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Top Rattraps to Combat Mice Population and Ways to Choose the Right One for Your Kill the Mice Drill

April 28, 2018
Mouse trap

Mice can be a nuisance for your home sweet home. Not only does it cause losses to your belongings and other essentials of your home but can also bring health problems for your family members. Spotting a mouse in your kitchen can be a shocking situation and scary as well. Yummy and spilled food are few significant attractions that these rodents can have to make your house one of their favourite places to visit. This continuous entry of these unwanted guests to your home can be a red signal for danger to your home, and you have to do it yourself to get rid of mice infestation at your house. It is better that you start as soon as possible if you do not want their population to multiply and add more stress to your life. You can start by placing mouse traps at your home as you can get them in the markets easily. There are many varieties of rat traps available at the stores. Some of them are listed below;

*  Snap Traps

Mouse Snap Traps

These are the yesteryears rat traps that you might have seen your grandparents using for driving these monsters away from their home. These traps work on the principle of pressure, the bait is placed, and as soon as the mouse gets over it, it snaps the rat. At the end, you are going to find blooded carcasses of the mouse on the trap, and you have to be strong enough to have the guts to clear of the mess and clean it to trap the next rat.

*  Electric rat trap

Best Electric rat trap

The electric rat trap is the modified version of the traditional mouse traps that were used since yesteryears. These traps work out well in catching mice in a quicker process. If your house is infested with mice, then this is one of the best rat traps for your home. If you are worried about the cost, then the good news is that these electric rat traps are available in cost-effective and budget prices that you can afford to buy if you want to keep your house pest free. These rat traps are reusable and can be used multiple number of times according to which you wish to use.

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*  Steps to use the electric mouse traps

This is as simple as using a simple rat trap. You just have to unfasten the lid of the electric rat trap and put a bait in the bait section of the trap. The bait will attract the mouse and let the mouse inside the trap and once the mouse steps inside the trap it is the end of their life. The sensors of the electric rat trap get activated and lead out a strong voltage current inside the trap which in turn kills the mouse by the electrification process. You can open the trap and throw the mouse and get set for fixing up a new bait to catch the next mouse in the queue.

*  Catch- release Mousetrap

Top Catch- release Mousetrap

If you have always admired Jerry in the Tom and Jerry show and do not wish to kill the mouse, then you can buy a catch-release mousetrap. Unlike the electronic rat trap which kills the mouse at one shot, these traps do not kill the mouse, and you have to release the mouse to a far off place to free your house from regaining entry to your home. These traps have the functionality of trapping or catching the mouse, and if you want to get rid of them, then you have to take the initiative of taking them away and throwing them off at a distant place.

*  Steps to use such a trap

Using this trap is very simple, in this you have to place bait inside and wait for the mouse to enter the trap. As soon as the mouse enters the trap, the door closes, and the mouse gets caged inside. After that, you can go and throw the mouse at a distant place so that it doesn’t return back to your home again.

*  Glue mouse traps

Top Glue Traps

Glue mouse traps is another trap that you can use at all times if you have these monsters infesting your home. Using electric rattrap kills the rat entirely but using a glue trap doesn’t kill the mouse but makes it stick to the surface of the rat trap and then you have to arrange for the disposal of the rat. Removing the rat from the glue trap is not something that you can dream of your worst nightmares. You have to dispose of them and in no case are they reusable.

How it works

These glue traps have powerful sticky glue on their surface and are coated with some peanut butter to tempt the mouse to step on the trap. As soon as a mouse steps on the trap, it gets stuck to the surface and remains on it until and unless you plot such a sight and make proper arrangements for the disposal.

Using ultrasonic devices

Super ultrasonic pest control

These ultrasonic devices are simple to use, and basically, it doesn’t catch a mouse instead acts as a mice repeller. This device releases an ultrasonic wave which keeps the mice away from your house. One thing that you have to keep in mind is to buy the right ultrasonic device according to the size of the room.

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*  How to use ultrasonic pest control device

You hardly have to do anything for using this kind of pest repelling device. You just need to get it fixed on the wall and plug it. As soon as it is switched on, it releases ultrasonic waves which are helpful in keeping these rodents away.

How to choose the right kind of mouse trap for your home?

