Top 8 Best Ant Killers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ants multiply quickly, and soon your home will be overflowing with them. A single colony can have over 200,000 ants, so you need to use the best ant killer to get rid of these pests quickly.

There are several ant killers available on the market that you can use, but some of these products are better than others.

There are a lot of top quality products that will do a good job. Looking through Amazon, you’ll find that it’s difficult to determine which product is the best ant killer.

But we’ve done the job for you and picked out the absolute best products to choose from.

Terro is an industry leader, and this sweet liquid attracts ants to it, forcing them to transport the liquid back to their colony. Simply place the trap where ants like to travel, and they will naturally find the bait and start eating it.

Types of Ant Killer

You have a lot of different options to kill ants, but you’ll find that all of the ant bait and repellent is situational. The best ant poison may work well outside, but it may not be the best indoor ant killer because it can get into your food.

The best ant killer for home use is often much different than the best ant killer for outdoor use.

You also have to consider long-term and short-term solutions.

The different options available, include:

  • Traps. An ant trap is a container, sold by retailers, with a pre-filled bait. These containers may or may not be colored, and they’re often sweet in taste to attract ants. The ants will enter the trap, take the bait and then bring the bait back to their colony where, hopefully, the bait reaches the queen.
  • Sprays. The best ant repellent is often a spray, and these are aerosol cans that can create a barrier of death for ants. Sprays are powerful, and they have a more consistent effect thanks to the high levels of insecticides in them. The problem is that a spray, versus a trap, does not allow ants to bring the bait back to the queen to eliminate the colony.
  • Gels. Often accompanied by a syringe, gels will be used to fill in cracks and crevices inside the home. These work great indoors and outdoors, but they do take a lot of work to set initially.
  • Granules. The most powerful ant killer, granules will be placed on or near ant mounds. The bait will attract ants, poison them and also poison the queen which the worker ants will feed. While granules can be used indoors, they’re often best used outdoors or in the garage.

Top-rated 8 Ant Killer Reviews

AMDRO Outdoor Ant KillerBest Ant Poison
  • FEATURESSticks, various cymbals,
    snare drum, throne and
    sometimes the bass drum pedal
TERRO Liquid Ant BaitsBest Ant Bait
  • FEATURESComes in 3-packs
    Kills all common household ants
    Starts working within days
Bifen L/P Insecticide GranulesBest Ant Killer for Lawns
  • FEATURESDecimating a wide variety of insects
    Spreading very fast
    Very fast and effective

How does Ant Bait Station work?

This is a snare item, so at first, you will see more ants—lots more. Here’s the reason—as these subterranean insect foragers search for food, they will find the sweet fluid insect trap. When ants locate the trap, they devour it and drop what is known as a ‘trail pheromone’ back to the colony that tells the various laborer ants where the food is located.

While the dynamic fixing in the lure will eventually kill the specialist subterranean insect, it gradually meddles with the subterranean insect’s stomach related framework so the laborer has room schedule-wise to get back and share the insect goad with whatever remains of the province. This ease back kill is expected to enable time for the rummaging ants to make a few excursions to the lure and convey enough goad to whatever is left of the settlement. This is the best way to dispose of both the ants you see and the ants you don’t.

Since this is a snare item, it is vital to dispose of all other sustenance sources in the zone. This will guarantee that the ants aren’t enticed to eat anything besides the fluid subterranean insect snare. The fluid subterranean insect goad station ought to stay as undisturbed as could reasonably be expected while the ants are currently encouraging on it.

Where to Place Ant Bait Stations

Just place the fluid subterranean insect trap stations close insect trails or zones where ants are various. It’s likewise a smart thought to leave ants speechless by setting extra lure stations anyplace ants may endeavor to penetrate your home. For best outcomes, utilize each of the six draw stations to guarantee an adequate supply for the clueless ants to devour.

Watch out for the snare stations to screen movement yet oppose the compulsion to meddle when you witness the ants coming in huge numbers to devour the trap. Your understanding will pay off as you watch your insect pervasion diminish then vanish.

