Perfect Strategies of How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

Background information about water bugs

A large number of bugs live on the water, and they are known as water bugs and are classified as true water bugs. They are classified in different suborders based on different characteristics but ‘water bug’ is used as a general term for them. However, typically all members of the group undergo metamorphosis. Have very sharp-sucking beaks and all of them breathe in air. These bugs are found in on the static water of quite ponds and streams below the surface. Nevertheless, some of them do live on flowing water as well.  All of them have oval body shapes and have oar-like back legs that allow them to propel on water. The front legs are used for collecting food from different sources. Some of them are equipped with the ability to store some air beneath the wings and use it when they are submerged for longer periods.

Most of these insects feed on other small marine organisms as well as algae. Some of the have the tendency to bite humans and are predaceous water bugs. Some of the water bugs are carnivorous as well, and they feed on small snails, fish, larvae of other insects and crustaceans. The backswimmers do look like the water boatmen. However, they actually swim upside down.  Water skaters who are also known as water striders have a couple of slender and long legs which allow them to move on quite waters. Palmetto bugs are similar to roaches and are also true water bugs. Most of these insects are found in fresh water while some of them are also found in the oceans also.

These bugs can become a serious threat as some of them are equipped with poisonous enzymes while others have the tendency to spread diseases from one individual to another. Therefore, they are required to be eliminated from the households and surroundings so that you can live a happy and healthy life. There are a few steps that you have to take in order to get rid of these bugs for good.

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Clean the area

Woman with a pack of detergents.First of all, you need to make sure that your home and the surroundings are clean and don’t have any stagnant pools of water. These are the main sources that these water bugs seek to live and survive. Make sure that you perform floor clean of your house and deep clean your kitchen and garden.

1. Remove pet food and standing water

Most of the times, pet food, and standing water becomes the main reason of these water bugs. Open pet food lying on the floor and stagnant water pools are the ideal places for these water bugs to find the best conditions to grow and multiply. So, if you have any stagnant water pools or open food for your beloved pet, then you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

2. Place food inside the refrigerator

Make sure that you always place your food inside the refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables should be placed in refrigerator drawers. Due to the fact that, insects require hot and humid conditions to grow and multiply, all foods should be properly refrigerated properly. Refrigerated food has a longer life and due to the cold temperatures while refrigeration, insects or bugs cannot survive in such conditions. It the food cannot be refrigerated then it should be placed within an airtight container.

3. Use trash can with tight fitting lids

You must develop a habit of using tight-fitting lids all around you home. Whether its food containers or trash buckets, make sure that you have tight-fitting lids for all such containers. Insects and bugs don’t need much space to enter through the openings and find a food source for them. Therefore, it is important that you should use tight-fitting lids throughout your home.

4. Pick up your house and yard/garden

As you make you interiors clean, don’t forget about your exteriors as well. Water bugs can find some food source from your yard or garden as well as your house and underneath the objects that are rarely moved both inside and outside the house. Don’t leave any debris, branches, soil, pools of water, firewood or any of such material or any sort of leakages out in the open. Develop a habit of cleaning everything fortnightly or at least once a month. Recycle your food containers and newspaper on a weekly basis and get rid of any old cardboard boxes as well.

5. Deep clean the kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most important place, not only for us humans but for them insects as well. Because there are plenty of things to eat and drink that can be found in the kitchen, and because all of the cooking takes place there, therefore, it becomes necessary to clean it up as well. Make sure that your sink is clean, spray the counter tops as well as the open stove tops along with the cabinets. Keep a regular check on all these items and also look for any water leakages as well. Clean your kitchen with a disinfectant and make sure that you include all the appliances and places where the food particles may become trapped and also repair plumbing leaks.

Change lifestyle habits

Abstract spring green ecology symbol foot print stands for healthy lifestyle.In order to keep your living place clean and healthy, you need to develop some lifestyle habits, and you need to adopt them from today. If you don’t adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle today, then you will never be able to keep you house free from any bugs or insects.

· Limit snacking to a single room

We love to eat while we watch our favorite movie or we really enjoy a good snack while sitting on the balcony while enjoying some good weather. However, this can be an unhealthy activity as the bugs get more areas to find food and multiply. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to limit your snacking to a single room and make sure that you don’t make much mess.

· Clean the dining room regularly

When you have limited your snaking to a single room or your dining room, then you have to keep it clean as well. Even if you make a mess while you eat, don’t forget to clean the area and don’t give these bugs any chance to feed. Vacuuming can be done on a weekly basis and rugs along with carpets can be cleaned using detergent and water on an annual basis.

Make household repairs

Young woman looking at male worker in overall repairing oven in kitchen.This is an important one while changing your lifestyle habits and cleaning your household; you might overlook certain other areas of the house and the garden as well. Look for the places where repairs are required and make sure to fix them.

1. Fix leaky faucets

If you want to do some household repairs, then you must add fixing you faucets on your to-do list as well. Roaches have the ability to remain alive for a long period of time out-of-sight if they have access to the constant flow of water.

2. Repair the ill-fitting doors or windows

In addition to fixing the faucets, you may also check for any ill-fitting doors around the house as well. If there is some slight opening them, water bugs will enter the house. This is not limited to doors and also includes windows to as they are good entry points for these bugs.

3. Caulk holes in concrete

Caulking holes and cracks in the walls and floors is also very important. Caulking these areas will limit the accumulation of water and will reduce the chances of survival for these bugs and will halt them from making any nest.

Try some pesticides

Male worker kneeling on floor and spraying pesticide on wooden cabinet.Both chemical and natural pesticides serve the purpose well. You can use distilled white vinegar for your drains, liquid dish soap for your pool, a mixture of powdered sugar and baking soda on the infestation area and a thin dusting of borax around the nest. You can also use traps to kill roaches and other insects or can also call the exterminator for mass insect destruction and pesticidal treatments before summer time and rainy season.

· Find their nest or nests

Water bugs build their nests in hot, dark and humid areas mostly. Some of them also build their nest under the objects that are not moved very much. Therefore, these areas along with the areas mentioned above are good ones to start. Find the nests and getting rid of it will solve the problem more effectively and in a focused manner as well.

· Pour the pesticide there

Using both natural and chemical pesticides for this purpose will work well. Just make sure that you use a good amount of pesticide as well as some other household chemicals in the drains and other areas as well. You can turn your pump off for some time and let the chemical do its work and then turn the pump back on again.

Bottom line

Water bugs can be dangerous and can cause some serious health concerns. In order to live a clean and healthy life, you need to make sure that your living place is clean and healthy as well. Most of us do prefer cleaner and healthier living but don’t make any efforts in this regards either. If we develop a habit of cleaning our rooms and the gardens, then we will be able to provide our children a safe place to live and grow. Go on and make this change from today and you will definitely feel the difference.

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