10 Best Black Vine Weevils Repellents Worth To Buy (2019)

Black Vine Weevil is an insect that feeds on the outer edges of evergreen plans like Euonymus, Camellia, and Rhododendron. They are a major cause of harm to evergreen plants and trees. These insects are not at all a helpful organism and need to be prevented and repelled from the surroundings so that they do not harm the plants in any way. There are a number of things to know to help repel these insects. Many products in the market claim to prevent harm from these pests. However, some products are not very helpful for such pest control of black vine weevil. To know what products to buy for repelling these insects, you will need a black vine weevil buying guide. These insects can be shooed away in some natural ways as well as forced control. The insects are most common in the European countries as well as some parts of the North American subcontinent. These are the region where the evergreen trees and plants are most common, and we get many benefits from forests and the ordinary tree itself, let alone evergreen trees and forests. It is an ultimate necessity to prevent these pests from infesting the evergreen plants and harming them.

Behavioral Pattern of Black Vine Weevil

The black vine weevil, scientifically known, as Otiorhynchus Sulcatus are usually matte black and has infused wings but is unable to fly. They are pretty harmful to the evergreen tree as they eat on the leaves which are the essential part of a plant. Many garden plants are also susceptible to their attack. One needs to have a detailed black vine weevil buying guide to prevent that from happening. These insects reproduce in the way of parthenogenesis called thelytoky that is usually an asexual way of reproduction. The offspring are about one centimeter in length and are without limbs. They have a curvy body and are off-white with a light brown head. These offspring like underground and feed on roots and the base of the tree bark. These probe many harmful effects to many garden plants, as their scope of root growth is limited. Hence, it is essential to exterminate these insects and save the garden plants as well as the evergreen trees in the European and North American subcontinents especially.

Harms of the Pest and the Reason Why it Should be Repelled

The black vine weevils are harmful pests especially for plantation landscapes and plant nurseries. They not only eat up the outer area of leaves of a plant, but their offspring are famous as one of the most dangerous pests that consume the root regions of a plant. These two major essential parts of a plant are critical to the plant’s existence and survival. Because of too high an infestation of these pests the whole nursery or a vast number of plants would die. Plants help us in many essential ways, and it is our responsibility to take care of our natural environment. Hence these insects should be killed and repelled. Moreover, the damages that a plant is facing may not be detected as they are underground and that is all the more reason that these pests should be repelled with the help of a black vine weevil buying guide.

Natural Ways to Repel Black Vine Weevil

There are various Natural products to get rid of black vine weevil. They usually breed in various hidden places in the gardens and nurseries like the dead leaves and mulch. Removing the hiding places can help you in the first step itself. You should water the plants only when necessary because these black weevil larvae like to stay in the moist soil. It is not favorable for them to survive unless it is a moist soil environment. Specific natural products are available that can aid in killing or repelling these pests. Since these insects can’t fly they move from one plant to another by walking over. There are natural sticky barriers that prevent them from moving once trapped in them. This is a constructive form of pest control against these insects. There is a particular organic powder made from tiny aquatic organism fossilized to form a non-toxic product. When a weevil walks over this powder, their outer body is perforated and kills them. Another natural way when these pests die is that the larvae are often attacked by beneficial nematodes which are usually in nursery plants. There are non-toxic insecticides that when applied weekly are capable of killing various insects including the like of the black vine weevil. Another one among other Natural products to get rid of black vine weevil is the fast action crevice sprays that are not harmful to the plants but kills the black weevils very fast. These sprays are very useful and are helpful for you to keep your plants safe.

Chemical Pest Control Methods

There are various Chemical repellents to kill black vine weevil for good. These chemical methods have been used for thousands of years. A lot of the older civilizations who didn’t have proper knowledge of the harmful sides of chemical pest control. Today’s chemical pest control substances have a common chemical: sulfur which kills insects very fast. Among other synthetic or chemical insecticides are carbamates, neonicotinoids, organochlorides, pyrethroids, and ryanoids. These destroy the insects and have a useful functioning capability, but then again they also pose specific harm to the soil and plants at times. These Chemical repellents to kill black vine weevil for good, are beneficial as well. They kill and control mycotoxin-producing agents. These chemical pesticides are comparatively cheaper than the natural ones most of the times. However, they are useful in killing black vine weevils. However to get knowledge of which ones are the best and the relatively weak ones you will require a black vine weevil buying guide. It will help you get the knowledge of what to get in what stage of black weevil infestation.

Your Black Vine Weevil Buying Guide

There are a number of products that will help you to get over the problem of black vine weevil infestation in the nurseries or garden. It is a smart move to use organic forms of insecticides rather than chemical ones which are toxic and may harm the plants as well as the soil. Below is a list of 10 products that help to repel and get rid of black vine weevil and you can find them all on the Amazon online shopping application. Below is your best black vine weevil buying guide to get rid of these harmful insects.

10 Best Black Vine Weevils Repellents Worth To Buy

Diatomaceous Earth
  • FEATURESHigh quality
    Absorb lipids
Beneficial Nematodes
  • FEATURES Not harmful to human
    Kills only soil pests
BotiniGard ES
  • FEATURESOrganic-based insecticide
    Not harmful to humans & animals

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a naturally forming sedimentary rock that is quite brittle and can be crumbled down to powder pretty easily. It is usually white or whitish and is an extremely porous substance. Silica, alumina, and iron oxide are the main components of this product. This powder tends to absorb lipids from the outer layers of insects. The weevils are as a result dehydrated pretty soon enough and die in a matter of moments. This is one of the Best repellents to kill black vine weevil. This is a pretty long-lasting method of pest control. There are no toxic products present in the product, and it is completely natural from its existence to its production. This hundred percent organic powder is a very high-quality product for the extermination of these black vine weevils. The dust is to be applied on the soil where there is weevil infestation, and in some time a lot of those weevils are dead gradually. When the insect walks over the powder the absorbing qualities of the product soaks up the waxy layer from their outer coat. As a result, the insects die out of dehydration. This is one of the best products against weevils.


2. Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes

These organisms naturally exist in the soil. They pose no harm to human or animal life. They also check on the larvae and grub from place to place. These nematodes only kill soil pests and are one of the best ways to kill the black vine weevils. They don’t harm the plant in anyway and also doesn’t kill earthworms. It is just like having your army to fight the weevils in your garden. These nematodes enter the weevils from the mouth, respiratory openings or anus and feed on the insect inside out. The nematodes have unique bacteria that emerge in their intestinal tracts and spread inside the insects’ bodies. The bacteria convert the tissues of the body of the insect into easily consumable products. As a result, the weevils die within a few days. Black vine weevils can be killed by Hmeg, Hb, Sg and Hm species of nematodes.


3. BotiniGard ES

BotiniGard ES

This is an organic-based insecticide that is handy to kill the black vine weevil. These help in controlling other insects as well like whiteflies, aphids and more. This is a biological pesticide and poses no harm to human or plants. They kill the weevil as they spores infect through the insects’ dead body cells or cuticle. This remedy has no dependency requirement like high humidity for efficacy. It can be used to kill all the weevils around you like in your gardens as well as your plant nurseries. They usually come in 1 quintal or 1 gallon containers and are available on Amazon. This is among Best repellents to kill black vine weevil.


4. Don’t Bug Me

Don’t Bug Me

This is an insecticide spray that kills weevils when it comes in contact. It works amazingly great in your garden, greenhouse, and nurseries. It has an adjustable nozzle that can control the spraying. A little of this product is effective on the weevil population in your garden. Usually, they are sold in 24oz bottles that can treat up to a thousand square feet. It is a spray, and you need to apply it where there is the weevil infestation. It is also biological and poses no harm to the user or the plant. It is a mediocre product as per its effectiveness in killing weevils.


5. Pyrethrin


This product is extracted from a plant native to the African and Asian countries as well as northeastern European nations. This is another one of the products you should note down in your black vine weevil buying guide. This compound is a natural defense mechanism for plants against insects. It affects the nervous system of the weevils and has a deadly toxic effect on their body. When the weevils come in contact with the product, it almost immediately dies out of a form of paralytic compulsion. As result pyrethrin has become a pretty renowned insecticide against weevils these days in the market.


6. Garden Dust

Garden Dust

This product is mostly applied in the form of dust but can also be used as a spray. This product is not only helpful to repel the weevils from your plants but also to cure plant diseases. The main components of this product include pyrethrins, sulfur, and copper. It may be a little harmful to the plants from time to time due to the sulfur content in its composition. This product is usually supposed to be applied on the garden floor and is also generally green in color so that it camouflages with the foliage color.


7. Tree Tanglefoot

Tree Tanglefoot

This is a wax-like material that helps capture these black weevils in the surroundings. Place the gummy substance as per requirement around and between the plants in the nursery or garden. Black vine weevils have wings but can’t fly around. This one of the important additions to your black vine weevil buying guide. So they walk on from one plant to the other. If this gum is applied around the trunks of the plant, they will capture most of the weevils. You should never apply the product directly onto the bark of the tree; you can use cardboard or plastic to apply it on. This product is effective for use; however, there are better products than this in the market that can be availed on the Amazon app for killing or exterminating the weevils. This product is a lot like the first line of defense against the insects. This product traps the weevils even if it comes too close to it. The weevils don’t necessarily have to walk over it.


8. Neem Oil 

Neem Oil

Neem oil is the natural oils extracted from a plant called the neem plant which is prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. The oil has a lot of antiseptic as well as insect-killing qualities. These are most useful when applied to young plants, and hence they are widely used in nurseries. It must be applied as a soil drench and works gradually and systematically to kill weevils. Then the plant has absorbed the neem oils it runs through the plant’s vascular system. The weevils that ingest it tend to reduce or stop feeding reduces reproduction frequency in females and also prevents the larvae to mature. This is a helpful product which is entirely natural. The product, however, doesn’t kill the weevils but only controls their growth and harm on the plants.


9. Burlap Fabric

Burlap Fabric

Burlap cloth is made of a fabric called jute, and it is cut and stitched to create a cloth. There are a vast number of users of this product among which is checking the weevils from harming your plants. They can be put below the plant roots at the time of planting and can also be put around the barks of the tree at the bottom. This fabric has high tensile strength and doesn’t allow the passage of the weevil through them. This method isn’t 100 percent effective. They are useful in trapping the weevils that hide under the soil. Sometimes the weevils pass through them if it isn’t applied correctly. It is still a helpful weevil control product. However, its functioning isn’t as proper as its other counterparts.


10. Boric Acid

Boric Acid

This is relatively more harmful than the other products on this black vine weevil buying guide. Boric acid needs to be ingested by the weevils for it to be effective. It doesn’t kill the weevils right away but only control their growth. This product makes the female black vine weevil sterile and incompetent to reproduce. This product is also less useful for the larvae stage of the weevils. The black vine weevils can, however, be significantly checked and controlled in your garden through this product.

It is an essential factor to kill these black vine weevils before they kill away all your plants. Now you have the black vine weevil buying guide and have an idea what product to buy and how to use the product. Some products don’t kill the weevils but only controls their growth or their feeding habit. However, they will help your garden in a variety of ways. These insects are very harmful to the plants, and you should check their growth and existence in your garden well time and time again.

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