Top 7 Best Webworm Repellents Worth to Buy (2019)

Top 7 Best Webworm Repellents Worth to Buy

The fall webworm is a broadly distributed intrinsic pest that lives in the shade trees and shrubs and has a lifetime from early summers to late fall. It is one of the most noticeable creepy crawly that is mostly seen in your lawns. It is a species native to North America and is found across many regions of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The insect is a general feeder on all trees except the conifers because of its pest-resistant characteristics. The fall webworm overwinters in the pupal stage, most of the eggs are hatched in late June and early July. The adult female fall webworm moth looks bright white in color with a hairy body.

Male moths also appear white but it has sparsely to heavily marked with dark grayish brown to black spots on their forewings.  They have a wingspan of 1 to 2 inches. The orange and yellow legs of the insects make it looks attractive. They appear glowing like sunlight that attracts most predators. Many of its species are nocturnal insects and attracted towards the light. One of the best aspects of the webworms is the web they produce.

They have the potential to build large webs. Although the insect is not poisonous or dangerous to humans or animals, yet they can cause substantial stress to plants and trees. Moreover, when they are not get ridden early, they can kill big trees too. An infestation of fall webworms is seen in Boyds, Maryland and many other regions of United States. The fall webworm caterpillar, Hyphantriacunea belongs to the family Arctiidae.

1. Arctiidae – The Basics

The Arctiidae are a large and subfamily of moths which is composed of more than eleven thousand species that is spread far and wide around the globe. Out of the 11000 species, six thousand are Neotropical species. This family was earlier considered as a higher level taxon that includes lichen and tiger moths.  Notable species of this family are tiger moths, fall webworm, garden tiger moth and few others. Out of the many species let us discuss in detail about the fall webworm, the danger caused by this species and the ways to control or get rid of this pest.

2. Origination of the Pest (Fall Webworms)

The fall webworm is nothing but a common native caterpillar that has spread far and wide throughout the United States and Canada. Apparently, it has been introduced accidentally in many parts of Europe and Asia. As the name suggests, it is known for web making. They make grayish silk webs around leaves and spin around hardwood trees.

3. Differentiation Between Fall Webworm And Eastern Tent Caterpillars

The fall webworms are often confused with eastern tent caterpillars and at instances even with gypsy moths.  Although both the worms ultimately develop into moths in the adult stage, spins webs around the leaves and hardwood trees and a serious threat in summers for the tree owners, apparently, they have some unique differences.  Let us discuss a few distinct difference between the two.

The Eastern tent caterpillar lifecycle starts much earlier than fall webworm. The tent caterpillars start their lifetime from early spring and they survive until the end of fall, however as the name implies the fall webworms begins its lifecycle from late summer or early fall. Similarly, they have a huge difference when it comes to their appetite.

The Eastern tent caterpillars tend to have wide varieties like crab apple, flowering cherry trees, and hawthorns whereas fall webworms are finicky eaters. They don’t tend to eat big stuff apparently they are lovers of leaves. They are most attracted to all kinds of leaves especially the most of the species of deciduous trees. However, they have one unique similarity that is quite astonishing. The fall webworm attacks the same tree in the fall season which the tent caterpillar previously attacked in spring. They have very similar kind of devouring the trees.

4. How Are Fall Webworms Harmful to Your Garden?

Many people have often noticed the weird formation of the silken web at the end of the crochet of your trees and twigs or visible big leaves suddenly disappearing from your garden. Who weaves these horrible webs?  What creatures made these elaborate structures?  These are the symptoms of the arrival of fall webworm to your garden. Fall webworm is a pest that is of a great nuisance in the late summers.

This widely distributed pest attack many types of species of shrubs, plants, and trees which has a surplus amount of leaves and looking nourished. Their main source of attack usually involves different varieties of deciduous trees that includes walnuts, berries, apple trees, birch, and hickory. Fall webworms are caterpillar stages also known as an immature stage before they become an adult moth. During the caterpillar stages, they have a lot of hunger and eat most of the time.

They are considered as smart insects because the webs they build are well-protected so it is not easily penetrable to birds and wasps. So these insects don’t fall as easy prey to their predators. Ultimately these ugly nasty insects are not easily killed unless you find some mode of treatment to terminate them. So what exactly are these creepy little insects doing to your garden? These caterpillars build a web or nest whatever you call it, around them to protect themselves against the predators and also for them to grow.

