Top 8 of The Best Mole Traps Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Moles are widely regarded as a pest mainly because they have a habit of tunneling. They have velvety black fur and can be mostly found anywhere where there is grass. Moles cause many problems in the surrounding environment. They have a habit of burrowing that results in the destruction of grass and flower beds. The common complaint of the mole problem includes:

  • Making tunnels in the yard.
  • Piling up of dirt.
  • Lots of destruction to flower beds and gardens.
Because of these reasons people usually try to remove this nuisance from their property. They typically eliminate these creatures with the help of lethal ropes which are also known as effective live mole traps. They are small, slender hairless snouts.

8 Best Mole Traps of 2019

A mole is damaging the yard.

This tiny critter can cause much harm to your property in a very short span of time. They can leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage if unattended for extended periods of time. They dig the tunnels which result in separation of soil from the roots. It destroys the grass and any vegetables planted in the vicinity. Mole tunneling can quickly destroy your property. Moles that tunnel often are also known as Pocket gophers because they can easily fit anywhere. If they are found in your garden, then you can be sure that they will be found in the sandy loam soil where they will eat all the soil organisms as well as those that are beneficial insects. Mole tunnels are very difficult to destroy which are present where there is green grass.

Flat Pack mole trapBest Mole Bait
  • FEATURESCompletely secured with soil
    Utilized on territories with livestock
    Very simple to set
Talpex mole trapBest Mole Trap
  • FEATURESPerfect for trap timid moles
    Very simple to introduce
    Very intense spring
Pest StopScissor type mole trap
  • FEATURESVery simple to set
    rapidly check
    Very nice trap


1. Best Mole Bait – Flat Pack mole trap

Best Professional British Made Tunnel Mole Trap

Flat Pack of 100 professional British made tunnel mole trap, otherwise called ‘burrow traps’, have been around for quite a while and are utilized by numerous expert mole trappers. These traps are specially designed to be effective when it comes to tapping mole. The traps are exceptionally all around planned and have a great spring activity that quickly murders the mole. Another fascinating thing about these traps is that they can even trap two moles, one at each end and that is one of the reasons why Flat Pack is the choice of many people on Amazon.

What makes Flat Pack traps so compelling at catching moles, is that they fuse a half passage outline and you can cover it with soil. The moving parts are likewise not inclined to being stuck by stones and turf like some other comparative traps.

Flat Pack traps are an amazingly adaptable trap, there isn’t generally any circumstance you can’t utilize a passage trap in, they can be utilized as a part of shallow and profound runs and have an incredible achievement rate. There is no condition that restrains Flat Pack from doing what it does best.

The most effective method to utilize this trap

To set the trap, basically, find a mole run utilizing a mole test. Next, utilizing a little trowel, uncover a little area of the run sufficiently substantial to fit the trap in.

Next painstakingly set the trap, so it’s exceptionally delicate, you would then be able to cover the trap totally with soil to stop any light entering the run. At the point when the mole goes through the trap, it will initiate the trap by pushing the trigger with its clamor or foot which will in a flash slaughter the mole.

Highlights of the trap
  • Because the trap can be completely secured with soil, it isn’t affected by ice or rain which can stick a few sorts of traps that have some portion of the trap, uncovered over the ground
  • Can be utilized on territories with livestock present – Simply cover with a little board
  • Very discrete and can’t be seen by the general population (accepting you have not utilized a marker to check the trap and have recalled where it is).
  • Very simple to set
  • The great spring design guarantees moles are executed in a flash
  • Jamming is extremely unprecedented and stones won’t stick the system which mean it’s optimal for stony soil

These traps truly are an unquestionable requirement for anybody with a mole issue or any expert mole catcher searching for good quality, solid traps. The cool thing about theses traps that will delight the heart of anyone who plans to stop mole from running rampage in their household is that they can be utilized as a part of any run, regardless of whether it be a shallow or profound run. One issue you frequently find with mole traps in stony soil is that you have to really put in a great deal of effort to keep the traps from activating however these efforts most times end up being futile and just a waste of time.

Flat Pack however is designed in such a way that this prevalent issue is avoided. In the event that you have mole issue which you need rectified very quickly, the Flat Pack burrow trap is definitely a top quality option to consider.

Watch out for shabby copies

You have to be careful because some unscrupulous people are producing fake versions of the trap of course which is not as effective as the true Flat Pack trap and this has made some people who got those fake versions make the wrong judgement concerning the effectiveness of Flat Pack traps generally. The issue is, they have frail springs and are an aggregate misuse of cash and won’t get numerous moles, most noticeably bad they will make moles move toward becoming trap bashful and harder to get.