Whenever vital, supplant with extra trap stations when the main set is drained. Once your insect issue is under control, supplant the snare stations like clockwork as counteractive action to shield the ants from walking again into your home.

Presently It’s Feeding Time

Since you know how the fluid subterranean insect goad really works and where to put the draw stations, it’s the ideal opportunity for the nourishing free for all to start. Break separated the snare stations, hold upright, and remove the shaded part with a couple of scissors. At that point put the station where it’s required. Contingent upon the measure of the pervasion, finish control may take up to two weeks.

Best Ant Bait

1. Terro T 300 Liquid Ant Baits

TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Baits

TERRO Liquid Ant Baits are particularly intended to kill the specialist insect in a few days, giving the rummaging ants enough time to impart the draw to whatever is left of the clueless province. The fluid subterranean insect draw stations keep the goad from drying out and furnish the ants with a ceaseless supply of fluid, day and night.

To murder basic family unit ants, essentially put the pre-filled, prepared to utilize fluid subterranean insect lure stations close indoor zones where ants are spotted. Ants enter the trap, expend the fluid subterranean insect snare, and afterward come back to the home where they pass on the draw to whatever remains of the state. Each crate contains 6 goads.


  • Comes in 3-packs
  • Kills all common household ants
  • Starts working within days


Best Indoor Ant Killer for Home & Kitchen

2. TERRO 2 Liquid Ant killer 11 T200

TERRO 2 Liquid Ant killer 11 T200

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer utilizes borax to slaughter the ants you see, and in addition the ants you don’t see. It works by enabling the forager ants to expand the item and survive sufficiently long to convey the sweet fluid back to the home and convey measurements to whatever is left of the province. After some time, the lure kills the first subterranean insect and any ants that additionally expend it. Finish control may take two weeks.

To utilize this subterranean insect murdering fluid, just apply the item straightforwardly from the jug onto the cardboard squares and place close indoor regions where ants are passing. Place TERRO Liquid Ant Killer close subterranean insect trails and different areas where they are various. Apply the bedeviled cardboard tiles on the edges of sinks, tubs, window sills, under sustenance cupboards, along floors and baseboards and in corners.

The most effective method to Use TERRO Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer is anything but difficult to utilize. Before putting the subterranean insect executioner, make certain to expel different wellsprings of sustenance, for example, scraps, sugar and oil spots to forestall pulling in them somewhere else. Try not to put where you’ve just splashed bug sprays, as the bugs may dodge the subterranean insect executioner.

  • Tear the “Place TERRO Here” cardboard tiles from the bundling along the punctured lines. At that point, apply drops of the fluid insect executioner straightforwardly from the jug onto the smooth side of the tile until the point that they shape a little puddle. You may likewise substitute with little bits of paper, cardboard or thwart.
  • Place the insect executioner tiles on a level surface close indications of target bothers. Place extra tiles anyplace they may enter your home. The more goad arrangements, the better.
  • Screen arrangements frequently, yet don’t meddle with the bugs or lure while they are currently sustaining on it. Include more fluid in the event that it goes dry or adds more tiles to guarantee there’s dependably a crisp supply for the ants.
How Ant Bait Works

TERRO subterranean insect lure works by pulling in a substantial number of ants immediately – however, don’t stress, this is something worth being thankful for. As ants rummage for sustenance, they are effortlessly pulled in to the sweet fluid. In the wake of finding the goad, specialist ants devour it and desert a pheromone trail driving back to the state. This trail tells other specialist ants where the newfound sustenance supply is. This is the reason you will see more ants start with, trailed by a sharp drop off as the trap produces results.

In the interim, the dynamic fixing, borax, is gradually meddling with every subterranean insect’s stomach related framework, at last killing them, yet leaving enough time for the ants to return and offer the measurement with whatever remains of the settlement. This moderate murder is fundamental so ants can make a few outings to the lure, enabling you to dispose of the ants you see and the ants you don’t. Permit up to two weeks for the draw to produce full results.

