12 Most Powerful Mouse Repellents & Sprays to Buy in 2019

A lot of people avoid the usage of traps altogether as much as they want to effectively tackle their mice issue. Rather, they want to deal with the issue without the shedding of blood or hurting the earth. We comprehend these needs, and consequently, we have concentrated on an elective arrangement — the utilization of mouse anti-agents. The fundamental favorable position of utilizing rat anti-agents is that they are perfect, condition well-disposed and they don’t desert the bodies of dead mice.

Additionally, they won’t do any damage to individuals and pets. In any case, what stresses individuals is whether they are extremely active. Here you’ll find the best mouse repellent formulas and prepared to-utilize splashes and ultrasonic repellents you can purchase on the web.

Grandpa and Eco Defense
  • FEATURESNaturally eliminate mice for good
    Eco-friendly and meant for home use
    Repels all types of mice
VEPOWER Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent
  • FEATURES Earth cordial and non-harmful
    Moderately modest
    Don't devour much power
Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent
  • FEATURESUltraSonic & Electromagnetic
    Best Solution for Mosquitoes
    Latest Technology

12 Best Mouse Repellent (Sprays): Product Reviews & Ratings

Mice repellents exist in various forms and they can be categorized based on the active ingredient or method of functionality. Below are some of the best Mice repellents that are available in the market and you can check them on amazon:

1. Grandpa and Eco Defense

Grandpa Gus's Mouse Rodent Repellent Spray

The showers we will survey underneath depend on common oils and incorporate such dynamic fixings as the oils of peppermint and cinnamon. Two of the best products available in this type of repellent are Eco Defense Mice Repellent which has the third dynamic fixing — castor oil, while Grandpa Gus’ Natural Mice Repellent pouches contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

The last is a substance which can be found in numerous cleanliness items and is expected to improve the item’s efficiency. The producers assert that these anti-agents can be utilized against a wide range of rats and mice both inside and outside. One of the key preferences of the items is that you can shower them in any site of your home without stressing over hurting pets or little youngsters as they are common.

The two items have scored 3.8 out of 5 stars in surveys on Amazon.com. It is significant that the purchasers of Eco Defense Mice Spray, the Number One top of the line rodent and mouse common anti-agents shower, stretch the need to tidy up the site disposing of the wellsprings of sustenance and at exactly that point to apply the anti-agents. “I have not seen a mouse since I purchased this item. I’m blissful,” one of the satisfied purchasers says. Another client prompts applying the stuff to autos keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of mice.

He takes note of that in the wake of being splashed his auto smells like the anti-agents, and depicts the scent as “peculiar” however not disagreeable.

Grandpa Gus’ Natural Mouse Rodent Repellent, another well-known regular shower repellent focusing on mice, is less expensive than the past one. Numerous clients on Amazon.com demonstrate the wonderful fragrance of the stuff and it supportive yet take note of that it must be splashed no less than two times per day to get positive outcomes. One of the clients mourns that the splash settings can’t be changed so it is to a great degree difficult to shoot specifically into a gap.


2. Best Mouse Ultrasonic Repeller – VEPOWER Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent

Like the past arrangements in view of common oils, this gadget is earth cordial, safe clean and non-harmful, and gives a decent other option to risky toxins and fatal traps.

Another favorable position of utilizing ultrasonic gadgets is that they are moderately modest and don’t devour much power. They work well and are very effective and perfectly suits people who are not ready to deal with the blood spat that accompanies regular traps. You will simply not see the mice around again once you start using this gadgets because though they are not designed to kill mice, they still ensure either ways that the mice are prevented from wreaking havoc which they are very capable of doing when not properly checked.


3. Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

All things considered, ultrasonic anti-agents have been broadly utilized both by family and business buyers in their bug control procedures. So we should examine the Number One top rated ultrasonic repellent focusing on an extensive variety of nuisances including mice and rats, affecting their sensory system.

A significant great cost for a mechanical arrangement given that a lifetime guarantee is given! The producer additionally guarantees unmistakable outcomes in multi month or so after the establishment of the gadget and cases that mice are not getting safe to the discharged sounds.

