How To Prevent Black Vine Weevils & Protect Your Garden-Plants?

How To Prevent Black Vine Weevils and Protect Your Garden-Plants?

Black-vine weevil is now considered as one of the greatest enemies of gardens. They are very much destructive in nature and this is why people look for the best ways to control black vine weevils.

If you care about the plants or trees in your garden then nothing can be the best way-out other than adopting the best protection-shield for preventing black-vine weevils. You can hire an efficient gardener who can take good care of your garden and can treat these pests well.

These pests not only destroy plants but also affect the entire gardening-landscape. In most of the cases it has been found that only ornamental plants in garden are being attacked by these insects. At maximum part of US these pests are found.

Landscape plantings and nurseries often get attacked with black-vine weevils in US. You have to get deepest gardening-knowledge for knowing the most effective treatments to control black vine weevil.

1. Factors to be considered

Prevent Black Vine Weevils

Before deciding how to get rid of black vine weevil you have to consider few important points. Some of the most important points that need to be looked upon in this regard are as follows:

Recognizing infestation-signs

Firstly, infestation-signs need to be recognized well and then only you can adopt productive measures to control black vine weevil. If you fail to detect the insect-type then you will not be able to decide the preventive ways. Adult-form can be easily detected while it is pretty challenging to detect the larvae-form. They are completely nocturnal and cause huge damages to plant-foliages. Subterranean environments cater best opportunity for the speedy growth of these nocturnal gardening-pests. Only experienced gardeners have enough of knowledge about these pests and thus they are the only ones who can easily detect these pests without any confusion in mind.


With appearance only pests can be easily detected. In this case, size, color and characteristics are treated as the major aspects. Black-vine weevils are oval and are almost 12-mm long. They have short snouts and their wings are featured with small pits. Their antennas almost look like elbows and these antennas are the most noticeable features of any black-vine weevil. Tiniest hairs are found all over their bodies and they are mostly found either in gray or brown color. These features will definitely enable you recognizing a black-vine weevil in your garden easily.

Damages by these pests

These pests are not only harmful for gardening-plants but they also cause damages to human-beings. When these pests become adults then they tend to enter houses through different openings. If you have pets and kids at home then you should definitely control black vine weevil for protecting them. Though they do not bite humans but houseplants completely get destroyed by the same. These pests are not infectious at all and thus no human-diseases are spread by the same.

How these pests come inside

It is very important to know that what situations give rise to these pests and then only effective control of black vine weevil in garden can be decided. Excessive moisture or temperature drop might encourage these pests to grow faster. Therefore, at the beginning of season-change you have to plan necessary measures to control these garden-pests. When you are bringing outdoor-plants inside during rainy or snowy seasons then check the pots well. Sometimes, the insects remain within the soil and people fail to detect them properly. Heavy rhododendrons or dense evergreen often send open invitations to these insects and thus you need to keep good care of your garden for keeping them away. Heaviest landscaping locations around your house need to be cleaned well and that to on a regular basis in order to control black vine weevil from coming inside house.

Foods of these pests

Every living-organism on this earth relies on some food or other. Therefore, if you know what these pests eat then you can easily control them by destroying their food. These pests need to be destroyed at their larvae-stage only so that they cannot get converted into adult-form. Larvae usually feed on finest plant roots. In fact it is due to their feeding-habit that the plants get more badly affected. For survival these pests take nutrients and moisture from roots as a result of which the plant-growth gets highly hampered. In this way, with the growth of black-vine weevils plants tend to lose strength, energy and nutrient and finally get destroyed. Shrubs, plants or herbs are completely destroyed by these pests. Therefore, if you want your gardening-plants to survive for long then you need to destroy these weevils as soon as possible. Destroying the larvae is quite a useful step as it prevents pest maturity. Matured pests are quite difficult to deal with as they can easily crawl.

