Best Bug Repellent for Household Water Bugs

What are water bugs?

Water bugs, as the name is self-explanatory, are aquatic bugs that are attracted to water and live there. They belong from the class insect and order Hemiptera. From their appearance, they look more like the household cockroaches and sometimes people even confuse them with cockroaches because of their color and shape. There are almost 50,000 species of the water bugs. The kind of water bugs that are usually seen in the houses are the ones that are smaller in size. While other species of water bug include; giant water bug, water scorpion, water boatman, into explaining it more properly, the term ‘waterbug’ does not specifically refer to a single insect; water bugs are the different kinds of insects that are found in the water and Swampy areas. There are about one thousand five hundred species of water bugs around the world. Water bugs are oval in shape, have an antenna and a pair of six legs.

Unlike cockroaches, water bugs bite, and their bites are painful too. Some of the kinds of water bugs are found in fresh water, while another remaining kind is found underneath the water.

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Places where you can find water bugs in you house

Water bugs usually like staying and coming to the areas which are surrounded by water. As we can guess from their name, the water bugs are attracted to the water. Another thing the water bugs are attracted to is food. Yes, food can also make the water bugs come in an area.

The best and the easiest way to stay safe from the water bugs is not to keep the food or water opened it the natural bug repellent. Other than that household pest control techniques can also be used to reduce the water bugs. Some other areas where the water bugs are found are:Overview of clean kitchen.

1. Kitchen

As the kitchen is the area of the house where the water and food are found most of the times, there are chances that water bugs are found there. Try to keep all the food that is not in use at the moment in the refrigerator or the airtight box. Leaving the food and water open or uncovered will attract the water bugs and the food or water will also get wasted if the water bug sits on them.

2. Pool and bathrooms

Pools and bathrooms are also the areas where the water bugs are found as the pools are all about water, the water bugs can plan to inhabit there. Bathrooms might have the water stored in buckets or even sometimes in the form of stagnant water. The water bugs will find these places best to surround.

3. Trash can

Trash cans are also the major source of bringing in the water bugs. As trash cans have leftover foods and some wastes of fruits and vegetable (like peelings of fruits and vegetables) can cause the water bugs inhabitations. The best way to avoid them is to empty the trash cans as they fill up and keep the area neat and dried.

4. Old cardboard box

Old cardboard boxes are known as roach motels, and they may also become the source of inviting over the water bugs and roaches. Water bugs are attracted to the cardboard boxes. It is absolutely a good habit of throwing away the old cardboard box that is not of any use anymore.

5. Plant saucers

Water stored in plant saucers can also cause the growth of water bugs. Less use of plant saucers, or not using it when it’s not necessary can also reduce the risk of water bugs in your house.

6. Pet water bowls

Blue dog bowl with water isolated on a white background. Pet water bowls can also invite the water bugs population in your home. Placing the lid over the pet bowls or glass of water can prevent the reproduction of water bugs.

7. Bird bath and rainwater

Turning upside down the bird baths while it’s raining can also prevent the water bugs from increasing. As water in the bird bath or after rain is usually not flowing which is the key element that helps the water bugs invade your house.

8. Holes and cracks on the walls

Holes and cracks in the wall, pipes or any other area where there could be a chance of water bugs reproduction should be sealed and fixed so that there is no chance left for the water bugs to reproduce and increase their population.

9. Window frames

It may sound weird, but water bugs can get into your house when there are any cracks or holes or any space for them to fit in through the doors and windows. Such corners of the house should also be sealed.

Best water bug repellent

Just in case, after all the preventions mentioned above, if you still face the water bug problem, below are some of the best bug repellents are mentioned that are available in any of your nearest supermarket or grocery store. Roach pesticide treatments can also be carried out in order to reduce the number of water bugs.

1. Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer spray

A bottle of Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer spray on the white.

This spray provides the best defense against the insects including the ants and cockroaches. This insect killer spray is very effective against the water bugs and also the other insects. It is odorless and quick dry that is it dries up very fast. It provides protection from all the insects for a long period. Its actions do only include killing the bugs but also creates a shield against the bugs.

2. Eco Defence Organic Home Pest Control spray

This pest control spray is another way to kill the water bugs that invade your house. The positive point about this spray is that it is eco-friendly, which means that it is made up of environment-friendly ingredients and is organic. It is best for the houses which have pets and children as it causes no harm to the animals or humans. This product not only kills the insects but also provides long lasting prevention and protection from the pests and bugs.

3. Talstar Pro Multi Use Insecticide

This product has the ingredient known as Bifenthrin that kills the insects including spiders, ants, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes and the water bugs. This spray can be used indoors as well as outdoors to protect the garden from any pests and water bugs. It is safe for pets as well. Spray this product in the areas where the water is stored, and there is a chance of reproduction of water bugs.

4. Orange Guard Water Based Home Pest Control

Orange guard water based home pest control is an insect repellent that kills the insects like roaches, fleas, bed bugs, water bugs, etc. it is safe to use even around the pets as the label itself says it is water based. Its ingredients also include the orange extracts that help in giving it a good scent. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

5. Raid House and Garden Bug Killer

A bottle of Raid House and Garden Bug Killer on the white.

This product is odorless and does not leave any stains. This is also a multipurpose spray that kills the insects of all the kind and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Spray this product on the areas of presence of water bugs or direct on the water bugs if you can see any.

6. Cutter Backyard Bug Controller Spray Concentrate

This product is easy to use. It kills all the bugs and insects throughout the whole season and kills any kills the bugs even after it had rained.

7. Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellents

Cravegreens pest control ultrasonic repellents are an electronic repellent that is used to kill the bugs and insects. It repels the insect or makes them keep off the area. It can be plugged into the sockets. It is extremely safe and easy to use and is also safe for the houses with children and pets.


Water bugs are the group of insects that are either present in the freshwater or on the water surface. They are usually found in the places where the water is present, or the food is left opened, in the filled up trash cans, in the pools and the bathrooms. They are present in the areas where the water is left uncovered or the corners where the water could be present. The best way to avoid the water bugs is to keep a clean house or garden and dried up. Wiping off the water from the bathroom and kitchen floors can bring a positive change in preventing the water bugs from increasing their population or hatching their eggs.

Mopping floors at least once a week is also a good practice that keeps the water bugs away. Avoid spilling the food and other things onto the floor and creating a mess. Prevent the water standing in any area. Other than that some other insect repellents can also be used to get rid of the insects and water bugs.

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