Rice Weevil: 5 Fun Facts & How to Get Rid of Them

Extreme closeup macro photography of rice weevil.

Rice weevils are scientifically known as Sitophilus Oryzae. These are the tiny pest that mostly attacks the rice, wheat, grains and some other crops. We will discuss some of their main features about the weevils species and the methods to protect the rice from these insects.

Rice weevil facts

1. Appearance and size

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Weevil: 9 General Types and How to Get Rid of Them

Beetle weevil

Weevil is a name commonly use for specific beetles that belong to the family Curculionidae or snout beetle family. Weevils contain more than 60,000 species in total, and the family Curculionidae contains the maximum number of species among all beetles’ families. According to one research, there are more than 1000 species of insects from the family Curculionidae is present in North America. They are usually very small in size, and the body size varies from just 3 mm to 10 mm in total. Weevils’ species exhibits a wide range of body shape and colors. Their body shapes are oval or lean, and body colors are usually dark like gray, reddish-brown or black. However, few weevils’ species have also bright, intense colors. Their body may also contain scales or shiny hairs. The most noticeable feature of adult weevils is their head shape that is elongated enough to make a snout-like shape. This is the reason they are sometimes also known as ‘snout beetles.’ Few weevils also contain a snout that is equal in length with their remaining body. The mouth of weevils is present at the tip of snout. Though almost all weevils contain snout, however, there is a family called Bruchidae that doesn’t contain snout. The curved antennae of weevils are located at the center of the snout. Another remarkable feature of weevils is their spurs that are present on the femur of both front legs.

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Flour Weevils Facts and 7 ways to Get Rid of Them

Discover weevile in flour

Weevils fall under the family called Curculionidae. It is the family that includes a larger number of beetles as compared to any other classification of the beetles. Weevils are one of the types of the beetles. They There are more than 1,000 species of the Curculionidae. The weevils have different shapes and sizes. They can be a real danger for the fruits, farms, and crops. They can hit the potato, tomato, eggplant, cotton and even flour bags.

Flour Weevils Facts

It is a kind of beetle that is found in the places that have an abundant amount of flour. In some cases, they are seen in the places that have a little amount of flour. The flour weevil belongs to the family called Tenebrionidae. Some scientists believe these beetles cannot be included among the beetles. They like to feed on flour but not on the grains of any type.

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