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5 Best Outdoor Ant Killer

The ants might be very small in size, but they are the most persistent and annoying household pests when in an army. They can not only cause damage inside your house but as well take over your lawn if left unchecked. They can harm your pet, damage your lawn and even cause property destruction if not taken seriously.

These types of ants are just referred to as outdoor ants since they establish their colony outside. If they are foraging, they will find a way inside your house looking for food and water. This way they can turn to indoor ants for you. It all depends on where they localise their army. The first and the basic step is to eliminate them outside itself before they can cause damage to your household property. There are basically two types of outdoor ants which are dangerous in particular. They are

  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants

Carpenter ants are the type of ants that like to nest and colonise near trees and woods. They like moist areas so are mostly found in those conditions. If you are the type of person that stores wood near your house, then you can expect to find these ants nearby. They are usually large in size also. In case of a carpenter ant problem, we need to act really quickly. Otherwise, the ant can burrow deep inside the woodwork of your home and cause high property damage.

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Talking about Fire ants, they are known for their painful stings. Once stung by a fire ant, some people have reported the pain as getting a fire burn on that skin area itself. Allergies towards Fire ants are also common and precautions should be taken before confronting this type of ant as they are dangerous.  They usually have their nest deep below the ground and identification of these colonies is by the fluffy nature of the soil and also no central entrance. They are known to damage the wiring inside your home and also cause havoc to pets and children especially.

Now, let us take a look at some common outdoor killers:

Some of the common outdoor killers include Liquids, Gels, Dust, Granules and Sprays.

  • Liquids and Gels: They use a sweet solution as their main component of attraction. The gels can be applied with the help of a syringe and it will help us reach hard cracks and crevices faster. The normal granules and dust will not be able to reach it easily.
  • Solid baits: These are usually the granules and dust insecticides. The dust killers are usually DE. But the problem with DE is that they get easily washed away due to rain.  Hence, granules are preferred more and they can be used to spread across the lawn.
  • Sprays: Now this type of insecticide is usually an aerosol. They can be used as deterrents when sprayed on the ant trail.  You have different killers against different species. Awareness is important as to understand which insecticide works well against which species of ant.

Tips to look out for before buying an outdoor ant killer:

  • You need to get your hands on a product that is not easily washed away due to rain. But this is only applicable if you are living in an area where rainfall is frequent.
  • The powder substances can easily get blown away if you are living in a windy area.
  • A big factor is the safety concern. The chemicals can seriously harm children and pets if proper care is not taken. We need to also consider these aspects before selecting an ant killer.

Since you have got an idea of how everything works. Let us move on to our best picks for outdoor ant killers.

Top 5 Outdoor Ant  Killer

The prime ingredient used in Terro is Borax liquid bait which can kill the colony within a matter of 24 to 48 hours. You usually put the bait on the rails or the mounds and watch the magic happens. The Terro Liquid Ant Baits work well against all types of outdoor ants even if it is a huge infestation.

In case you spoil the packaging, things can get quite messy. But for occasional scout ants and for infestations that gives you a headache, this is the right product.


Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

  • The setup and ease of use are pretty commendable.
  • Highly effective against huge infestations.
  • They work well against a large species of outdoor ants. Not just aimed at a single type.
  • The Liquid bait is weather proof and thus suits all the climatic conditions.


  • If something happens to the packaging, the liquid bait can get quite messy to use.
  • Regular checking and monitoring is required to ensure the ease of use
  • It sometimes works really well and goes beyond what it is intended for by attracting new ant colonies and bringing a further headache.

The Amdro granules consist of the active ingredient 0.88% of Hydramethylnon which disrupts the energy production of bugs. The Amdro Ant kill is a slow acting poison. Since the effect is slow, it keeps the worker ants alive for some more time so that the transfer of bait is carried out successfully to their queen. These granules are highly effective against carpenter ants and also 14 different types of outdoor ants. The range of impact of the Amdro granules is very large. It is up to 1080 linear feet around your yard after application which is quite good. Even indoor ants are affected by the action of Amdro insecticide in some cases.

This is particularly useful to get rid of ants outside before they come inside. Do keep in mind that it should be applied only on dry surface and you are sure that there won’t be rain in the next 24 hours.


  • The Amdro Ant Bait is easy to apply and is not messy like some other products
  • They can be used for a variety of ant species and is not targeted at just one kind.