To avoid falling into the category of people who got the fake version of the trap, ensure that when you want to get the trap, watch out for the ones that are made in the UK. You can also check on amazon for the trap in order to be sure you are buying from the right source and getting the right product you will enjoy and not risk wasting your money.


2. Pest-stop scissor type mole trap

Pest-stop scissor type mole trap

Pest-stop scissor type mole trap, is likely the most well-known mole trap accessible and is genuinely viable at getting moles. One reason this kind of trap is exceptionally well known, is that it’s simple to set, because of its extremely straightforward plan and you can simple see from a separation, if the trap has been activated so you can go and examine it. It combines simplicity with effectiveness in an amazing way and this is what makes this trap stands out among others.


Step by step instructions to utilize this trap

To set the trap, just find a mole run utilizing a mole test. Next, utilizing a little trowel, uncover a little area of the run sufficiently expansive to fit the trap in. Since you have uncovered the run, squeeze the handles and position the trigger plate so it’s as sensitive as would be prudent.

Place the scissor trap into the opening and deliberately put turf and soil around the trap being mindful so as not to get any stones or bits of turf into the working bits of the trap.


This trap is the favorite of so many people on amazon and it is because of the reasons listed below:

  • Very simple to set so it’s set exceptionally sensitive
  • You can rapidly check whether the trap has been activated from a separation
Generally, the trap is a very nice trap and does the job of ridding mole from your house well, however before buying this trap, there are some things you may need to consider and they are listed below:
  • When set, any little stones or bits of turf can meddle with the moving parts of the trap, preventing it from activating appropriately. This can be a specific issue when utilizing it in stony soils.
  • Its not appropriate for utilizing where creatures are available on account of the handles standing out of the ground. The passage traps are much better for this as you can simply put a little board over where the trap is.
  • They can be hard to set in both exceptionally shallow runs and profound runs, in these circumstances the passage traps appear to be a superior decision.
  • If there is a hard ice, it can solidify the ground around the trap, keeping it from activating.

On the off chance that you have the odd mole to fight with and your dirt isn’t stony, at that point the scissor trap would be a reasonable option and they actually do a very good job in this case. However, if you are working with a stony soil, they are not very suitable and you may have to consider another trap.

It’s likewise imperative to recollect that any individual who can see the territory you set the trap in, will know you are catching moles, as they will have the capacity to see the traps handles standing out of the ground.

Watch out for shabby duplicates

Similarly as with most traps accessible, there are an expansive number of extremely shoddy duplicates of this trap with powerless springs and the assembling quality is exceptionally poor.

Make sure you that when getting the trap that you get quality traps made to the most noteworthy standard, and not some of the fake versions out there because you will only be wasting time and effort while the mole have a party in your surroundings.


3. Talpex mole trap

Talpex mole trap

Talpex traps are a standout amongst other traps accessible and are utilized by numerous expert mole catchers. They are like scissor traps utilizing paws to execute the mole in a split second, however they are activated in an unexpected way.

Not at all like most other mole traps that are activated by the mole pushing the trigger as they pass however the passage, Talpex traps are activated when the mole comes cross a square in the passage, when it attempts to move the dirt upwards out the way, it triggers the trap, executing the mole right away.

The most effective method to utilize this trap

In the wake of finding a mole run, utilizing a little trowel, make a little gap to uncover a little area of the run sufficiently extensive to fit the trap in. Since you have uncovered the run, set and position the trap in the run and fill around the trap with soil guaranteeing there is no stones in the dirt.

  • Usually perfect for trap timid moles that might obstruct traps which can occur on events
  • Very simple to introduce the trap in a run and simple to set.
  • Very intense spring and will right away murder the mole
Talpex traps are a standout amongst other traps accessible, anyway there are a couple of conceivable issues you may have when utilizing them.

  • Just like scissor traps, they are not perfect for stony soils, as the stones can interfere with the system, preventing the trap from shutting appropriately
  • Can set aside a little opportunity to ace how to set the, effectively

On the off chance that you don’t like the scissor traps, at that point we would suggest you utilize the Talpex trap. They have a tendency to be all the more ground-breaking making them more compelling and others conscious.