Or you can check out our top picks of ant baits.

3.  Terro T1812

Terro T1812

Long haul control of annoying sweet-eating ants is easy with TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. This profoundly viable, one of a kind fluid goading method murders the ants you see, and the ants you don’t. To utilize, just place the pre-filled insect snare stakes into the ground close regions where ants have been watched. At that point take a load off. Your work is finished.

Powerful, long haul control of ants is subject to teasing the laborer ants – the ants you see walking inside and outside around your home – with the special TERRO fluid insect trap product.

As specialist ants scavenge for nourishment, they are attracted to the sweet fluid in the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. While the dynamic fixing in the draw will, at last, execute the laborer ants by meddling with their stomach related framework, it is intended to murder gradually. This moderate kill gives the rummaging ants sufficient time to come back to their home and convey savage measurements of a draw to the ants hanging out in the settlement.

How does the fluid work to control ants attacks?

Grown-up specialist ants can’t process strong nourishment, they can just transport and process fluids. That is the thing that makes this item so viable – the ants can without much of a stretch process and transport the fluid drawback to whatever is left of the settlement. As ants scan for sustenance, they are attracted to the sweet fluid in the outdoor killer. The dynamic fixing works gradually enough to enable time for the scavenging ants to convey it back to whatever is left of the home. Inside a couple of long stretches of putting the subterranean insect stakes, there will be a noteworthy decrease in the number of ants going by the lure.

Application tips

Place the TERRO Liquid Killer close insect trails or regions where ants are watched entering your home.

  • Place the trap stakes safely in the ground by pushing with your hand until the point that the base of the insect draw stake is flush with the ground. Try not to push the stake into the ground with your foot or an instrument.
  • After the stake is set up, initiate it by severing the trap pack tab. The ants will enter the snare stake through the gap made by evacuating the tab.
  • Monitor the goad level all the time, being mindful so as not to irritate the ants or the stakes at the same time. Supplant the stakes when the snare level is never again obvious through the lure pack window.
  • For the long haul, subterranean insect control, keep a crisp supply of insect goad accessible for rummaging ants to eat.
  • Wait quietly. Contingent upon the measure of the subterranean insect invasion, finish demolition of the settlement may take up to two weeks.
To what extent does it take to work?

When you in front of the pack the insect trap stakes in the ground, you will see a surge in the number of ants. Try not to be concerned, this is ordinary. The ants will expend the trap and come back to the home to impart the lure to whatever is left of the state. Contingent upon the span of the pervasion, finish control may take up to two weeks. It is vital to leave the insect stake undisturbed while the ants are currently bolstering on the trap. A see-through window on the stakes empowers you to screen how much goad is in the stake. Supplant the stake when the lure pack is unfilled.


Best Ant Poison

4.  Amdro Home Perimeter

Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules

The Amdro granules consist of the active ingredient 0.88% of Hydramethylnon which disrupts the energy production of bugs. The Amdro Ant kill is a slow acting poison. Since the effect is slow, it keeps the worker ants alive for some more time so that the transfer of bait is carried out successfully to their queen. These granules are highly effective against carpenter ants and also 14 different types of outdoor ants. The range of impact of the Amdro granules is very large. It is up to 1080 linear feet around your yard after application which is quite good. Even indoor ants are affected by the action of Amdro insecticide in some cases.

This is particularly useful to get rid of ants outside before they come inside. Do keep in mind that it should be applied only on dry surface and you are sure that there won’t be rain in the next 24 hours.

  • The Amdro Ant Bait is easy to apply and is not messy like some other products
  • They can be used for a variety of ant species and is not targeted at just one kind.
  • Some ants learn how to avoid the granules thus rendering it useless
  • The results are not quick and can take some time.
  • The usage of extra equipment/devices is required to enable spreading of the granules over the yard.