Cravegreens pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent rates 4.4 out of 5 stars in audits on Amazon.com, with 97% of the shoppers giving it the most noteworthy positioning. “Connecting the item to the attachment, I didn’t hear any commotion.

The quantity of mouse movement has diminished significantly after utilizing it for 3 weeks. The most vital thing is that it has all the earmarks of being no antagonistic response to the pooch,” one of the purchasers composes. Notwithstanding, as for the situation with showers, the buyers push that the house rat ought to be tidied up and mouse droppings evacuated, and at exactly that point the gadget can then be introduced and you can be certain after then that your mice issue will become something of the past.


4. Pest Soldier

Pest Soldier

In the event that you needn’t bother with six units pick the littler arrangement of Ultrasonic Pest Repellers by Pest soldier. Pest soldier is non-toxic, human and pet-sheltered, appropriate for utilizing as a part of front rooms, upper rooms and storm cellars, outbuildings and distribution centers. This product guarantees a safe environment for you while ridding your environment of rats because there is no toxic substances that are being deposited before it can carry out its job well.


5. Best Mouse Granule Repellents – Shake-Away Animal Repellent

Best Mouse Granule Repellents

Rat repellent pellets (granules) are another option and non-dangerous approach to dispose of rats and mice. All such granular items are very comparative and contain nearly similar fixings: diatomaceous earth granules, impregnated with the blend of basic oils: rosemary, cinnamon, cedar, lemongrass, mint, and so forth. Some of them are planned just to repel mice and rats, while others should dispose of parasites, rodents and different animals.

Safer 51703 Brand Diatomaceous Earth powder is an example of such. Accordingly, when joined with basic oils, for example, peppermint, you get an exceptionally great mouse repellent. This arrangement is substantially more efficient than absorbing cotton balls oils as on account of DE the effect endures longer. Simply blend some DE with one-eighth of some water and include there few drops of a peppermint oil. The item rates 4.1 out of 5 stars in surveys on Amazon.com.

The granular particles are typically produced using mud or some different materials and are secured with a functioning fixing. Now and again, the dynamic fixing is consumed by granules, yet whichever way it doesn’t surpass 15% of the item’s aggregate weight. Granular anti-agents are broadly utilized, either to protect gardens when connected to the dirt around plants or repulsing bugs from the house when conveyed in difficult to-achieve regions. This arrangement is connected even at airplanes.

Granular anti-agents have various focal points: they are anything but difficult to use as the item is sold with prepared to-utilize bundles. Not at all like residue and splash, granules are not in danger of being ingested by the pets.

There is a generally safe of granules’ floating as they settle rapidly enough. Notwithstanding, there are a few downsides. In particular, granules can’t be adhere to the surfaces which are not at or the leaves of plants. Additionally, these little balls might be mixed up for nourishment by pets and eaten what makes a hazard for them.


6. Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repeller

Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repeller

Fresh Cab Botanical rodent repeller is an arrangement of all-regular anti-agents pockets of long haul effect which resemble herb sachets. It is a safe measure for your children and pet as it is not poisonous. The principle dynamic element of the anti-agents is amber oil which is thought to be an organic pesticide.

Among uninvolved fixings you’ll find corn chips and different fundamental oils. The producer guarantees that a solitary pocket will repulse rodents for 100 days with a “woodsy fragrance” which is lovely to people however offensive to rodents. In any case, some Amazon clients assert that its effect keeps going close to two months, which obviously is suitable.

The item rates 4 out of 5 stars in audits on Amazon.com. As indicated by this rating, this arrangement functions admirably and truly repulses mice and rats both inside and outside. A joined approach is prescribed for this situation too.

Above all else, take preventive measures, for example, putting away the sustenance away, washing the dishes, cleaning the condo regularly, repairing breaks or gaps in the dividers of your home. You may likewise find accommodating a few traps when utilizing Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent. This is what experienced clients prompt: Remember that pockets work better in ineffectively ventilated spaces, along these lines it’s

More effective to utilize them amid cool winters than in summer when you keep the windows open. Utilize 2 pockets for a medium-sized room. For a superior outcome, the scent in the room must be exceptional, so you can put one pocket some place along the mice trail, and the other one close nourishment should it be put away in the said room.

