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How to Get Rid of Moles: 5 Steps & 6 Recommended Mole Traps and Repellents

Mole on the hands in the garden gloves close-up.

Moles are widely regarded as a pest mainly because they have a habit of tunneling. They have velvety black fur and can be mostly found anywhere where there is grass. Moles cause many problems in their surrounding environment. They have a habit of burrowing that results in the destruction of grass and flower beds. The common complaint of mole problem includes:

  • Making tunnels in the yard.
  • Piling up of dirt.
  • Lots of destruction to flower beds and gardens.

Because of these reasons people usually try to remove this nuisance from their property. They typically eliminate these creatures with the help of lethal ropes which are also known as effective live mole traps. They are small, slender hairless snouts.

Mole damage on your property

This tiny critter can cause much harm to your property in a very short span of time. They can leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage if unattended for extended periods of time. They dig the tunnels which result in separation of soil from the roots. It destroys the grass and any vegetables planted in the vicinity. Mole tunneling can quickly destroy your property. Moles that tunnel often are also known as Pocket gophers because they can easily fit anywhere. If they are found in your garden, then you can be sure that they will be found in the sandy loam soil where they will eat all the soil organisms as well as those that are beneficial insects. Mole tunnels are very difficult to destroy which are present where there is green grass.

5 Steps to get rid of moles in your yard/garden

These destructive critters are not loved by anyone since their primary activity is tunneling through your carefully tended garden and destroying your carefully selected property. Here are some ways to get rid of them;

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1. Find an active mole tunnel

By far the easiest way to eradicate moles is to find an active mole tunnel. You will have to properly keep an eye on it. You have to go for a runway and destroy it with your feet. If there is an active mole, it will repair it in no time. If there are scores of molehills, check them with a stick in your lawn ridges and green grass.

2. Use a mole specific trap

You can use a spring trap or a live trap to stop these little creatures from ruining your garden. Otherwise, they will uproot plants and also damage the plants. You can set a deep bucket below a new feeding tunnel. Dig a hole for the shaft to set a live trap. Pack the dirt all around the end of the bucket. The tiny dirt volcanoes will automatically fall in.

3. Gas the moles

If you have planted an exquisite garden and have been noticing lawn ridges. Other than dry ice never use any chemical agents. Unless you are a professional, don’t use gassing agents as it can be quite dangerous. If you are using a gassing agent, use it cautiously. It can also be used as a mole repellent.

4. Trick the moles with bait

Many traps do not require baits however it is an effective method when comes to ridding yourself of moles. You can also catch the earthworms by yourselves. You can also drop mounds on main mole runways.

5. Use a mouse trap

Mice and moles are of almost the same size and shapes. If you are not succeeding in getting rid of your moles any other way, the option of using a mouse trap is available to you. Just place a mouse trap on the sub-surfaces of mole runways. There is a heavy chance that it will help you in mole control.

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6 Recommended mole traps and repellents

1. Grandpa Gus’s Ground Mole Trap

Best Ground Mole TrapThis mole trap is very easy to set and use. It helps you to eliminate all the furry creatures with a webbed toe. It is made up of rugged, durable plastic which can last through years of use. This trap is very useful to control the creatures in your yard and garden. It can be used indoor as well as outdoors. It is best for live catch and release.

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Simple steps needed for use:

You can bait the inner part with peanut butter. The smell of the peanut butter attracts the small rodent. Set the trap in the area you know is occupied by rodents. You have to check the trap daily to see if you have caught the rodent. There is also a life door there. After the mole is caught, you can easily release it somewhere in heavy clay soil. If you find more moles, you can rebait the trap for further use.

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2. Oxgord Live Mole Trap

If you have too many moles around your standard lawn, then oxgord is the best to eliminate them. The set and Top Live Animal Traprelease method is very simple in this trap. You can easily set it.

Simple steps needed for use:

The steps are very simple to trap a mole. This trap possesses preassembled and durable doors. The trap comes with solid doors, and guard handles to protect the user while releasing or catching moles. You only have to bait the trap with a peanut butter, sugar or any juicy fruit gum and the mole will automatically run into it. It is very successful in trapping the moles as well as mice.

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3. Victor out o’sight mole trap

Effective Victor Out O'Sight Mole TrapMany professionals use Victor mole traps. It contains two scissors which are similar to jaws that are set below ground level. When you place this on an active mole tunnel, you will observe that the trap is very effective to use. You can mix a mole repellent and mole poison for best results. If you want to evacuate moles from your area, the Victor mole trap is the best option for you.

Simple steps needed for use:

You have to look for a long and straight tunnel that will connect other small branches as well. The victor trap comes up with one steel trap and two different setting tones. You can also place some small amount of dirt under the trigger plan which will act as a road block. This trap usually lasts for many years. If you have multiple tunnels, you can get three to four traps to cover those various traps. It is best to use in Mexican feather grass.

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4. Wire tek easy set Mole Trap

This Wire tek mole trap can easily trap moles and mice from your garden and yards. It is one of the most effective mole control trap. The trap is the best mole control method in the market. It is easily set into mole tunnels and does not require any digging. It only needs to set some dangerous wires, cables and various clamps for mole trials.

Simple steps required to use the product:

You only need to locate the tunnel and slowly adjust the closed jaws into the shallow tunnel. Then, gradually lower it straight down to set the trap. The trap will be set and ready to capture small moles. When the mole travels down the tunnel, it will automatically push the collapsed portion where it will meet its demise. It is not only effective but very easy to use.

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5. Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granular

Repellex Mole helps you to get the furry creature out of the wide front flipper. It is one of the best animal pest controls. The plants directly absorb this patented mixture. The roots of the plant will deliver a concentration of hot Outstanding Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granularpepper.

Simple steps needed to use the product:

If any creature whether moles or mice taste those plants, they will immediately dislike it. This will result in their eviction from that area. This product acts in two ways, a natural gopher and a mole repellent. It prevents the mole from damaging the property and yards. The granular product lasts longer. It is the best pest control solution for you. This product does not kill the animals or insects, but only forces them to move or prevents them from digging.

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6. Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher Repellent

Sweeney moles have 100% castor oil and original ingredients. All the active ingredients work perfectly when they are soaked in the soil. This Gopher repellent is long lasting and has good effects on cleaning the houses and yards.

Brilliant Mole & Gopher RepellentSimple steps needed to use this product:

If you want to apply this product you need to attach the garden hose very firmly and tightly with the self-dispensing container. It will adjust the nozzle and mix all the ingredients. Then turn the water pressures and spray this product in areas where there are chances of moles. Treat all the areas where the moles are detected. This presence will be indicated by a network of surface or by different conical mounds. It is advised that you treat the yards and lawns in spring or midsummer. In these seasons the moles are present near grassy places and not in properties.

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