We would suggest utilizing these traps close by the passage traps as they can will get the odd mole


4. Victor Plunger mole trap

Victor Plunger mole trap

This Victor Plunger mole trap is intended to get the mole alive so it can be discharged elsewhere. The mole can enter the trap at any end and once inside, can’t get away. You would then be able to recover the trap and discharge the mole.

The most effective method to utilize this trap

Like all traps, first you have to find a mole run, once you have, basically put the trap into the mole run and conceal and wait for it to do what it does best.



As much as it is true that this traps work really well and they get the job done, the fact that they are designed they catch the mole alive is kind of hypocritical because it has been proven that the mole caught by this trap endures a lot of pressure will make them end up dying either ways.

Notwithstanding when discharged they may not discover adequate sustenance and will presumably bite the dust of starvation. On the off chance that you discharge a mole where there is no signs, of different moles, ask yourself for what good reason.

For the reasons over, this is the reason we would not prescribe endeavoring to migrate moles you have gotten in live catch traps as they will probably die in some horrible, nightmarish way.


5. Grandpa Gus’s ground mole trap

Grandpa Gus’s ground mole trap

This mole trap is very easy to set and use. It helps you to eliminate all the furry creatures with a webbed toe. It is made up of rugged, durable plastic which can last through years of use. This trap is very useful to control the creatures in your yard and garden. It can be used indoor as well as outdoors. It is best for live catch and release.

Simple steps needed for use:

You can bait the inner part with peanut butter. The smell of the peanut butter attracts the small rodent. Set the trap in the area you know is occupied by rodents. You have to check the trap daily to see if you have caught the rodent. There is also a life door there. After the mole is caught, you can easily release it somewhere in heavy clay soil. If you find more moles, you can rebait the trap for further use.


6. Oxgord live mole trap

Oxgord live mole trap

If you have too many moles around your standard lawn, then oxgord is the best to eliminate them. The set andrelease method is very simple in this trap. You can easily set it.

Simple steps needed for use:

The steps are very simple to trap a mole. This trap possesses preassembled and durable doors. The trap comes with solid doors, and guard handles to protect the user while releasing or catching moles. You only have to bait the trap with a peanut butter, sugar or any juicy fruit gum and the mole will automatically run into it. It is very successful in trapping the moles as well as mice.


7. Victor out o’sight mole trap

Victor out o’sight mole trap

Many professionals use Victor mole traps. It contains two scissors which are similar to jaws that are set below ground level. When you place this on an active mole tunnel, you will observe that the trap is very effective to use. You can mix a mole repellent and mole poison for best results. If you want to evacuate moles from your area, the Victor mole trap is the best option for you.

Simple steps needed for use:

You have to look for a long and straight tunnel that will connect other small branches as well. The victor trap comes up with one steel trap and two different setting tones. You can also place some small amount of dirt under the trigger plan which will act as a road block. This trap usually lasts for many years. If you have multiple tunnels, you can get three to four traps to cover those various traps. It is best to use in Mexican feather grass.


8. Wire Tek easy set mole trap

Wire Tek easy set mole trap

This Wire tek mole trap can easily trap moles and mice from your garden and yards. It is one of the most effective mole control trap. The trap is the best mole control method in the market. It is easily set into mole tunnels and does not require any digging. It only needs to set some dangerous wires, cables and various clamps for mole trials.

How does Wire Tek 1001 Mole Eliminator work?

This trap uses a pair of scissors to work and trap effectively. The scissors are activated by the mole when it comes burrowing near it. The scissors snaps shut around the body of the mole, effectively capturing it.

In the trap, the scissor mechanism is set up in parallel position and they manage to cover every possible direction where the mole might run away.

The trap is set by locating the main runway of the mole and pushing the scissor mechanism firmly in it. The base of the trap should touch the ground and scissors should be closed. Now, push the scissor mechanism down to the tunnel by pushing the setting lever. As soon as the mole will come burrowing here, the mechanism will be triggered and the scissors will be snapped shut, trapping the mole.

Simple steps required to use the product:

You only need to locate the tunnel and slowly adjust the closed jaws into the shallow tunnel. Then, gradually lower it straight down to set the trap. The trap will be set and ready to capture small moles. When the mole travels down the tunnel, it will automatically push the collapsed portion where it will meet its demise. It is not only effective but very easy to use.


Best Baits Used for a Mole Trap


Moles mainly feed on earthworms, so wherever there are worms, there have to be moles as well. And catching an earthworm is not a difficult task to do even. Simply turn over the earth and dig at the places where you find fresh earthworm castings. Earthworm castings are the tiny pellets of supple and spongy earth that have been excreted by the worms after the stems and dead leaves of the plants were digested.