Try not to put Fresh Cab close radiators and warmers as the scent will be excessively solid. Check the lapse date on each pocket with the goal that you keep in mind to supplant it in time. When the pocket quits noticing, its substance can be utilized by rats. Utilize extra rodent traps and different items inside, if there are an excessive number of rodents.

This item can likewise be utilized as a part of storerooms, a carport, other helper zones, and even inside the auto as it is demonstrated effective from the clients’ encounters. This can turn into a basic component in an intricate rat invasion treatment wherever. “By and large, an incredible and valuable item for non-living spaces, for example, upper rooms, carports and under baths and backs of cupboards,” one of the Amazon clients says.


7. Tomcat Rodent Repellent

Tomcat Rodent Repellent

Tomcat offers top-of-the-line traps, and the company also offers some of the best mouse repellents on the market. This repellent comes with a comfort wand, and it’s filled with non-stick essential oils.

Safe around kids and pets, the repellent is long-lasting and even remains in the rain.

The repellent comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Mice and rats are both repelled. A wand allows you to spread the repellent along the exterior or interior of the home. Shake, remove the wand and spray evenly along any entry points in the home.

The spray will remain active for as long as 30 days, and you should reapply after very heavy rainfall or if you notice that there’s been an increase in activity. You’ll receive enough spray to cover an area of 2,550 sq. ft, and a full gallon of repellent is provided.

The spray is safe even when applied to plastic or rubber.

You must be very generous when spraying the repellent around the home or exterior otherwise the mice will continue to come around. I suggest cleaning up all of the mice droppings and checking for new droppings.

If you notice less droppings, apply the spray an additional time to see if you can keep mice away better. It will take a few sprays for this product to work to its potential. It’s quick and easy to apply the repellent, and the product works well for most infestations.

Since it’s safe for kids and children, it’s better to use this repellent over a poison.


8. Exterminators Choice Mice Defense

Exterminators Choice Mice Defense

All-natural rodent repellent, Mice Defense is an effective repellent that’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The 128-ounce container comes with a spray wand that makes it easy to apply the repellent indoors and outdoors.

You’ll want to use the spray around the entire parameter of the home for best results.

Manufactured by professional exterminators, you can confidently use this spray near children and pets. All-natural and effective, you can spray the repellent without fear that it will cause harm to your dog or cat.

What’s different about this product is that it has a pleasant smell. You can spray it inside of your room, and there’s no need to open the windows to air out space. Results are quick and designed to allow you to get rid of harmful poisons quickly.

If you don’t see a decline in your infestation, it’s time to spray more generously. With all of these natural sprays, you’ll need to spray a lot for the smell to keep them away.

Some users claim that the repellent doesn’t work well inside of the home, but it seems to work well in small spaces. People have successfully used this repellent in their car, attic or camper.

The enclosed space may be the variable that is important here.


9. Tomu Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Tomu Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Tomu is a great pest repeller, and it comes with six repellers so that you can keep pests away from your entire home. These repellents will help keep a variety of pests away:

  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders

A patented system is the key to the effectiveness of Tomu. High frequency waves are sent away from each unit, and the waves will disorient the pests in the process. Mice won’t be able to nest or feed near the waves. Rodents will leave your home for food once these repellents are in place.

Ultrasound will not cause harm to pets or kids.

There’s no smells, changing traps or spraying harmful sprays around the home. Place a unit in each of your home’s main rooms, including your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms or any space where you’ve seen mice.

All units plug directly into an electrical outlet, and they will require less than $10 a year to run.

Coverage areas are 800 – 1200 square feet. When using any ultrasonic pest repellent, you’ll need to allow for up to four weeks for the product to start working. You’ll find that this product offers a three month, full refund if the repellent doesn’t work properly.