  • Some ants learn how to avoid the granules thus rendering it useless
  • The results are not quick and can take some time.
  • The usage of extra equipment/devices is required to enable spreading of the granules over the yard.

It is a protein-based granule insecticide. You need to spread it across your yard to care of outdoor ants and pretty much any other pests that tend to be a major headache. The active ingredient constituting Bifen is 0.2% Bifenthrin. The Bifenthrin is a chemical compound used in many other pest control products. What this chemical does is that it targets the nervous system of the pests.

The Bifenthrin is a dangerous chemical ingredient and this product should be applied with caution. Children and pets should be kept away from this insecticide in order to ensure their safety. The Bifen L/P is a very successful insecticide among other commercial ant killers. Using a broadcast tool, we can spread the granules around the yard. If you want better results, sprinkle some water too.


  • It helps in decimating a wide variety of insects such as outdoor ants, crickets, ticks etc.
  • The spreading of the granules is very fast
  • The action performed by Bifen L/P is very fast and effective. A highly recommended product.


  • The active ingredient used in this product is dangerous for both pets and young children alike.
  • Even some useful insects such as bees are affected by the toxicity of the chief chemical compound.

The active ingredient in this product is 1% Hydramethylnon. This compound is carried back to the colony by the worker as in the case of Amdro Ant Bait. The bait works by getting the queen fed and ultimately resulting in its destruction and hence the colony.

The stakes need to be replaced every few weeks or so as to get the best gains. If you know how to use this product correctly, the Ant Killer Bair Stakes give long-term residual effects. The product mainly aims at baiting out the outdoor worker ants in order to decimate their homes to prevent re-infestation. Though this product works quite well, the replacement of stakes is quite tedious. Also, it is not as weather proof as some of the other products on this list.


  • The setting up of Ant Killer Bait Stakes is easy
  • For small infestations, this is an ideal product and is highly recommended


  • The Bait Stake is not weather resistant and hence not suitable for wet climate
  • The maintenance is a major drawback faced with this product. Every week you will have to replace the stakes.
  • For maximum effectiveness, it should be very close to the trail of the ants. The further away it is, less the impact is.

This bait uses a wide mixture of constituents to carry out the baiting process effectively. The active ingredient inside Advance Granular Bair is Abamectin. This compound is carried back to the nest by the worker ants and ultimately all the eggs are taken care of. A merit about Abamectin is that it is non-toxic to humans but is dangerous for beneficial animals such as bees etc.

This product can be used for your yard to get rid of most pests such as Fire ants, Black Ants and so on. Versatility is what is aimed at by Advance Granular Bait. The reason that some people did not find this quite effective as per their expectation is as follows:

Ants usually prefer sweet substances. The granules are usually protein based and hence the ants show less interest.

The granules might be too big for the worker ants to carry back to their nest. But the worker ants are strong enough and this shouldn’t actually be a problem.



  • The Advance Granular Bait is easy to apply and is not messy
  • They can be used for a variety of ant species and is not targeted at one particular kind.


  • Some of the ants learn how to avoid the granule gradually. This might make the product useless in some cases.
  • The effects take time to come into play.
  • It needs the use of a spreader to spread out the granules effectively around your yard.

The Final Verdict

The outdoor ants can get very choosy with their food choice. Some of the ants like sweet food while the others like protein content. When it comes to sweet diet, the ant traps and gels work the best whereas, in the case of protein content, the granules are the winners. When applying granules and dust special care needs to be taken care of such as weather conditions. Even though they are effective, they simply cannot withstand a rainfall. The Advance granular bait and the Amdro Home perimeter have almost the same advantages and disadvantages. But both require extra equipment for the spreading procedure. Out of these five, the Terro Liquid Bait and the Bifen L/P looks promising. The Terro is weather proof and also long lasting whereas the Bifen has fast results and is extremely effective. It is all a matter of your choice and how your situation is. Depending upon the level of infestation and the area you are living in, you have to buy a product tailored to your needs.

If you are still looking for an ideal solution, it would be the combination of two products to get the best out of both. You can use the Bifen L/P granules to spread it around your field or yard and at the same time use the liquid insecticides in specific locations such as mounds and near trails. Give it a trial and error approach and you will never be troubled again by these persistent pests!