Spot Black Vine Weevils

Decide the right treatment

If you want to know regarding how to get rid of black vine weevil, then you have to research a bit. Modern pest-reviews say that both natural and commercial pesticides can be now used to control black vine weevil. Therefore, you need to decide which way to go for. Natural ones create long-lasting impacts and moreover they are very much eco-friendly and safe in nature. But natural methods need to be applied again and again for receiving better results. On the other hand, synthetic-products can give instant results but they can be toxic at times. If you want to rely on synthetic option then in that case you have to go through the ingredient-list first. Make sure that no toxic or harmful ingredients have been included in the product.

Reproduction patter

During early summers female pests arrive and for almost a month they feed themselves enough for giving the birth of eggs. If you come to know about the reproduction-pattern then you can easily destroy them. Almost 200-eggs are produced by female-pests throughout their entire lifetime. During winter, larvae remain dormant and in springs they pupate. Therefore, you should make your move during winters only so that larvae can be easily destroyed.

These facts are really very much useful especially when you are trying to control black vine weevil badly.  For more intricate info about these garden-insects you have to look for the best pest-reviews online. You can also follow many pest-control programs revealing the right ways to treat black-vine weevils. Once these weevils start growing they will not top and will spread faster like anything.

2. Best natural ways for preventing black-vine weevils:

Bowl of diatomaceous earth with spoon.

Natural treatments can help in preventing and eliminating black vine weevils naturally without doing any harm to nature. Moreover, you can also safely apply the sane without entertaining any skin rashes or irritations due to chemical reactions. Some of the most effective options in this respect are as follows:

  • Proper garden-cleaning will never entertain the growth of these harmful pests. Mulches need to be removed including all probable hiding locations around plants so that pest-nests can be found out.
  • Excessive watering on soils can be quite dangerous at times. This is because moist-soil encourages both adult pests and larvae to grow faster. Therefore, you should never water your plants quite often especially during moist seasons.
  • Tanglefoot sticky-barrier can be used as one of the most effective solutions as these pests mostly move from one place to another by walking as they cannot fly.
  • Long-lasting pest-protection can be now ensured by means of Diatomaceous-earth. This pest-control product is absolutely organic and thus no chemical-reaction will occur. You can apply it easily and on the other hand your plants will also stay protected. No poisonous or toxic elements are found it. When the targeted pests crawl over fine powders of this product their outer surfaces are being scored by tiniest aquatic fossilized organisms.
  • Beneficial nematodes can also be utilized as the best natural way-out. These organisms can easily prevent immature-stages of these pests. In fact, it is the best way to control black vine weevil in gardens these days. Nematodes can be used only for protecting potted-plants from black-vine weevil.
  • A special kind of fungus called Beauveria-bassiana can be now used for preventing black-vine weevil. This fungus is basically used for treating all sorts of troublemaking or dangerous pests hampering gardening activities. It needs to be applied at least weekly in order to control black vine weevil population. It has been found that this treatment is much more powerful than that of the usage of any traditional or conventional chemical-based pesticides.
  • Best quality crack-and-crevice sprays can now cater faster results in this regard. These sprays are usually applied around those openings from where these pests can enter your house. Vents, doors and windows are the probable openings where these sprays need to be applied essentially for stopping especially adult pests.
  • There are many botanical-insecticides that have lesser toxicity and they can be used and the final option to control black vine weevil. These insecticides are usually prepared from those plants that are enriched with high-value insecticidal-properties. They are far better in compare to synthetic-pesticides and this is why most houseowners prefer to use the same. They can easily break-down within the environment and this is one of the leading reasons that they are treated as the best solution.
  • Burlap-fabric needs to be placed around shrubs or trees for the sake of trapping weevils. You can definitely use as the best alternative option in case if no other options have worked well.
  • Neel-oil products can be definitely used in this regard but not with nematodes. Neem-oil might harm nematodes as a result of which your purpose of killing weevils will not get fulfilled. These products can be now purchased online or else you can prepare the same at home. These products are mainly categorized under DIY pest-control products but you have to use the, on a continuous basis for receiving amazing results.
  • Nowadays, special kinds of traps are getting used for catching these insects. This is such a method where insects are not killed but can be easily removed from plants. If you are looking for a non-violent method then you can surely choose the concerned one as the best solution. You need to choose the best trap for these pests and in this respect you can surely take valuable suggestions or recommendations from any experienced gardening expert.