Best Ant Killer for Lawns

5.  Bifen L/P Granules

Bifen L/P Granules

It is a protein-based granule insecticide. You need to spread it across your yard to take care of outdoor ants and pretty much any other pests that tend to be a major headache. The active ingredient constituting Bifen is 0.2% Bifenthrin. The Bifenthrin is a chemical compound used in many other pest control products. What this chemical does is that it targets the nervous system of the pests.

The Bifenthrin is a dangerous chemical ingredient and this product should be applied with caution. Children and pets should be kept away from this insecticide in order to ensure their safety. The Bifen L/P is a very successful insecticide among other commercial ant killers. Using a broadcast tool, we can spread the granules around the yard. If you want better results, sprinkle some water too.

  • It helps in decimating a wide variety of insects such as outdoor ants, crickets, ticks etc.
  • The spreading of the granules is very fast
  • The action performed by Bifen L/P is very fast and effective. A highly recommended product.
  • The active ingredient used in this product is dangerous for both pets and young children alike.
  • Even some useful insects such as bees are affected by the toxicity of the chief chemical compound.


Best Non Toxic Ant Killer

6. Advance Granular Bait

Advance Granular Bait

This bait uses a wide mixture of constituents to carry out the baiting process effectively. The active ingredient inside Advance Granular Bair is Abamectin. This compound is carried back to the nest by the worker ants and ultimately all the eggs are taken care of. Merit about Abamectin is that it is non-toxic to humans but is dangerous for beneficial animals such as bees etc.

This product can be used for your yard to get rid of most pests such as Fire ants, Black Ants and so on. Versatility is what is aimed at by Advance Granular Bait. The reason that some people did not find this quite effective as per their expectation is as follows:

Ants usually prefer sweet substances. The granules are usually protein based and hence the ants show less interest.

The granules might be too big for the worker ants to carry back to their nest. But the worker ants are strong enough and this shouldn’t actually be a problem.

  • The Advance Granular Bait is easy to apply and is not messy
  • They can be used for a variety of ant species and is not targeted at one particular kind.
  • Some of the ants learn how to avoid the granule gradually. This might make the product useless in some cases.
  • The effects take time to come into play.
  • It needs the use of a spreader to spread out the granules effectively around your yard.


Best Ant Killer Dust

7. TERRO T600 – Best Ant Killer Dust

TERRO T600 - Best Ant Killer Dust

Arm yourself against ants and other irritating nuisances including fire ants and woodworker ants, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, firebrats, bugs, ticks, wasps and silverfish – with this remarkable, prepared to-utilize clean. The waterproof clean won’t wash away in the rain and will stay powerful up to eight months. Perfect for split and cleft medications, and in addition application specifically to flame ant colonies, TERRO Ant Dust can be utilized both inside and out.

Indoor Use for the TERRO Ant Dust

Apply TERRO Ant Dust as a surface, spot, or break and fissure treatment to indoor territories where creepy crawlies slither and cover-up. Apply the bug spray softly and consistently specifically from the advantageous, simple to-utilize shaker can or into breaks and cleft utilizing a bulbous duster, paintbrush or other appropriate means.

For the treatment of ants, apply the insect tidy to subterranean insect trails, around entryways, windows and different spots where ants are discovered entering the premises. Give careful consideration to benefit conduits; divider voids; regions around electrical hardware, water, and sewer funnels; under and behind cupboards, fridges and sinks; around windows and door jambs; along baseboards; in lofts and slither spaces. 

Outdoor Use for the TERRO Ant Dust

Apply TERRO Ant Dust around windows and entryways, yards, screens, roof, porches, carports, under stairways, in creep spaces and different territories where bugs get a kick out of the chance to stow away. To help counteract indoor intrusions, apply the item completely and consistently to establishments and creep spaces where irritations are dynamic and may discover access to your home.

To treat fire subterranean insect hills, equally sprinkle roughly one tablespoon of TERRO Ant Dust over the highest point of each hill. Try not to water in or aggravate the hill. Apply when temperatures are in the vicinity of 65° and 80°F and enable three to four days for greatest control. Rehash application if ants are as yet dynamic. The measure of insect clean to apply will change with the site yet ought to ordinarily be in the scope of 0.5 lbs. of item per 1,000 square feet.