Tomu has upgraded their pest repeller in 2019, so you can be sure that it uses the latest mouse-repelling technology.


10. Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches

Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches

Eco Defense is known for their top-tier pest control, and these pest pouches work very well to naturally keep pests away from a home. Utilizing a patented encapsulation process, the pouches contain essential oils that naturally repel pests.

The repellents that are included in the pouches are:

  • Peppermint
  • Cedar
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Mint

If you look up any of these oils, you’ll find that they’re all known repellents that mice hate. Pouches last up to six months, and there are a total of 12 pouches in each box of this pest control.

You’ll want to place pouches in small, enclosed areas.

A lot of people will fill in gaps or small holes with one of these pouches. When you do this, the smell will permeate throughout the space and keep mice at bay. A lot of users have had success with keeping snakes and silverfish out of their homes using these pouches.

While pouches can last for up to a year, replacing them after six months will allow them to stay fresh and powerful.

Each pouch will be very effective and can work for a space of up to 10 cubic feet. You can place pouches in the pantry, RV, car, garage – anywhere that is an enclosed space will work well.

You can try these pouches for 60 days risk-free. If the pouches don’t work for you, the company will refund your entire purchase. It’s a guarantee that allows you to try out a new form of mouse repellent without losing your money in the process.


11. Rodent-B-Gone


Rodent-B-Gone comes in a 16-ounce and 64-ounce bottle, and the larger bottle is recommended for best results. I recommend the bigger bottle because you’ll need to use the repellent over the long-term to be able to curb your mouse infestation.

Users have had great success when using this product indoors, and the extra-strength formula has also been shown to protect engine wires from rodents.

You can also use this repellent in a car, RV, boat or your room. It’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about animals or kids coming in contact with it. Rats and mice can’t stand the smell of this repellent, and it has also been shown to deter possums and racoons.

Versatile and easy to use, this is a no-mess solution that keeps rodents away without actually killing them. You’ll want to repair any holes or spaces after the infestation is cleared so that the rodents don’t reenter the home.

The scent is designed to mask the smell of mouse trails, so it’s harder for mice to find food supplies.

Applying semi-frequently works best, and if you do not find that there’s a difference in the level of infestation, apply more. Since the repellent is all-natural, it will work well without causing any damage to your walls, wires or any other space.

The jet spray allows you to easily apply the spray in hard-to-reach places or corners.

You’ll even find that this spray is so effective that it will keep bats away, too. All-natural with a nice aroma, Rodent-B-Gone can keep mice away along with any other rodents that may be invading your space.

If you have mice in your bedroom or other small spaces, this is a go-to spray that works exceptionally well.


12. Shake-Away Mouse Repellent

Shake-Away Mouse Repellent

Shake-Away is a four-count mouse repellent that comes with a hands-off approach to keeping mice away from your space. The formula is made from all organic ingredients, and it’s safe to use around your entire family. The ingredients are all non-toxic, so it’s just the kind of repellent that you would want to use in your home.

You never have to worry about mice dying in your walls or other cramped spaces.

Long-lasting, place a pack in key areas of the home. The packages are all resealable, so you can reseal the package as needed. The packs last for about 60 days before needing to be replaced.

Discreet and effective, each pouch can be perfectly hidden from sight so that others don’t see that you’re infested with mice.

Packs can be placed in:

  • Homes
  • RVs
  • Trailer
  • Cars
  • Campers
  • Sheds
  • Garages

Any place where mice like to nest is a great space for placing one of these packs.

Each pack contains natural oils that deter mice from coming into the same room as the packages. You can place multiple packs in a single room, or you can spread them out. A lot of people place all four packs in their basements, and there’s very little smell to worry about.

Mice will stay away for 2 – 3 months, but they will come back if you stop placing the packs in the space.

Replace the packs often and it will keep mice away from your space.

If you have mice in your bedroom, you can even place these packs under the bed as a way to deter mice from staying in your bedroom while you’re sleeping.