During the course of this time, they feed on the leaves and tree barks that is enclosed within the nest. This makes the region of the tree completely defoliated and devoured. Fall webworms multiply rapidly so there will not be only one pest in your tree rather a huge population so many parts of your tree will be completely devoured. So how to combat these pesky insects and keep your garden safe from the invasive creatures.

5. Combatting Fall Webworms that Posing a Threat to Your Garden

An attempt to control the fall webworm often cause damage to your garden because the powerful insecticide you use may not be suitable for your tender plants at times. Moreover, these caterpillars eat only the leaves of the trees so it can regrow after they become adults and leave the nest.

However, when they are in large number it can be damaging to your trees and it eventually affects the beauty of your garden. When your garden has severe infestation from these worms you will be in need of mild pesticide to get rid of this creepy crawly. Some of the insecticide for your patio, lawns, and gardens are as follows

6. Summit Caterpillar and Webworm Control

Summit Caterpillar and Webworm Control-Hose EndThese are biological caterpillar and webworm control insecticide that kills caterpillar and larval state insects. Summit caterpillar and webworm control are organic thuricide (BTK). BT are proteins that are used in organic farms for several years from now as an anti-microbial agent to get rid of pests. It is a suitable pest control formula for homeowners who had lots of problems with their bushes and leaves having ragged look.

It has a very good effect against controlling worms and caterpillars without harming beneficial insects. These products are available in several online stores.

Garden Safe Fungicide33 in 1 Garden products
  • FEATURESCan be used up to day of harvest.
    Have Insecticide/Fungicide/Miticide
    OMRI Listed.
Caterpillar Killer IIFor Trees, Shrubs and vegetables
  • FEATURES harmless to beneficial insects.
    eliminate tomato hornworm.
    OMRI listed.
Compare-N-SaveSystemic Tree and Shrub Insect Drench
  • FEATURESControls insects for up to 12 months.
    Controls aphids and Japanese beetles.
    Can be used on fruit and nut trees.

1. Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer

Safer Brand 5163 Caterpillar Killer II

This caterpillar killer concentrate contains Bacillus thuringiensis that has the potential to kill caterpillars, gypsy moth larvae, worms and cabbage loopers. Bacillus thuringiensis is an insecticide (soil dwelling bacterium used as a biological pesticide) that serves as an effective pest control killing insects that causing damage to your nature.

This organic chemical releases a toxin that becomes deadly to certain types of pests and many species of immature insects. Their main targets are fall webworm, mosquitoes, caterpillars, and moths. This product is widely available in online stores such as Amazon, and a few others. You can buy the product at the above-given link. You can see many good reviews about the product before making the right decision. One of the reviews says that individuals who encountered infestation problem with their gorgeous geranium were super happy when they used this product. They were completely able to get rid of this pesky little insect and could get back the fairies in the flower bed. This product doesn’t cause any harm to people, pets or even to your harvest. It has no harm to other beneficial insects such as earthworms, honeybees, and ladybugs. Just an application on the leaf surface is enough and it doesn’t require spraying, unlike other pesticides.


2. Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract

Garden Safe Neem Oil

This product is most effective for organic gardening. It protects flowering, fruits, and ornamental plants and keeps your garden protected against the invasion of the little pests. However, since it is in the oil form, it is not advisable to spray in the direct sunlight because the leaves will get fried due to the oil concentration. It has three properties to work on as an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide.

As a fungicide, it offers effective control over various insects such as beetles, bugs, bagworms, fruit flies, caterpillars, and mites.  People are often infected with fungal infections during the change of seasons. At those instances, neem oil extract is very effective to treat many kinds of fungal infections of the plant like black spots, powdery mild dew, scabs on flowers, twigs, and needles. Many people are happy using the product and have a sense of relief after they were able to get rid of them. They were contented to see beautiful, healthy and happy plants.


3. Stay Away Moths Repellent Pest Control Scent Pouches

Stay Away Moths

This is a multi-purpose repellent that is used as a pest control. These moth pouches contain active ingredients of geranium and cedar oil essentials which is found effective to stay away from the infestation of the pests. This moth repellent is an eco-friendly product that a high performance. It is categorized as DIY pest control with a higher percentage of about 97 percent net promoter score.