Grubs are different from the grown-up earthworms, grubs are the larvae of bees, wasps, and beetles. Now unless you want to peek inside a beehive or in a nest of a wasp, beetles are the only option left. There are some predatory beetles whose predatory larvae travel through the soil in search of food, only to become some else’s food. Then there are some other beetles, which lay their eggs on the leaves of the same plant they fed on, when they were adults.

You Don’t Want to Dig?

Well, if you don’t want to go around digging the soil, then buy them! Earthworms are sold on Amazon on Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, for the users of United States. Just don’t order them when the mercury of thermometer is hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, order them a day or two before you are planning to use them as bait.

In the United Kingdom, people can buy earthworms online on Chapelwood. Grubs are also available on the Tiny Wigglers, however, they are dried and frozen. But the moles consider them earthworm instead, so you are safe.

Peanut Butter as Bait
You might not want to waste your precious peanut butter on moles, but if you don’t want to do some digging then you have to do some sacrificing.

Peanut butter not only attracts us, but its fragrance attracts moles as well. Follow the steps given below and get rid of these subterranean mammals from your garden.

Things you will need
  • Mole trap
  • Peanut butter
  • Disposable butter knife
How to do?
  1. Puncture all the tunnels that you will find in your yard. Check the tunnel that has been repaired after a day or two. The one that has been repaired is the active or the main tunnel of the mole. You will be working on that tunnel.
  2. Remove all the obstructions that would prevent you from keeping the mole trap to stay stable on the ground, the obstructions can be rocks or debris.
  3. Now, take the mole trap and spread some peanut butter, underneath the trigger. Use a butter knife to do so. This is done so that the mole does not take away the bait before the trap can be activated.
  4. Now, pull the snap wire toward the back and keep it in the same position with your thumb.
  5. While you are holding the snap wire backward, then place the lock bar over the top of the snap wire. Place the end of the lock bar in the hook beneath the trigger. Hold the trigger in a 45-degree position to make the task easier.
  6. Secure the lock bar to the trigger by slowly removing your thumb from the snap wire. You have now set the trap.
  7. Now place this trap such that the tunnel and trigger are perpendicular to each other.

When the mole will enter the tunnel, it will smell the peanut butter and come running towards it and will then be trapped. Check the mole trap daily and reorganize the trap as desired.

6 Steps to Get Rid of Moles in Yard/Garden

These destructive critters are not loved by anyone since their primary activity is tunneling through your carefully tended garden and destroying your carefully selected property. Here are some ways to get rid of them.

1. Find an active mole tunnel
The trap ready to catch mole.By far the easiest way to eradicate moles is to find an active mole tunnel. You will have to properly keep an eye on it. You have to go for a runway and destroy it with your feet. If there is an active mole, it will repair it in no time. If there are scores of molehills, check them with a stick in your lawn ridges and green grass.

There are two main types of mole tunnels: shallow and deep. Shallow tunnels will be created in a zigzag, so the mole will use these tunnels as a feeding tunnel.

But there’s also deep tunnels, and these tunnels are harder to locate.

The deep tunnels will be straight, and the tunnel will go from one known feeding area to another. You can fill the tunnel, but the mole is likely to recreate the tunnel.

One method is to place a trap at the end or start of the tunnel.

Another method will be to place sheet metal through the tunnel. The sheet metal will have to be two feet deep in the ground and also be raised up from the ground around six inches. Moles will not be able to get through the tunnel and will either have to dig underneath the sheet metal or create a new tunnel.

Blocking the moles or even refilling their tunnels is only a temporary solution and should be done alongside the other tips on this list.

If you find a tunnel, know that the same tunnel is often used by several generations of moles. It’s best to fill in the tunnel even if the moles will just go and create a new tunnel. If you’re exterminating moles or using traps, you’ll want to fill the tunnels so that future generations don’t start using the same underground tunnel systems that other generations used.

