Bat Repellent: Electronic, Chemical, and Natural Bat Repellents

Are you tired of the continuous bat invasions? You need not worry even the answer to this question is yes. Getting rid of these isolation loving animals is no more a problem. There are several methods available to get rid of them. These methods include the naturally occurring solutions and also the man made ones. Some of these methods might cause the death of the bats. Those who seek a more humane solution to the problem prefer to deter these creatures by merely repelling them. The repellents can keep them at bay for a long time.  A wide range of repelling products is available in the markets. If you prefer using the natural repellants that have no chemical, then it is easy to find the solution in the domestically available materials. The repellents that are effective against the bats can be classified as electronic, chemical and the natural bat repellents. Anyone of these can be chosen for use according to the intensity and severity of disturbance caused by the bats.Embryo bat in glass jar with formaldehyde.

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Complaints about bats invasion

Although the bats are portrayed as the dwellers of deserted areas and especially the graveyards, their presence in the populations cannot be ignored. They are equally problematic if they invade a place near your home, in your attic or the backyard. Once they are around, they can cause a broad range of problems. From making sharp, disturbing sounds to biting hard everything is possible. Some major problems associated with the presence of bats are as follows:

  • If they enter a closed area like an attic, they prefer staying in the places that have wires and pipes to hang with them. In most of the cases, it is possible they will damage any on these functions like breaking of the wires or the clogging of pipes.
  • The bats leave signs on the structures when they leave. These are oily marks and contain the hair from the body of the sick.
  • Their chirping or rustling sounds are a problem especially when there are young ones around.
  • The dropping and urine of the bats are extremely dangerous as it carries microbes that can be harmful to human health.
  • One of the worst consequences that a human being can face is rabies caused by the bat bites.

Moth balls: the most effective and cheapest way to eliminate any bats

White naphthalene balls on wooden background.It sounds strange when we talk about the moth balls as a means to repel the bats.  It’s hard to think that how such a simple thing can help us stay away from the bats. The picture has something different to show. The moth balls or the naphthalene balls are considered as the most efficient way to reel the bats and force them to stay from our rooms. It neither costs much nor takes the time to throw away the unwanted intruders in your vicinity. Their effectiveness makes them stand out among the other chemical repellants. Once these are placed in the required areas, their impact will be felt for a long time. After keeping them at a distance for once, they can effectively control the re-appearance of the bats. These moth balls are easily available at any store plus they are easy to use also. They only require a proper hanging area where they can be hung on a soft piece of cloth. It is important to keep the place properly closed. The more the ventilation, the less effective will be the moth balls. For better results, they must frequently be replaced.

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Special Devices for Repelling Attic Bats

Bats can invade the attics very easily. The attics become their favorite place for an invasion because they prefer staying in the dark and lonely places. Once they reside in the attic, it becomes tough to get rid of them. A list of repellents is available that are specifically designed to keep away the bats from the attic. The two primary repellants that are available include the tubes and the electronic deterrents. Their impact ranges from the short to long term.

  • Tubes and Their Use

Tubes are effective but simple way of keeping the bats away. The exclusion tubes work effectively against the bats hiding in the attic. The exclusion tubes for the attic bats are fitted near the angles where the walls meet each other. They are perfect to be placed on the flat horizontal surfaces like the soffits. The tubes will work effectively if their dimensions are considered correctly. A perfect tube must have a diameter of 5 cm with a length of 25.4 cm. A PVC pipe can also be used as the bat exclusion tube. The tubes are fitted in such a way that the bats can access them easily to leave at night. Once they are out, they must be covered to avoid letting them in.

  • Electronic Bat Deterrents and Their Use

The electronic devices are of two types. One is the light producing deterrent while the other is a sound producing device. In both cases, the idea is to irritate the bats and compel them to leave the places they have invaded.

 Bat repellent sprays

When trying to get rid of the bats, a simple way is to use the chemical sprays in the affected areas. The sprays include chemicals filled in the spray bottles. A temporary way to repel the bats is to spray them with waters. It is a temporary way of irritating and sending away the bats. For a long-lasting impact, you need to use the chemicals in the spray. These sprays have an irritating smell that deters the bats and keeps them at a distance.

  • benefits

The sprays are effective and humane ways of getting rid of bats. They are easy to use and readily available in the pest stores.

  • how to use

When you need to get effective results from the bat sprays, it is important to use them correctly by following all instructions and the safety precautions. It is better to spray the area in the evenings. It is the best time as the bats are not around. Instead of directly pouring the chemical, it is better to fill it in the spray bottle and spread it evenly around the entire area. It is important to cover the whole area by spraying at equal distances. The process has to be repeated after every regular interval of time.

Different ultrasonic bat repellents around a bat.

The ultrasonic bat repellent

Ultrasonic bat deterrents are the electronic devices that use high-frequency sounds to keep away the bats. The basic concept behind them is to use the sound waves as a repellent.

  • benefits

The best part of the ultrasound devices is that they are harmless to the humans. They even don’t create any problems for the home pets. Thus, without impacting upon other living beings, the ultrasonic repellants help get rid of the bats. The ultrasonic waves are high enough to reach a height of 30 feet. Thus, they leave a substantial impact on the bats.

  • how to use

They are usually battery operated or can be switched to an electrical socket. Although, the coverage area of ultrasound device is pretty wide but still use them where they are required. These devices have two versions and conveniently used both inside your home and outdoors.

Application of natural bat repellents

Some people avoid the chemical stuff especially when there are young ones around. The best solution, in this case, is the natural repellents. These repellents also exist in several important forms and types and can be as simple as the human hair. The texture and smell of the human hair irritate the bats.  A homemade mixture of readily available home products like cinnamon, peppermint, coyote urine, human hair, and green tea can be an effective spray to get rid of the bats.

 Major problems of the products in stores

The market is filled with repellents. Being chemically strong these products are highly effective and have a long lasting impact, but the truth is different. These products can be great to fight the bat presence but can leave harmful traces for the human life and the environment. They have to be handled with a lot of care when young kids and pets are also live in the house. In the outdoors, they can be hazardous for the plantation and other animals.

 How to prevent bats effectively

As you find the traces in your surroundings, a prompt action is necessary. Reach the openings that might lead them into your interiors and clog them properly. Keep all the favorite bat food away. In the dark area ensure proper lightening system. Chemical sprays can be regularly used to avoid the bats from clustering together. Once clustered it becomes difficult to remove as they become very protective towards their territory.

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