Best Ant Spray

8.  Terro T1700 Review – Outdoor Ant Spray

Best Used For

This intense fuel enables you to convey obstruction shower in difficult to-achieve puts up to 15 feet away. The splash gives moment knockdown and long haul control. It is perfect as an edge boundary around establishments, entryways and windows. against ants and other undesirable home intruders including craftsman ants, woodworker honey bees, Asian woman insects, and boxelder bugs.

How It Works

The subterranean insect executioner splash is perfect as an edge obstruction around establishments, entryways, and windows. A simple to-utilize, great shower head enables you to convey boundary splash in difficult to-achieve puts up to 10-15 feet away.

When To Use

TERRO Outdoor Ant Killer is particularly valuable outside in late-winter when ants develop and endeavor to go into the house. Utilize again in the fall when ants endeavor to come inside for the winter.

Where to Use

Woodworker Ants:
  • Woodworker ants typically originate from an outside province and go into your home hoping to set up a satellite state in a zone containing water-harmed wood. Craftsman ants are anything but difficult to recognize in light of the fact that they are bigger than every other insect. Regularly you will discover them living in wood that has been in contact with water, for example, around downspouts and canals, close window sills and entryway openings, near spilling water funnels, or around decks. Craftsman ants are most dynamic amongst nightfall and sunrise — find their outside trails amid this time. Woodworker ants take after particular trails, for example, edges of scene timbers, along the ground near outside dividers, close downspouts or along the edge of an outside divider.
    Apply TERRO Outdoor Ant Killer to all territories where you presume ants are entering the home. Seal any noticeable outside splits where ants can be seen entering the home. On the off chance that you locate the principle settlement outside in the yard, treat the regions where ants are seen entering the fundamental province.

Center your treatment in key regions outside the house, where you speculate ants are entering the structure, for example, around downspouts and canals, close window sills and entryway openings. Splash ants specifically where conceivable. Seal up any unmistakable outside breaks where ants can be seen entering the home. Splash subterranean insect trails, slopes, insect hills and different zones of passage and pervasion.

Other Crawling Insects:
  • Control cockroaches, boxelder bugs, crickets, sowbugs, and diverse Asian woman scarabs
  • Focus your treatment in key territories outside your home where you speculate this creepy crawlies are entering
  • Check downspouts and canals, close window sills and entryway openings
  • Spray creepy crawlies specifically where conceivable
  • Seal up any noticeable outside breaks where slithering bugs can be seen entering the home



Questions Before Buying an Ant Killer

Why Are Ants Such a Pest?

Ants are normally harmless, but you may be suffering from fire ants that bite and hurt, or you may be suffering from carpenter ants which cause damage to your home’s wood. There are a lot of ant species, and one of the reasons that they’re such a pest is because they are multiplying rapidly.

You may have a 300 worker colony in the summer, and then in the winter, you may have over 2,000 worker ants per queen.

The largest colony has over 306 million worker ants, but you’re very unlikely to come across a colony of this size. But you may come across a colony with 500 – 200,000 ants. There are fire ant colonies with over 100,000 ants.

The size of these colonies makes them a pest for humans.

Ants are foraging for food, and even the smallest crumb you drop on the floor can be a feast for an ant. Since ants leave trails behind, other ants will smell the chemicals and follow the trail.

This is why you’ll see ants forming a long line to the ant traps that you place.

Everyone in an ant colony works together, so all of the ants naturally alert others to food and will follow the trail to where the food is located. For humans, it’s unsettling to see hundreds of ants crawling around the kitchen, through carpeting or all over the bathroom floor.

Fire ants can be very invasive, and since they actually bite, they’re one of the worst forms of ants you can have. These ants are even deadly to small animals, so you need to be very cautious if you have fire ants in your yard and a small cat or dog.