2. Use a mole specific trap
You can use a spring trap or a live trap to stop these little creatures from ruining your garden. Otherwise, they will uproot plants and also damage the plants. You can set a deep bucket below a new feeding tunnel. Dig a hole for the shaft to set a live trap. Pack the dirt all around the end of the bucket. The tiny dirt volcanoes will automatically fall in.
3. Gas the moles
If you have planted an exquisite garden and have been noticing lawn ridges. Other than dry ice never use any chemical agents. Unless you are a professional, don’t use gassing agents as it can be quite dangerous. If you are using a gassing agent, use it cautiously. It can also be used as a mole repellent.
4. Trick the moles with bait
Many traps do not require baits however it is an effective method when comes to ridding yourself of moles. You can also catch the earthworms by yourselves. You can also drop mounds on main mole runways.
5. Use a mouse trap
Mice and moles are of almost the same size and shapes. If you are not succeeding in getting rid of your moles any other way, the option of using a mouse trap is available to you. Just place a mouse trap on the sub-surfaces of mole runways. There is a heavy chance that it will help you in mole control.
6. Landscaping to Keep Moles Away

The best mole trap is your landscape. If you have moles in your yard, you’ll want to use your yard to your advantage. Moles are particular animals, and they like their landscape to be ideal for their own living conditions.

Changing your landscaping is often the best option, and there are a few key methods that will work well.

Start with the lawn itself. You’ll want to assess your entire lawn, looking for areas of the lawn that you would like to remove. You will want to plant shrubs in these areas to effectively “shrink” the lawn.

When you shrink your lawn, you’ll be allowing for less space for the moles to hide.

Trapping is much easier when the trapping area has been reduced.

Moles surface when the ground is oversaturated. Controlling your lawn’s watering is key here. Irrigate the lawn less often and even choose plants that do better with less watering. If you have the budget, you can even choose grass that has drought tolerance.

Native plants are a good option because they’ll thrive in your local environment without too much watering.

If you have raised beds, you’ll find that moles will make their way into these beds. Raised beds can easily be altered to prevent moles from entering into them. A few options that you have available are:

  • Line the inside of the raised beds with ¼” metal hardware cloth
  • Create a mole barrier around the space by burying sheet metal two feet deep into the ground and about six inches high off of the ground

You’re almost done with transforming your landscape, but there is still one more option left to you: predators. The bad news is that moles do not have a lot of predators, so you’ll only be able to introduce a house cat.

House cats will hunt moles, and they work very well at getting mice and rats out of the yard, too.

Dogs may also hunt moles, but they’re far less effective at killing them than a cat. You’ll also want to be cautious of your pets when setting traps. A cat can easily get injured in a mole trap, so place all of the traps wisely if you do introduce a cat into your family.

Mole FAQs

The more you know about moles, the easier it will be to get rid of them. A few of the most common mole-related questions that homeowners have are:

Are Moles Blind?

Moles spend a lot of time underground, and while they may look blind, they are not. Moles will run if you come close to them, and it’s often a good idea to try and hide your traps so that moles can’t see them until they’re already trapped inside.

Can I Use a Mouse Trap for Moles?

Mouse traps often don’t work well on moles because of the mole’s size. The American mole species is 7 inches in length, and these moles weigh four ounces in weight. Traditional mouse traps often don’t work well on larger moles.

You can use a rat trap if the mouse trap does not work, but it’s always best to choose a trap that’s been designed for moles.

Are Moles Found in the Mountains?

Moles are found across the world, but they tend not to like areas where the soil is acidic. Mountainous areas are also not a mole’s favorite area to be, so they’re very unlikely to be found in the mountains.

Where Do Moles Sleep?

Moles are rather self sufficient, and the tunnels that they create are a highway for moles also serve as their bedroom. At the end of these major tunnels, the mole will dig itself a nice cozy bedroom where it will sleep at night. These chambers act as bedrooms for the mole.

Moles also make chambers that are meant for feeding. One chamber was filled with 470 worms. The moles will bite the heads of the worms and store them inside of these chambers for later feeding.

Why Do Moles Attack My Garden?

Moles, like all other pests and rodents, are in search of food and water. Moles go into your garden to eat, and they will not be trying to eat the roots of the plants like many people claim. The moles are in search for worms, and it just so happens that worms tend to enjoy spending their time in your garden.

Moles are also very hungry, and they will eat more than half of their weight in worms in a single day.

So, while your garden may be disturbed by moles, the moles are not trying to eat all of your produce or plants.

How Many Babies Do Moles Have?

Moles create chambers in their tunnel for mating, and these moles will find a female to breed with and will have three to four babies at a time. The babies will stay in the nest and will start to grow hair in as little as two weeks.

Moles will live for three years on average, and pups will start to leave their nest within 33 days of being born on average.

Since moles do not have massive litters of pups, the infestation that you have is likely small in size. If you’ve caught five or six moles, you may have put an end to the entire infestation.

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