Mouse Repellent to Protect Crops for Gardeners

Bonide 865 4 Count Mouse Repellent

Numerous monetarily accessible anti-agents incorporate the dynamic fixing thiram (a kind of sulfur fungicide) which is considered by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a functioning answer for shield harvests and gardens from mice. This Bonide 865 4  can be connected to foods grown from the ground also and is utilized both as a residue and splash. The item has a multi-reason utilize: it repulses nuisances and keeps your plants solid.

Upon contact with a mouse, substantial measurements of thiram cause the mouse to either stop breathing, writhing and other aggravating manifestations. A downside is that when it is wet, the powder washes off with rain effortlessly.

The item has scored 4.4 out of 5 stars in audits on Amazon.com. Buyers prescribe adding some cleaning up fluid to the stuff to improve the item’s execution. “This item is, without a doubt, unadulterated sulfur. Worked incredible for different applications requiring unadulterated sulfur not similarly as a fungicide and bug repellent,” one of the clients noted.

How Do the Best Mouse Repellents Work?

Rats and mice are exceptionally sharp and steady, they breed quickly, and in this way it’s no big surprise that they end up subject to lab tests, amid which these rodents show their mind and constancy. Because of these highlights, rodents can’t be effortlessly avoided in the house by mouse obstructions. They are not weak rabbits apprehensive of a human hair and dry blood. Rats, for example, are difficult to keep hostage as they can chew through centimeter-thick wooden confines inside not as much as 60 minutes. Give them additional time, and they will pulverize the concrete as well.

In any case, rodents have frail focuses which are abused by regular mouse anti-agents. Specifically, mice don’t care for the scents of cinnamon, and cedar, lemongrass and peppermint oils, while rats can’t stand pepper and peppermint. An extensive number of monetarily accessible items contain the dynamic fixing thiram which is a sort of sulfur fungicide and is active in shielding organic product trees and elaborate plants from mice. To acquire alluring outcomes, anti-agents ought to be connected no less than two times every year: in pre-winter and in winter.

Nonetheless, researchers caution us of the here and now act these items cause: “Rats have an underlying antipathy for a few smells and tastes, however no anti-agents have been found to take care of a rodent issue for in excess of a brief span”. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison prescribe applying synthetic anti-agents to plants in the garden yet bring up that under states of insufficient sustenance assets, mice can eat the bark treated with anti-agents, regardless.

This can be effortlessly clarified by the way that when denied of an asylum or wellspring of nourishment mice must choose the option to come back to the house or garden. So when these creatures confront an incomprehensibly important issue, you truly require a solid contention to stop them.

With respect to ultrasonic gadgets, albeit safe and earth well disposed, they haven’t been scientifically demonstrated to repulse rodents for all time. In addition, as indicated by Matt Frye, an IPM Extension Educator, now and then the recurrence and power demonstrated by producers don’t relate to real yield.

Another disadvantage is that mice get acquainted with irritating sounds soon, in spite of the fact that at a beginning time ultrasonic gadgets truly repulse mice. In the meantime, an examination led by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln went for assessing the effect of ultrasonic gadgets on mice and rats says that “Rodents under test could either leave the structures or move to interchange non-ultrasonically treated zones.”

In perspective of the above, we can securely express that the better approach for active mouse control is a joined one: repulse mice and afterward hinder all entrance inside as quickly as time permits.

Keep in mind that the most diminutive opening can turn into an entryway for rats.

They can go into your home even though a sewer or sink pipe, so check your home for holes and openings and seal them with a shower froth protection or equipment fabric. Be that as it may, as Dr. Jim Armstrong, a natural life master with Alabama Cooperative Extension, put it, avoidance isn’t a simple errand as mice can be of such a little size, to the point that they would be able to through an opening not surpassing a quarter inch.

In the event that you have chosen to have a go at utilizing anti-agents, view a survey of the run of the mill ones which we have arranged. There are few sorts of them accessible: ultrasonic gadgets, showers, granules and pockets. Beneath you’ll find common prepared to-utilize anti-agents comprising of an assortment of fixings, including pepper, mint, tarragon, different fundamental oils, castor oil and diatomaceous earth.

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