5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Moles

Moles are the carnivores that love to live in the lawns, gardens and the bushy grounds. Their primary food sources are found in habitats which are abundant in the supply of insects. Apparently, they look like a huge rat, but they can be found in the backyards and gardens but luckily not in the interiors of your homes. They can dig deep into the soil and cause serious harm to the gardens and lawns. Once their presence is confirmed in the premises, it is imperative to take an immediate action to get rid of them. There are numerous possible ways to get rid of them.

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Why do I have to get rid of moles?

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Moles can harm the premises in numerous ways. It is not merely digging deep tunnels in the ground but much more than that. They eat up the insects and tiny creatures that are highly advantageous for the ground. The beneficial ones include the insects like the earthworms. The deeply dug tunnels make it difficult to keep the fertile soil at the top surface. They can destroy the plantations, no matter how expensive they are. Sometimes the tunnels are dug more deeply in search of the mates that are more harmful. Thus, to avoid unnecessary damage to the garden area, it is better to get rid of these monsters as soon as possible.

Home remedies to get rid of moles

The moles can be removed from the damaged area with the help of several products available in the market. They include traps, chemicals, repellants, etc. due to the harmful implications of the chemicals to both the human health and the land features, some of the owners and the users prefer going for the home remedies. A list of domestically existing materials can be used to get rid of the moles of all sizes. These materials range from ordinary trash bins to the locally created repellants. The following are the popular ways of getting rid of the moles with domestic remedies:

1. Plant vegetative barriers

The easiest home remedy is to have the vegetative barriers to keep the moles away. The vegetative barriers are planted densely all through the area so that they can act as a deterrent. The most recommended plantation that is considered effective against the moles includes the plants like daffodils, alliums, fritillaries and marigolds. The two more options in this regard are the castor beans and the mole plant. The latter two have to be planted with great care especially when there are young kids at home. They are extremely useful repellents against the moles but dangerous for the humans and the pets due to the secretions.

2. Create your mole repellent

To create a mole repellant of your own at home, you would need to create a mixture of castor oil and the dish soap. A half cup of both the liquids is mixed to make an effective repellant against the moles. It is a simple mixture prepared by taking the equal amounts in a jar and then mixing them well. To develop the repellent, take three tablespoons of the prepared mixture and add it to the gallon of water. It is not necessary to put excessive water in the affected area, but merely dampen it.

The other repellants that can keep away the moles include the dog and human hair, and a spicy combo of the chili powder and garlic.

3. Attract mole predators

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The mole predators are an effective way f keeping away and ultimately getting rid of the mole. The owls and the Hawks are the most active predators in this regard. There are so many ways to bring them into the area that is affected by the moles. In order, to give a welcome call to the owls make arrangements to bring them closer to the backyard or the lawn. Place a nest box in the yard. Large bird houses with their favorite feeds can be an efficient and effective way to attract them. These bird houses can be placed on the tree tops. Make this a comfortable place by fixing it to an appropriate height and fill it with the straws. It will not take longer to bring them to home and distract the moles. Similar efforts can be made to attract the hawks.

4. Use homemade mole bait

Sometimes merely fixing a trap to the yard to catch these ground dwellers is not enough. Some additional efforts have to be done to find the solution. Placing the bait inside the trap can help to get the moles away from the gardens and the backyard. A wide range of baits can be bought from the market, but for those who prefer organic compound to the non-organic compound can use the option of preparing the baits with the domestically existing baits. These baits can be as simple as the castor oil. There is a broad range of baits that can be obtained from homes like castor oil, cayenne pepper, and the liquid dishwasher.

• Castor oil

This oil extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant. It is a highly advisable and practical way of getting hold of the lawn moles. There are two ways to use it as the repellant. Sprinkle the affected area of the garden with the castor seeds. Place them all around the lawn and the in particular regions you think have been invaded by the moles. This can be effective, but it has to be dealt with extreme care as it consists of a poisonous material called ricin.  The other option is to use a liquid mixture that includes one cup castor oil and two tablespoons of the liquid dishwasher. Spray the mixture around the tunnels, near the burrows. The mixture must be sprayed after regular intervals especially after rain.

• Cayenne pepper

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Cayenne pepper is an incredibly hot pepper. Like many other animals, it can be used as an active repellent against the moles. The pepper can keep away the moles for a very long time. The pepper can be utilized directly in the tunnels. The powdered pepper can be sprinkled all over the tunnel. The results can be far reaching and more efficient if this hot repellent is added with any good quality vegetable oil, garlic, soapy liquid and even water. The outcome will be an effective natural, and organic repellant to fight the fear of mole invasion.

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• Liquid dish detergent   

The power of the dish wash detergent cannot be underestimated. It is not merely a cleaning liquid for the kitchen but is highly effective against all kinds of moles on your property. It can effectively wash away the moles from anywhere in the garden or the backyard. The liquid detergent is an effective repellant itself and can be added with other liquids like castor oil, peppermint oil, etc. for generating the effective results against the moles. Like other mole repellents, they must be sprayed in and around the tunnels after regular intervals to keep away the mole.

5. Use homemade mole traps

Some animal lovers do not want to harm the moles. In this case, they use the traps to get hold of them, and they are ultimately transferred to as safe place or taken away by the pest control services.

• Shovel and stick

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As the mole starts becoming active, start keeping an eye on him. Keep a vigilant eye on his movements. Try to reach him in his tunnel. As you get to his invaded area, use a shovel to trap the mole by placing the shovel directly on the mouth of the tunnel. As the mole tries to come out place another shovel behind it and trap him. This will force him to leave the tunnel and run out. This is not considered as an effective way of getting rid of the moles, but still can be a temporary aid to do so.

• Bucket or garbage can

This is the easiest way of trapping the mole. It does not require any sophisticated trap or bait; just a garbage can, or a bucket can work. Once you get to the target area of the mole, cover it up with the help of the bucket or the garbage can. As the mole feels suffocated inside, it will try to get out. Due to the overturned bucket and the garbage, it would be an easy job for you to get hold of the mole and remove it. This is also not a technically sound and effective way because the moles can easily run away while catching.


These black or brown colored rodents can cause a significant amount of damage to well-manicured lawns or backyards. They keep digging the ground making it unsuitable for all kinds of the plantations. For an owner, it is essential to keep track of the signs of a mole infestation and get rid of them as soon as they are traced. The methods can be both natural and non-natural, but for complete control, it is important to check the effectiveness of the method you choose.   

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Get Rid of Moles

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