents are equally safe for the humans to use. Most of the dog repellents should be kept away from children, away from consumption and even stored in certain pre-conditioned environments. Make sure that all the details are provided and it is safe to use by you.
  • There shouldn’t be toxic chemical or acids present in the dog repellents as these can get bad anytime and harm both the user and the dogs.
  • The potential hazard of using a large amount of dog repellent should be known so that if there is any accidental usage of the same – it’s still safe for the animals.

Name some dog repellents to use?

There are a variety of dog repellents that are excellent to use and are safe for the house. They are:

  • Back off dog repellent
  • Spot on tropical dog repellent
  • Petzlife herbal defense powder
  • Endura pet herbal pet spray

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