4 Best Rodent Repellents to Control Rodents (2019)

Rodents are amongst the worst pests anyone can deal with. They can easily rise to become your worst nightmare once they infest your house. They are not only annoying but they can be dangerous. Rodents in your home can give the wrong impression such as implying your hygiene is not as top-notch.

Most people are afraid of rodents especially since they are very fast and hard to trap. There are many ways to get rid of the pests in your home. Most people still rely on old methods such as trapping them using mice-traps and likes. Other techniques include the use of repellants, poisoning them, or hiring an exterminator, finding the best rodent repellents is one of the important things for people who want to kill rodents.

Traps are not always as effective as one would wish them to be. They are mechanical hence cannot trap a lot of rodents at once. The fast natures of the rodents also help them avoid the traps easily. Rat poisoning and other types are also very dangerous. They can easily slip into food, and pets and children are susceptible to using it unknowingly. This puts everyone in the household in a dangerous position.

Hiring a professional is an option if you can afford it. The problem is that the infestation is likely to reoccur and eventually hiring a professional will get extremely expensive with time. This only leaves one viable option which is the use of repellants. This is a much better option considering it does not jeopardize the other living organisms in the household. However, the repellants must be used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer otherwise you risk wasting your money as it will not be as effective. The repellants can be homemade or store-bought.

The store-bought ones are more efficient since they contain chemicals that have been researched. The repellants come in many forms such as sprays, pellets, or ultrasonic. The repellants can work both outdoors and indoors. Below are some reviews of the best rodent repellants.

Eco-Defense Mice Repellent
  • FEATURESNatural and organic
    Can be used around food
    All rodent repellants
Fresh Cab Botanical
  • FEATURES Not toxic
    Plant based
    Very cheap
Vehicle Protection Road Defense Repellant
  • FEATURESRepels all kind of rodents
    Long lasting
    Applies to all types of cars

 Best Mice Repellent​​​The best thing about this particular repellant is that it uses a formula that is both natural and is organic. This makesEco-Defense Mice rodent Repellent is very safe for all the members of the households. There are a lot of challenges that come with having toxic repellants such as keeping them away from the children and pets so as to avoid any health complications.

This becomes hard if the infested areas are within reach such as the pantry area. The use of natural and organic ingredients also makes the repellant conducive for use around food. Most rodents especially rats and mice infest the pantries and food storage areas. There is a need to protect the food from any toxic substances that can affect its quality.

​​​The product is also eco-friendly. This is especially conducive for all those who are pro the environment. If you are looking to conserve your environment, this is the product for you. It does not pose any dangerous threat to the environment and does not cause any pollution throughout its usage. Pollution is a problem that is often brought about by sprays even if they are just repellants.

This repellant keeps the rodents away and does not poison them so if you are not looking for a way to kill them. The product uses natural essential oils that cannot kill the rodents but will just chase them away.

The eco defense repellant also works for all types of rodents. The problem that most people face is that the repellants that they use only deals with specific types of rodents. You need one that repels all types of rodents so as to save on cost. This especially applies to places that are more susceptible rodent infestations. It is one of the most effective of all rodent repellants in the market right now. The repellant also is applicable to all types of environment including outdoor and indoor.

Most of the products available work indoors hence is not for use when you have an infestation in your backyard. Occasionally, you will have rodent infestations in outdoor places, especially if you have moved furniture around or the pests can be transported by vehicles or neighbors. Moreover, the product comes with a guarantee of a full refund in case the product ends up ineffective. This gives you a guarantee that your money will not end up wasted in any circumstance. The offer of full refund lasts more than 60 days from the day of purchase.

This gives you a window of time to evaluate the efficiency of the product and if it does not please you, you can send it back immediately. This comes with the addition that the product is only 19 dollars on Amazon. It is significantly cheaper than the other commodities that are available in the market. Getting rid of rodents can be a significantly expensive affair especially if you are using a professional to exterminate them.

​​​The Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent is amongst the most effective granules available. It is rated very highly on Amazon with good reviews. Good reviews are always a good indicator of the reliability of any commodity. Good reviews are often honest opinions of the clients who have used it before.

​​​Clients are always inclined to be more truthful as to whether they liked the commodity or not so as to either warn others or encourage them to try the product.

The repellant is not toxic. It is made from balsam fir oil. It is good to always settle for non-toxic repellants since most rodents infest storage areas where we keep food. Toxic repellants are likely to poison the food or make them go by. It is also safer to use nontoxic repellants given that it is on the surface and might be in reach for both kids and pets.