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There are also different types of traps. Some traps will work on fire ants, but they won’t work on carpenter ants. You need to be very cautious of the traps that you choose to ensure that your trap is designed to kill the ants that you’re targeting.

You will find a lot of general ant traps and poisons that are designed to kill most ants. It’s recommended that you observe the ants when placing bait to determine if they’re avoiding the bait or not. Some species have evolved and will avoid common baits because they know that they’re deadly.

If this is the case, you may need to try another form of bait. I recommend viewing the active ingredients in your selected bait to ensure that they’re not the same as in the bait that the ants are ignoring.

Will Ant Traps Attract Ants?
Yes. Lots. Ant traps are great because they will destroy ant colonies, but they’re also bad because you’ll see long trails of ants going to the trap. Ants will alert others that they have found a food source, so at the very beginning, you’ll often see hundreds of ants swarm the trap.

A lot of people opt for clear traps because they can watch the ants gather the bait.

Some ants will not make it back to the colony, so they will die inside or close to the trap. You have to remember that the queen ant must die, so it takes a while for the worker to return to the hive and kill the entire colony.

Once the queen dies, new ants should not be born and the colony will quickly collapse. You need to give it a few days, and in severe cases, a few weeks before all of the ants are terminated.

When Should I Use Ant Sprays?
The best ant spray may not be a good idea for a kitchen. Why? You have little control of where the spray goes. You might directly spray a slew of ants, but the spray will go into the air and may contaminate your food.

One time that ant sprays really work best is when there is an immediate problem.

For example, I had an infestation of ants in my bathroom. I didn’t want ants crawling at my feet when I was going to the bathroom, so I decided to use an ant spray. The spray is highly toxic, so it will kill ants on contact.

I also recommend opening the window to be able to air out the bathroom.

You’ll find that sprays are great when used with ant traps or other forms of repellent. The goal of a spray is to immediately kill, but there are some sprays that also act as a repellent. These repellent sprays will keep ants away from the area for hours.

An entire colony of ants will not die with ant spray, so you’ll want to use the bait of some kind instead.

Sprays are also not ideal when used near animals, children or food.

When Should I Use Ant Gel?
I’m a big fan of any gel, and it’s one of the best ant killers for the kitchen. What’s really nice about gels is that they can reach into cracks and crevices with ease. You will find that these gels are very effective against sugar ants.

If you have holes or cracks, you can apply a gel to keep the ants from coming indoors.

Gels will have some form of bait, so they will allow the ants to carry the bait back to the colony and kill the queen. Gels are also long-lasting, and they can stay active for a month as long as they are not removed.

The gel will take time to dry, and when not dry, the gel will not be waterproof.

What does this mean?

The gel can easily be removed if water touches it or it rains. And a lot of people complain that once the gel does dry, it is no longer appealing to ants. I find gel to be most effective in areas where you see ants entering or exiting a room.

Tiny cracks in a floorboard or on the trim in a room are perfect areas to apply the gel.

Since most of these gels come with a syringe, you can apply the gel to the cracks and not worry about animals or kids coming in contact with the gel. There’s also no need to worry about the gel entering the air and getting on any of your food.

Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling any form of ant bait, repellent or control.

When Should I Use Ant Granules?
Ant granules are great products, and they’re meant to be used outdoors although some forms can be used indoors. Some of the granules are safe for animals, but others are not, so make sure that you read the warnings on the package.

Offering long-term solutions, granules are ideal for large areas of land.

Some ants are “smart,” and what I mean is that granules may become less effective over time. You need to keep a close eye on the granules to see if ants are actually avoiding them.

And while the ideal solutions to kill ants outdoors, granules also require a lot of work on your part. Some need a spreader while other forms may need to be mowed over before they start working.

There are also water-in options that will require water before being effective.

If you do find a good granule ant killer, you’ll be able to control ants in your yard all season long. The ants will eat the granules, bring it back to the colony and cause a massive collapse in the process.

High-end options will allow you to keep your lawn and yard ant-free. Pest control specialists often use granules to control ants. You can also place some of these granules around or on top of the ant mound.

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