Now you already have knowledge about mouse traps mentioned above out of which an electric rat trap works as one of the best electronic mouse trap to hunt for mice efficiently. But it is not that in all cases you can use these traps especially you feel giddy on seeing a dead mouse. If your house is invaded by mice, then you have many alternatives in front of you, and you can choose accordingly. One can evaluate and analyse all the interrelated factors and then finally go in for purchasing a rat trap. In the end, it is we who has to dispose of the trapped rat so at last, it should be our choice on how to handle this stuff which is feasible for you as well. Here are few questions and conditions that you would probably like to consider before making a purchase.

Are you strong enough to dispose of the carcasses?

dead mouse

If you are strong hearted and do not get the chills as soon as you see a blooded carcass of a mouse, then a snap mousetrap can be the right choice for you. Snap traps are also one of the most efficient ways of catching mice; the only problem is that you can spot dead mouse with blood spread over the trap. So if you are ready to face any such sight, then you can go in for this trap. To clear out the snap trap, you have to unfasten the spring area and lift it up and dispose of the mouse manually. If you have a weak heart, then probably this trap should never be your first preference as these traps can have a blooded mess of the rat that is trapped.

Are you in a mood to see the pest alive?

Alive mouse

Usually, it happens that these rodents may irritate you up to such a high level that you may not even wish to see them alive anymore in front of your eyes. You would definitely like to punish them for all the losses that they have done in your house and the ultimate statement of getting them a death sentence. If this is your motto, then an electronic rat trap is best for your mice hunt. These electric rattraps kill the mice as soon as they enter the trap within few seconds and it is always the dead mouse that you find inside the trap. So you can go and purchase an electric rat trap if you are not in a mood to see your little enemies alive. You will only be required to open the door of the trap and release the dead mouse into a dustbin.

Are you soft-hearted and do not want to sight a dead rat?

dead mouse

If you have pity for the rodents and do not want to kill them and just want to drive them out of your house, then obviously and electric rattrap is not made for your mice hunt task. You can go in for the ancient multiple rat trap technique. In this rattrap, you just have to set up the bait, and as soon as a rat enters it and tries to eat the bait, the door of the rattrap closes down. There is no room for the mouse to escape out of the trap in this case. The next morning when you find the rat inside the trap, then it will be one of the happiest moment for your achievement that you have finally captured your enemy, and now it is time to throw the, away far off from your kingdom so that it never returns back. You have to take the trap physically and dump the disgusting scurrying mouse to a nowhere place. You can also use the catch and release mousetraps for this purpose.

Are you a bit low on your budget?

If you do not have a big budget to kill the mice, then you can go in for buying a snap trap and use it multiple times to get rid of the mice infestation at your home. These snap traps come at economical prices and are also an effective method to kill your enemies.

Are you a sage just trying to keep mice away and not harming it anyways?

Mouse trap

If you do not want a messy solution for killing the rat and are in no mood to capture them, kill them or dispose them, then an ultrasonic device is right for you. Using an ultrasonic device assures you of no blood and no violence. The only thing it does is to keep the mice away from your house from entering in. This might not be a very efficient and effective way, but yes, this can help to a considerable extent. Using an ultrasonic device for this rodent control can be termed to be a precautionary method for stopping those Jerry’s from entering your home sweet home.

Do you want to relax and do not want to take the torment of catching the mouse?

A pest control company is the answer if you want to use an easy method for bringing an end to the mice population at your home.  This method is a no stress and tension free way of getting rid of the mice population. If you can invest a few bucks for the rodent control and want to end up the mice alley completely, then you can approach a pest control company and get the professionals working at your home for your mice hunt task.

When to call for a professional to kill the mice family at your home?

 If you have set electric rattraps and you are always on the failure side, and every time the mice are the ones who win the battle, then it is time to call a professional.

Secondly, if you can’t kill the desperate feeling inside you to free your house from the attack of these rodents and want some quick control over such a situation then also you can seek shelter from a pest control company to plan out the stuff.

If you achieve success in killing the mice but if you are not able to stop the mice from re-entering and invading your home, then also you can rush to the professionals for getting your task done. They are well equipped with proper equipment and have good knowledge on how to finish of their tasks in the best possible way and will also guide you to prevent new mice from entering your home.

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