This is the USA made a product that protects your property and prevents them from entering. When these repellents are placed in your clothes or wardrobe, the insects are sick of this smell and keep them away from your stuff. The product is readily available in a number of online stores especially Amazon. Use this all natural stylish product to keep away from bugs.


4. Compare and Save Systematic Tree and Shrub Insect Drench

Systemic Tree and Shrub Insect Drench

This is a systematic insecticide that is absorbed through the roots and carried up to the stems of the plants and leaves. It is a quite an effective product that provides long time protection for your outdoor trees and shrubs against the pesky little insects (emerald ash bores, Japanese beetles) and worms. Since this insecticide is absorbed by the roots of the plants, it is not washed away during heavy winds or rain showers.

During spring and early summers, most homeowners often encounter problems in their garden infested with worms and bugs and will not have expected blooms from their flowering plants. However the Compare and Save Systematic Tree and Shrub Insect Drench acts as a solution provider providing a long-term solution in getting rid of the pests. During severe infestation, even people take a drastic solution of cutting down the branches and even the complete trunk at times to get rid of the infestation, apparently, this insect drench has found to be a better option and a solution to the problem.

How to use the product?

It is a concentrated chemical so it should not apply to the plants directly. It has to be diluted mixed with water and poured evenly to the base of the plant.


5. Monterey 704596 Caterpillar Killer Pesticide, 1-Pint

Monterey 704596 Caterpillar Killer

This biological insecticide is effective in killing worms and caterpillars that cause harms to fruits, vegetables and ornamental trees and shrubs. This pesticide provides excellent cure to the plants in a shorter duration of time. They are sold at Amazon. The shelf life of the product is approximately one year and usually sprayed as mystified sprays. There is a number of positive reviews from customers who used this insecticide spray on their pecan, maple, silver birch and apple trees.  An effective product for your organic gardening to control your vegetation against the infestation of the tiny fall webworms and caterpillars. This chemical when ingested by the worms causes disruption in their digestive system so they will stop eating the leaves so your plants will be safe against devouring of the pesky creepy crawly. Apparently, this contains toxins so it should be kept out of the reach of children and your pets.

How to use the product?

It is an easy to mix concentrated liquid. Not advisable to use as concentrated. It should be diluted with water to reduce the concentration level and sprayed around the plants, shrubs, and trees. It is ideal for poor, rocky soil containing grown plants.


6. Garden Dust Caterpillar Killer

Garden Dust Caterpillar Killer

This is a biological insecticide for vegetables, fruits, ornamental flowers, and lawns. This is effective in killing leaf-feeding worms such as bagworms, fall webworms and many species of caterpillars. The major active ingredient in this pesticide constitutes bacillus thuringiensis which is a soil-dwelling bacterium turns fatal to certain herbivorous insects. The toxin produced by this ingredients is very effective for organic farming. It is ready to use dust to get rid of the fungus on your geraniums. When this dust is ingested by the insects and worms, it causes discomfort and kills them within a few days. Ultimately the product stops the caterpillars from chewing the leaves of your favorite plants. The best thing about this biological pesticides is, it targets only on the caterpillar and leaf-eating worms and doesn’t affect beneficial insects like beetles, earthworms, and birds.

This product is readily available on Amazon and home depots.

How to use the product?

Garden dust caterpillar killer is sprinkled as powder on the leaf of the plants, shrubs, and geraniums. Highly recommendable to be used in the late afternoon or on a cloudy day because the product breaks down when exposed to sunlight.


7. Bayer 12 Months Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Granules

Bayer Advanced 701910 Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Granules

These are ready to use granules that deliver 12-month insect protection. When used has potential effects against leaf-eating worms, caterpillars, whiteflies and a few others. Spring and winter seasons are a real amusement to these pesky little insects. They spin their silken webs around the trees, shrubs and small plants in your garden and make them lose their beauty by devouring the leaves. Apparently using this pesticide results in preventing new infestations. This products are readily available in a number of online stores like Amazon and also in home depots.

When insects feed on the plants which have the insecticide effect ultimately dies. Insecticide will sure have a control over the creepy insects and also protects your plant from future attacks. In addition to this, systemic clearing of plant debris and other waste materials eventually protects your garden from all other infections.

Choose any of the above-mentioned products and get rid of all the webworms in the garden quickly.


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