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6 Signs of a House Mouse Infestation & How to Get Rid Of It

House mouse gets into the room through a hole in the wall

The house mice are one of the most common species of the Rodents found on Earth. They have the unique characteristics like pointed snout, long and almost hairless tail and little round ears. Although they are wild animals, however, as the name represents, a house mouse is a small mammal that mostly lives in the human habitat.

After human beings, they are considered as the widely spread mammals. They are found everywhere from Asia to all other continents. Aside from this, they have been used as very common laboratory subjects. From centuries they have been a great help in the scientific studies as most of the experiments are firstly performed on them.

Furthermore, the house mouse is kept as the pet by various people. However, in the laboratory, they are vital model organisms in the field of medicine and biology. Every experiment relates to the area of biology and medicine that is meant to be useful for the humans, is firstly tested on these animals.

Physical Characteristics

1. AppearanceCommon house mouse gnaws grain

House mice are the small mammals that are 12-20cm in length depending upon species and the age of the animal. They usually weight 12-30 grams. The body of the mouse is covered with short hair that varies from light brown to gray and even black in color. Sometimes they have very lighter bellies, and their hind feet are tiny as compared to other species. Their long naked tails are known for the balance of the animal.

2. Behavior, Diet, and Habitats

The house mice are very intrusive in nature that they love to spend the time roaming around instead of staying in one place or their territory. They can explore from anything to everything in your place. Since these are mammals and don’t hibernate during winters, so they find a warm place to live. Nothing can be warmer than a human house, so getting into your homes, they start considering your home as their territory. Using pipe openings, utility lines, and gaps beneath the door they enter your house very wickedly and stay there permanently.

The house mice are omnivorous animals like other mammals. They usually love nuts and seeds in their diet, but they can survive on anything. From human food to insects they can eat almost everything that is in their reach considering your kitchen their own.

Usually, they live in farms and grassy wooden areas where they build their bills and stay. The important fact to know about their habitat is that they find the dark and protected areas where no other animals can intervene, and they live close to food source as much as possible. Other than that your store rooms and basements are their favorite place to live in.

3. Reproduction

The house mice can reproduce very quickly as compared to other mammals. A female mouse can give birth eight times a year. Every time it can deliver about six newborns on average. Females’ gestation period last up to 21 days. The newly born mouse pups are blind, naked and totally dependent on their mothers for everything.

After being under the supervision of adults for almost three weeks, they start getting independent and are ready to go on their first trip to their territory. A young mouse gets sexually mature after 35 days, and once they are 5-6 weeks old, they start mating to have their family.

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6 Signs of a House Mouse Infestation

Several people have mice in their house and to have mouse control you first need to confirm their presence in your home. Here are some signs that will prove the invasion of the mouse in your home.Mouse runs into the hole with cheese

1. Sightings

Since these creatures spend most of their time roaming around so there are high chances you would often see them. They mostly walk during the daytime along the walls or other hiding places like sofas, cupboards, and beds, etc.

2. Droppings

Living with the animal in your house means cleaning their droppings. But the thing is how you can be sure that they are of a mouse. The dropping of these animals are tiny usually 3-5 mm long and have a rod shape, pointed at both ends. These can be found in your beds, sofas and other hiding places wherever they visit.

3. Footprints

While roaming around your place, the mouse often leaves the footprints or tracks. If you found the marks of the four-toed front and five-toed back feet, then it is confirmed they are of a mouse.

4. Gnawing/Chewing

The mice are known for their habit of chewing and gnawing. They have the ability to eat multiple items at your home like your clothes, couches and several other things. In addition to that, their teeth mark can be found on the corners of different objects. If you find any of these damage at your place, then it is the indication of a mouse infestation.

5. Burrows/TunnelsMouse in the kitchen eating bread

House mice can also make tunnels at home for their safety in some dark and protective environment like insulations of an AC ducts. You can quickly identify their nest for their entry points are dust and cobweb free. Moreover, there might be their droppings around their tunnels.

6. Sound and Odor

The house mouse makes a very high pitched squeak. At night, the sounds of gnawing and scratching walls can be heard, and while they run across the walls. These creatures have a unique way of communicating that is through their urine. The urine marks at the particular area are a way to attract females or to warn off other males. Though if the mouse is present at some place for a long time then the odor is noticeable by the humans.

How to Get Rid of House Mice?

The house mice are a very cute creature, and even some of the people keep them as their pets. But not everyone is fond of them. So what if they are cute creatures, no one like to share his place with animals. Since they are known for the ability to produce very quickly, therefore, there are high chances that more than one mouse is living in your home. Once they settle in your home, it is tough to get rid of them.

Got a mouse problem? Don’t worry here are some ways that will help you in getting rid of these mini creatures.

1. Mouse Traps

One of the most common ways to catch mice is using the mouse traps. There are two types of main traps that are available in the market. One of them is the snap trap, and the other one is a sticky trap. By the name, you can easily tell the difference between them. The snap traps when traps the animal it certainly breaks the bones of it eventually killing it. It has a very powerful spring mechanism that locks the wire down. Bait is kept in this trap.Mousetrap with bread

Whenever the mouse goes for the hook, the device works catching the mouse firmly that it breaks the neck of the animal and it is killed. However, not all the times it is effective as sometimes instead of the neck, another part of the body is trapped, which give the animal the opportunity to free himself.

The other type is a sticky trap. These traps are the glue traps. Whenever the mouse runs on it, it gets fixed to the board, and even after trying a lot it won’t free himself and hence staying there dies slowly due to dehydration and starvation.

You must be careful while placing the traps and they must be set in the ways of the mouse to get practical results like you can set these near the tunnel openings.

2. Bait Stations

Another way of getting rid of the mouse is using the bait stations. In this method what you do is attract the animals using different baits and catch them under some box and bowl killing them later on. Since mouse finds the seeds and nuts delicious, you can use this to your advantage that you can poison them. It is one of the effective methods.

However, the problem is that the mouse may not die at the moment and after eating run to hide somewhere and then die. That will be an issue for you to find that creature. If you can’t find it in time, it will leave a stinky decaying odor in your place.

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3. Clean your Home

These creatures are attracted to areas that are not clean. So the best way to control their invasion in your property is to keep it clean and tidy. Make sure there are no traces of food on the floor as the food attracts the mice. Once they do not find any source of food, they will automatically leave. Moreover, make sure to fill all the gaps between the floors and doors of your house and leave no such space where mice can make their nest.Mouse hole in wall with sign for sale

4. Call for Help

If you find that many mice are living at your place, then it is better to ask for professional help. There are multiple companies which offer the effective rodent control programs. You can call them as they have a better idea and are experienced in this field. So they can quickly and more efficiently catch the mice.


The house mice are cute yet annoying mini creatures that can make your life miserable. Although in appearance and while eating they look very innocent, however, in actual they can damage your homes. So to get rid of them firstly you have to find their places and signs, only then you can use different methods to catch and kill them.

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