If above quick gardening tricks can easily prevent these dangerous pests then what is the need of using harsh chemicals creating harmful impacts over both plants and soils? In fact, most houseowners are now using these tricks for preventing and eliminating black vine weevil naturally at home.

Black Vine Weevils

Special notes

  • If you are using any synthetic-pesticides then make sure that the products are registered otherwise guaranteed safety cannot be assured.
  • Label-directions need to be properly followed for applying the pesticides in a correct manner. If you fail to follow the directions then your purpose of killing black-vine weevils will not get completely satisfied.
  • Choose pesticide in accordance of the insect-stage. Those pesticides suitable for killing adult insects cannot be applied for killing larvae. Read out the instruction well so that you can come to know about regarding how to use pesticides.
  • Best pesticide-application time needs to be chosen so that the pests can be treated efficiently. Winter is the best timing for applying pesticides as the insects remain in their initial stage.
  • Early evening foliage spraying is quite a helpful step and you should follow it sincerely. This is because adult black-vine weevils are found to get active over host-foliage after sunset only.
  • You have to know the right usage of foliar-sprays otherwise you will not get desirable effects. You can monitor the growth-stages of these pests and in accordance of that cab apply these sprays. In fact, this is a great way to control black vine weevil.

The above info will enable you making effective control of black vine weevil in garden. These things should be essentially kept in mind especially for using the pesticides well. Make sure that your pesticides are not affecting your garden landscape and plants badly. Poisonous pesticides should not be used ever.

The pesticide containers should be kept at safe places so that pets or kids at home cannot reach them easily. The containers should be disposed properly after the purpose has been served. Take valuable advices from gardening-experts for keeping your garden free from black-vine weevils.

3. How nurseries can be protected from black-vine weevils?

gardens of nurseries

Currently nurseries are hiring specially trained gardeners who have got the skills in dealing with these pests. Every year lots of funds are spent for protecting nurseries from these harmful pests.

These gardeners receive special trainings on the control or regulation of black-vine weevils. They are certified and knowledgeable and thus they can easily keep the nurseries protected from these destructive pests.

Some of the most popular strategies that are being utilized by efficient gardeners of nurseries are as follows:

  • Since nighttime is the best feeding hour for these beetles therefore the gardeners choose this time for detecting the exact pest-locations in garden. They use special torches with bright light so that the feeding beetles can be detected with ease.
  • High-quality pesticides can kill black-vine weevils properly and efficient gardeners always have the knowledge about these pesticides.
  • Damages made by these weevils can be easily detected by talented gardeners. They basically track from the leaf or root signs and in accordance of that choose the best treatment that can keep these pests away.
  • It is not only necessary to kill the existing insects but it also needed to prevent the further growth of these beetles. The gardeners make powerful plans so that both the purposes can get served at the same time.
  • There should be a proper irrigation-system around the nursery otherwise the pants cannot be watered well. On the other hand, excess rain-water will no more remain at one place and will drain out properly with a great irrigation-system around. The gardener needs to maintain this system well for maintaining the plant-health.

gardeners of nurseries

Different innovative and powerful pest-killing strategies are now getting implemented by sincere gardeners of nurseries. These gardeners conduct a thorough inspection for bringing out hidden weevils. Though black-vine weevils are not responsible for any human-diseases but many plant-diseases might occur due to the same.

In fact, these creatures are treated as life-threatening for plants in nurseries. This is why experienced gardeners are hired so that these creatures can be removed easily. Gardeners basically maintain the plants on a regular basis and thus the pests do not get the scope to grow. Pest-prevention is now treated as the most important part or aspect of healthy plant cultivation.

During rainy seasons these plants are nicely protected so that excess moisture does not remain deposited. Experienced gardeners have recently shared their experienced in few reviews online and you can follow them on a sincere note in order to control black vine weevil in the most effective manner.

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