Kids and pets might suffer health problems if they come into contact with toxic repellants, for some, the contact might even be fatal. The oil in the repellant also helps keep the storage fresh for more than 30 days. It is also plant-based so it is appealing to those who have a resolution of using natural products.

This repellants also has an added advantage of being easy to use. This makes them more commendable than the rest. The only instruction that comes with the package is to remove the plastic overwrap and you are good to go. This is unlike the other products that come with a lot of instructions. The commodity is also affordable given that you are only required to use a pouch for 8 square feet of floor space.

It is also 14 dollars, which is considered very cheap when you compare it to other commodities which are above 40 dollars. The rodent repellent is available in most countries hence can be easily shipped to where you are in just a matter of days. In addition, the repellant does not also require any clean up after use, given that it does not create any mess.

If you follow the instructions, you will realize that the rodent repellent is very fast when applied. This means it can clear out the infestation from your home within days of application. This puts it on a higher pedestal compared to the other techniques such as the use of traps. It is advisable to use the product while following all the instructions on the package in order to maximize its efficiency. For preventive purposes, you can apply the repellant even in unaffected areas hence keeping away the pests from all areas of the house.

This is amongst the only rodent repellants that adhere to the ethical policies that have been placed by the Government. It meets all the FDA standards that are recognized by law hence adheres to the professional pest control use measures as well as the effectiveness criteria of the repellants in enclosed areas or indoors. The rodent repellent, however, is not suitable for outdoor use and is restricted to only storage areas or places within the house.

The company that makes the repellant also gives back to the community since it is known for employing handicapped citizens who make up 25% of its staff. It has won several awards for this cause. The product is also environmentally friendly and its packaging is recyclable.

One of the major uses of repellants is the tenacious goal of protecting your property. Rodents, especially mice and rats are known for destroying property. This mainly includes clothes and couches. Things of similar material also suffer and also foodstuff. The good thing about this rodent repellent is it is portable so you can put it anywhere so long as you think there is an infestation.

You can carry with it on your vacations; put it in cabins, in garages, storage units, trucks, barns, cars, and even boats. It is affordable enough to always have it in your bag in case you need it especially for your vehicle since rodents can damage the seats which are very expensive to repair.

​​​Rodents do not infest houses alone. They are capable of infesting cars as well. If your car is infested, this is the commodity for you. The Vehicle Protection Road Defense rodent Repellent  is one of the best products you can use to protect your car. Cars are usually very expensive and no one wants to have them as a recurring expense. Cars cost thousands of dollars and the repair or maintenance is even worse.

You have to occasionally deal with mileage issues that will cost you in terms of maintenances and the worst thing is having an additional expense of mice eating away your wires. In some rare cases, rodents can pile up in your engine destroying the wiring and posing a serious problem since the car will eventually break down.

​​​The good aspect of this product is that it applies to all types of cars. You do not have to buy different products for the automobiles you have in your house. It also repels all kind of rodents. This will also save you a few bucks when shopping for repellants. It is, additionally, very long lasting, therefore, will help you for a couple for a months before you get the need of buying another repellant.

In addition to this, it is only 22 Dollars. If you compare this to the thousands of dollars that cars are worth you will see the value of the repellant. This is in addition to the fact that it is long-lasting. This reduces the cost that you have to spend on repellants annually since you will only have to buy it twice or thrice in a year. This is the best repellant if you are looking out to save yourself a few dollars.

​​​This particular repellant is used in interior areas as well as gardens. This makes it suitable for use of outdoors and indoors. The Rodent Sheriff-2 Pack-Ultra-Pure Mint Formula is only 20 dollars making it more affordable than the other rodent  repellents. The product also gets rid of all types of rodents.

​​​Most repellants only ward off specific types of pests forcing you to buy a range of products especially if you are in an environment that is vulnerable to such. It is almost impossible to find a product that repels all types of rodents; most of them are specific to mice or rats. Finding a product that is multi-functional proves to be cost-effective.

This is also a non-toxic product, making it safe and conducive to pets and kids. Kids are always at arm’s reach when it comes to where food is so they are likely to come into contact with the rodents that will either harm them physically or even lead to fatality. The product also comes with easy explanations hence you will not find any difficulty when applying it. The good remarks and reviews on Amazon also prove the reliability of the product.

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